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Choosing Exterior Paint Color


paint-chip-colors original-48-paint-colors-benjamin-moore3

When Benjamin Moore began selling paint in 1883, they had 48 colors. The “Paint” wasn’t really paint at all. It was dry powder that you needed to “mix with boiling water, apply with a brush.”


Fast-forward to today-> Benjamin Moore paints sells more than 3,500 different colors! And you were thinking picking from 48 colors was tough! Can somebody send me back in a time machine please?


Benjamin Moore Paint Store

Picking a paint color for the outside of your house can be overwhelming because there are so many choices. Glidden ran a great commercial called “Tame the Beast” that shows paint chips turning into a terrifying monster! Picking a color doesn’t have to give you nightmares. Laurel Bern‘s says “Relax- it’s not like its brain surgery”.

When faced with a tough decision, it’s always a good idea to get a few different people’s opinions. Here are a few people to put on your shortlist, that are sure to offer up some helpful advice:

-Paint Store Colorist (most Major Brand Paint Stores have a colorist, call ahead before making the trip to the store to make sure the colorist is there- they help home owners choose paint colors all the time. Don’t forget to grab some brochures to take home with you before you leave!)
-Interior Designer
-Real estate agent

Need a jumpstart? You can buy some home improvement magazines at the grocery store, walk your neighborhood, or visit some Sunday open houses to start the house color juices flowing.

Here are my tips to help you pick a winner for the color of your house:

#1 Tip: Focus on the main color family.


There are 9 basic color families, that can be grouped into 3 types of colors.

Warm Colors: Red, Orange, and Yellow

Cool Colors: Green, Blue, Purple

Nuetrals: Grey, Brown, White

From these nine basic color families, pick the one or two color families that you like and think would look good on your house, and then pick out some individual colors from within those families to get swatches. Don’t get too caught up looking for the silver bullet paint color, finding the exact color you like might take some time. Just try to figure out which color family is the best and that will really narrow down your choices.

As a side note, I’d completely ignore “color schemes”, accent colors, or secondary colors, until after you have chosen your main color. The accent colors are dependent on the main color of your house. Trying to figure the accents colors before you have figured out the main color will have you running around in circles, like a dog chasing its own tail, until you are dizzy and fall down. Once you had decided on the main color of your house, you will find picking an accent color comes naturally.

#2 Tip: Don’t fix it if it aint Broken.

Like the color of your house already? There is no rule that says you have to change the color. You can paint your house the same color over again. The reason many owners pick a new color when they paint their house is that they just want something different. If that’s not you, stick to the tried and true.

#3 Tip: Dark Colors versus Light Colors.


Which Word Appears Larger or Smaller? Which Box Appears Larger or Smaller?


700 N Fairfax was Painted White, then Painted Black. You can see the difference in the effect of dark and light colors

Any Color can be made darker or lighter by adding white or black. Adding White to a color is called Tinting, and adding black to a color is shading.


Paint Chips with Different Tints and Shades in the same Hue

Light colors advance in space and dark colors recede. This means that light colors will make your house seem larger and stand out, and darker colors will make your home seem smaller and blend in. Larger houses usually look better in darker colors and small houses look better in lighter colors.

#4 Tip: Consider your neighbors.


Look at the houses immediately next door to yours and across the street. These houses will have the greatest impact on your color decision because they are the closest to yours. You don’t want to be a copycat and have the same color house as your next store neighbor. Or worse yet, **gasp** have three of the same color houses in a row! If you are surrounded by a white house, a blue house, and a tan house, you might choose yellow or mauve or green just to be different. Drive or walk through your neighborhood and look at other houses for inspiration. Each neighborhood has its own character. Try to follow the general color scheme of your neighborhood and you will stay in harmony with the other homes. Exterior paint colors tend to be duller and boring compared to what you can pull off indoors. That is because exterior paint colors are visible to the public. Avoid getting those dirty looks from your neighbors for picking a controversial color and stick to the basics, unless, of course, you live in a creative community like Venice, the Arts District Downtown, or Silverlake/Echo Park, where vivid exterior colors are commonplace. People in these areas paint their houses in the same wild and crazy colors that they dye their hair!

#5 What’s your favorite Color?

If you are totally stuck and can’t decide, why not pick your favorite color? It is a color you are guaranteed to like and enjoy.

#6 Tip: Work with the natural colors of your house.

Your house has design elements that have color and will not be painted. The Roof is one, but garage doors, brick or stone facades, chimneys, and walls or fences are a few other examples. If there is a strong natural color influence to your house, try to factor that in when choosing your best exterior paint color. It should blend and not clash with the colors that are already there.

#7 Tip: Choose color that match your Architectural Style.

Listen to your house speaking to you. It’s architectural style is hinting to you what color it should be.

Here is the Quick’n’Dirty of how to interpret the color signs, and make you a house whisperer, of Los Angeles 4 main architectural styles: Spanish/Mediterranean, Contemporary/Mid Century, Traditional, and Craftsman.



Spanish and Mediterranean houses are made of natural materials like clay, stone, and sand (stucco). They are designed for places in climates that are sunny with dry heat. Natural warm earthen tones blend best with Spanish and Mediterranean architectural style.Some of the colors that these homes look best in are: White, Cream, Tan, Brown, Yellow, Orange, Rust.

Spanish and Mediterranean houses always have red tile roofs, and sometimes satillo tile floors, which clashes with the cool colors. That is why you don’t see Spanish houses often in Blue, Grey, Green, Black or Taupe – I don’t think they look very good in these colors. But you be the judge:

Contemporary/Mid Century


Contemporary houses are almost exclusively white. This plays into their design aesthetic of simplicity and purity of form over ornamentation. Lately, homeowners are experimenting with grey for contemporary homes- I find this new trend refreshing.

The same thing for Contemporary Homes goes for Mid Century. They look Great in White and Grey. Mid Century Houses have very little area to paint because they have so many floor to ceiling glass windows and very low roof lines.


Case Study House 22, Stahl House

So Mid Century Houses can be painted virtually any color. I personally think they look best in cool colors (Blue, Green, Muave). I’m no fung Shui master, but here is my amateur attempt to explain why. Mid Century homes have strong wind and water elements. The walls of windows are Water. Often Midcentury homes have a pool, which is more water element. Many of these homes were built in the hills, which gives them amazing views of the city and blue sky, which is the element of wind… Or maybe it’s just because I think they look cool!


Traditional (Ranch, Cape Cod, Tudor, Colonial, Ranch, Other revival Styles)

Colonial Homes traditionally painted white with green shutters

Traditional Houses can be painted in any warm, cool or neutral color. They tend to have a lot of woodwork and ornamentation, Light or Dark, not highly saturated.

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Palm Trees


Santa Monica


Rodeo Beverly Hills



Echo Park Lake

There is no other tree that is so quintessentially Los Angeles as the Palm Tree.  You can’t turn your head without seeing one. Palm Trees are everywhere- they line the sand at Will Roger State Beach in Santa Monica and the Palisades Park, festoon the entrance of Fox Studios in Century City, run down the boulevards of Rodeo Drive, line the streets of Hancock Park and Los Feliz, surround the lake in Echo Park, occupy “Avenue of the Palms” off Stadium Way in Elysian Park.

Palm Trees have come to symbolize wealth, sunny weather, and a tropical climate.


Wilshire Blvd 1926

Early settlers moving to Los Angeles were awed by these exotic looking trees that gave Los Angeles the mystic of an urban paradise.

The city planted Tens of Thousands of Palm Trees in the 1920s and 1930s.  They were lauded by the LA Times as being “Magical” and “Plumed Knights”. These are the same Palm Trees we enjoy today. Most palms trees live for 50-100 years so many of the street Palm Trees are reaching the end of their life cycle. As the street palms are dying the city has adopted a policy to replace them with more draught tolerant native trees such as Oaks and Sycamores. Palm Trees don’t provide a lot shade because they don’t have a big canopy.

Palm Tree Shade

I don’t expect our well loved Palm trees to ever disappear. There is an estimated 10 Million trees in the city.  8 Million of those trees are privately held, and the other 2 Million are on public land. Of the cities 2 Million trees about 700,000 of them are streetscape trees. The streetscape trees are a mix of 80-100 different species. Palm trees are one of the most popular species.

The climate in Los Angeles is changing and becoming dry arid, I expect a similar trend for Palm Trees as we are seeing for grass lawns- many palm trees will be replaced with less water intensive tree species but I still expect plenty of them to be around.

As you can probably tell, I have a particular soft spot for the Palm Tree. I love the way they look.

Some people criticize Palm Trees and say that they are genetically more like grass than a tree. When you compare Palm trees with other trees they do seem quite weird.


Palm trees have no tree rings like other trees do. If you look at a trunk cross section of a Palm, the trunk looks like a Loofah Sponge. It’s trunk is very flexible and resilient to wind. Palm trees can withstand hurricane force gales. Another difference is the Palm Tree’s doesn’t have Bark.  Have you ever noticed Palm trees don’t have any tree limbs? Instead of Leaves or Needles, Palm trees have fronds.

Palm Tree Fronds come in two types: Feather and Fan


Palm Tree root structures are very fibrous. Removing a Palm tree is the easy part, but removing a Palm Tree stump is a pain! It is not unusual to see Palm Tree stumps just left abandon in the ground because they are so difficult to remove.


Palm Tree stump on Santa Monica and Gardner



Palm Tree fronds knocked down after winds blew in Hancock Park

Palm Tree Fronds die over time- if they are not removed than can become a safety hazard. The fronds are quite heavy, and when they fall from 30 or 40 feet they can cause some serious damage to cars or injury a pedestrian below.


These 40-50 year old Palms look like they have not been trimmed in 20+ years.

The city of Los Angeles is running its tree trimming service on a shoe string budget. They complete a trimming of all the cities street trees every 15 years. Richer cities like Beverly Hills and Santa Monica do their tree trimming much more frequently. If you as an owner are tired of waiting for the city to come do it, you can hire a tree trimming service on your own and pay for it.

In addition to Palm Fronds, a lot of species of Palm trees create fruit. When the fruit drops it can get gooey and messy.

These tree’s can handle temperatures down to about 30 degrees and weather classification between 9-11. It be surprising that aside from the popular California Fan Palm, all the other palm trees in Los Angeles are not indigenous.

Common Types of Palms

Mexican Fan Palm/California Fan Palm



California Fan Palms




Fan Fronds. The California Fan Palm is slightly “beefier” than the Mexican Fan Palm, averaging 2-3 Feet diameter trunk, versus Mexican Fan Palms 1-2 Feet Trunk. The Mexican Fan Palm is the tallest Palm tree, and it can group up to 100 feet tall. One way to easily distinguish Fan Palms is their Basket Thatch Like Bark Pattern.

Canary Island Date Palm





Feathered Fronds. Bear Orange Fruit. This is my favorite Palm Tree. Canary Island Palm are unique because they have massive trunks, giving them some serious gravitas. Their trunks can sometimes grow to 5 feet in diameter. The Dead Fronds leave a diamond pattern behind in their trunk. This girthy trunk gives the tree a very imposing, rich, and impressive look. Plant nurseries do not like to sell Canary Island Palms because they grow very slowly, averaging only 6 inches each year. Fully grown they reach 60 feet. It takes decades from them to reach their full growth height. To get a replacement tree, they are usually transplanted from another site. Prices for these trees can range from $15,000-$20,000.

Queen Palm





Feathered Fonds. Queen Palm trunks are fairly skinny, averaging 1 or 2 feet in diameter. Nurseries love to plant and grow these, because Queen Palms grow fast- almost 2 feet a year, and they aren’t very fussy about conditions, they grow well in most settings. They can grow to a height of 40-50 feet tall. They have very smooth grey bark. Loves direct sunlight.

There are over 2,600 different species of Palm Trees located all over the world in equator regions. As you can imagine with so many different species, the gives rise to a great amount of variety between palm species. There are small ground cover and shrub palms, Fruit Tree Palms (Coconut Trees, and Date Palms), and the more familiar ornamental palms which we often see in our landscaping.

Palm Tree Diseases: Fusarium Fungus, Red Palm Weevil,


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1230 Horn Ave | Horn Plaza


Horn Plaza
1230 N Horn Ave
Los Angeles CA 90069

Horn Plaza is a hillside, 7 story, 102 condo development in the Hollywood Hills above the Sunset Strip. Built in 1972, it was converted to condominiums in 1980 by American Capital Corp. There are only a handful of condos in the Hollywood Hills, so this is perfect for a hillside home buyer as an in-between step, or to stay for the long term.

Horn Plaza is on a Hilltop at the end of a cul-de-sac so it is very private and surrounded by mother nature’s artwork. The architecture is futuristic, modern, and quirky. Emblazoned Red glazed tiles on the façade grab your attention. The Views from the rooftop deck and some balconies reveal the city’s twinkly lights as well as it’s perfections and imperfections.


The 80’s Marketing for Horn Plaza never let an opportunity pass to make cheesy horn puns. One Ad said “Take the Bull, BUY the Horn” (my favorite), another boasted “The Horn of Plenty”. Now I don’t mean to horn in on the puns, but if you want to buy, sell, or lease Horn Plaza- pick up the horn and call me!


Just down Horn is the former location of Tower Records.


A new Document by Colin Hanks called “All Good Things Pass” talks about the history of the now defunct record store. The only record store left in LA I can think of is Ameoba. There is a Coffee Bean  and Euro Café near Sunset & Horn so you can get yourself a caffeinated reward  for walking all the way down the hill.

Horn Plaza is right off the Sunset Strip- each year there is the Sunset Strip music festival, and you have music venues- Whiskey-A-Go-Go, The Roxy, and Viper Room. Down the Road on San Vicente is the London Hotel with its amazing Rooftop Lounge.

Go the other direction and Sunset Plaza shopping center and outdoor café’s are five minutes away.

Real Estate

Horn Plaza is a big complex. It has a complicated network of Elevators and Corridors so it takes a little while to learn your way around. I’ve gotten lost at least once or twice looking for the pool. The Condos are all moderately sized and a mix of (58) 1BR ranging in size from 800 -1,000 sqft and (44) 2BR ranging in size from 1,000-1,300 sqft. The 1Br go for between $400,000 and $500,000 and the 2brs are selling between $600,000 and $700,000.

Floorplans are all single level. Most Condos have a small balcony. No Formal Entry, walk straight into the living room. Living Rooms and Dinning Room are open concept. The Living room has a gas fireplace. The dining Room comfortably seats 4 and has a trayed ceiling, which is a great place to hang a chandelier. You are allowed to have in Unit Laundry, and most owners have added them in the unit, otherwise there are community laundry rooms. There is a ton of closet space in the bedrooms which is a big plus. Masterbedrooms have a walk in closet. Galley style kitchens with Electric Ranges.

Turnover Ratio?  5%

Appreciation: 4%

Record Sale: $785,000 7/13/2006




-Heated Pool and Spa. The Pool gets shade because it faces North.


-Rec Room equipped with: Pool Table, Ping Pong Table, and TV.


-Rooftop Deck



-Lobby (Onsite manager M-F 8:00 am-7:00 pm)

-Dog Run

Parking and Laundry

Horn Plaza has excellent guest parking. 12 Guest spots! 1 Bedrooms get 1 deeded parking space, 2 bedrooms get 2 parking spaces. Parking Spaces are a mix of side by side and tandem.


There are community Laundry Rooms however Horn Plaza allows owners to install Laundry in unit. Most condos have been upgraded to have in unit Laundry. Many owners put a stacked washer dryer in the bathroom.

Home Owners Association

Front Desk (310)659-2570

HOA dues Monthly Cost? $500- $600/mo.

HOA dues cover? Water, Trash, Basic Cable, Staff, Building Maintenance, Building Insurance, Reserves

Owner Pays? Electricity, Internet, Condo Insurance

any special assessments?

Pet Policy?

Rental Policy? No Restrictions

EQ Insurance?  NO

Building Reserves?

Special move in instructions?

Can you have BBQ on balcony? Yes

Management company?


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1131 Alta Loma Rd | Park Wellington


Park Wellington
1131 Alta Loma Rd
Los Angeles CA 90069

Park Wellington is a 5 story, 162 condo, tropical resort feeling, low rise condominium complex in West Hollywood. Built in 1972- it was originally an apartment building. The building went into foreclosure in 1975, and Newport Beach based Developer “The Troy Investment Fund” bought it out of receivership for $3M. Troy held 1131 Alta Loma for 10 years continuing to operate it as an apartment building until 1985, when they converted it into condominiums.


To raise the appeal to buyers Troy hired famous Los Angeles modern commercial architect William L Pereira to redesign the building for sale. William Pereira oversaw his team of associates: Steven Jellison, Diane Hussey, Chuck Grein, and David Pillman. The total cost of the renovations was $11M. They wanted to “create a light tropical feeling”, and added the glass pavilions in the entry, aluminum railings, remade the lobby into a grand two story entrance with imported marble and brass stair case, added crown molding in the hallways, stone pavers the driveway, planted Queen Palms and lush landscaping, and waterfalls.


Queen Palms in Park Wellington Courtyard

 This building has a very Hawaiian Resort vibe to it.

The Building was marketed to Busy Professionals. In one add the developer stated “Park Wellington residents represent the West Los Angeles Professional Elite: attorneys, architects, screen writers, restauranteurs, and entrepreneurs.” These elite professionals led stressful lives. They probably appreciated Park Wellington’s numerous amenities that provided them with a place to recreate, unwind, and relax.  People still need a place where they can unplug, maybe more now than ever.


The Neighborhood is very Quiet and Safe. Park Wellington has a 24 hour security guard on site, controlled access, and security camera’s. It has a pretty convenient location just 10 Minutes from Beverly Hills, 20 Minutes to West Wood and Century City, 10 Minutes to Downtown Hollywood, and Park Wellington is a lot more affordable than Beverly Hills prices!

Shopping and Café’s on Sunset Plaza are just five minutes away. Rodeo Drive is 10 minutes. Looking to catch a game? Check out Barney’s Beanery- it’s one of the oldest places in all West Hollywood.

Real Estate

All of the condos are single level except for 6 townhouses. The Townhouses are number in the 600’s (601, 602, 603,604,605,606) and sell for $1M right now.

The majority of the condos are 1BR. Out of 162 condos, (105) are 1BR condos range from 700 sqft -750 sqft and (50) are 1 Bedroom Plus Den and 2 Bedrooms ranging from 900 sqft – 1,100 sqft. All of the condos have at least 1 ½ bathrooms. The front doors are 8 foot high double doors. Condos have 9 ft high ceilings and floor to ceiling sliding glass doors that lead to 100-200 sqft Balconies. Many of the 1 Bedroom plus dens have been converted to 2 Bedrooms by their owners. Kitchens have Electric Stoves.

 Prices for 1BR and 2BR is $500,000- $800,000

Turnover Ratio?  5%

 Record Sale? $1,020,000 8/17/2016

Appreciation: 4%



Salt Water Pool w/ 7ft deepend and Spa (hours 7am -11pm)


Full Fitness Center


North/South Lighted Tennis Court


Lobby- 24/Security and Front Desk

Parking & Laundry

Two Levels of Parking. Deeded Parking Spaces. No Valet. 1 Bedroom Condos have 1 Parking Space. 1 Bedroom plus Den and 2 Bedrooms have two Parking Spaces. There is plenty of guest parking. If you need another parking space the Home Owners Association has additional space available for lease.

 washer and dryer in unit

Home Owners Association

 Front Desk #???

No Sunday Public Open Houses allowed. Tuesdays Brokers Caravan is OK. Private Showings can be arranged anytime.

HOA dues Monthly Cost? $500 -$750/mo.

HOA dues cover? Water, Basic Cable, Staff, Building Maintenance, Building Insurance, Reserves

Owner Pays For? Electricity, (No Gas), Internet, Condo Insurance

any special assessments? No

Pet Policy? Pet allowed but there is a 25 pound weight limit.

Rental Policy? No Restrictions

EQ Insurance? No

Building Reserves?

Special move in instructions?

Can you have BBQ on balcony?

Management company?



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1134 Alta Loma Rd | Alta Loma West


Alta Loma West
1134 Alta Loma
West Hollywood CA 90069


Alta Loma West is a Low-rise condominium building with Pool in West Hollywood. Built in 1972, the building was originally an apartment complex before being converted to condos by Southmark Communities Inc in 1984. There are 47 condos on 3 stories. The building is a courtyard style building with condos on the inside facing the pool area and condos on the outside either facing the street or rear of building.

Alta Loma West is one of several condo buildings on Alta Loma Rd. To the South is Luxury Highrise Empire West, and across the street is Park Wellington.


Alta Loma West 1984

Alta Loma West is a low-key building. The HOA has reinvested some money back into the building, spending a modest amount on the lobby and doing a re-piping in 2009. I found a picture of the building when it opened and it looks pretty the same since then. HOA dues are very low at $400/mo. Owners in the building have prioritized keeping the HOA dues affordable. Owners prefer to save that money or put it into the inside of their condo’s by remodeling. Yes, the building Hallways are a bit drab, and the elevator will need to be replaced, but all and all, Alta Loma West offers an outstanding location for an affordable price.


Alta Loma is a dead end street, so there is not any through traffic. It is a night and day difference from La Cienega Blvd just one street over. It’s quiet, but the Sunset Marquis Hotel just north provides some activity. You never know who you will see getting picked up or dropped off.

The Weho Bistro is walking distance, and so is CVS pharmacy, both located at the corner of La Cienega and Holloway.  Down the Street is Dialog Cafe, which is a great spot for a latte or a breakfast sandwich. Up on Sunset is Equinox. And the most primo thing is you are sandwiched between Sunset Blvd and Santa Monica Blvd, so you have plenty of restaurants, shopping, and entertainment within minutes.

Real Estate

All of the condos are single story. The building has a mix of 1BR and 2BR condos. There are (12) 1 BR condos that are 750 sqft and (35) 2 BR condos that are between 1,000 and 1,1000 sqft. Most of the Condos have 50 sqft balconies.  Living Rooms have a wood burning fireplace.

Prices Range from $500,000 – $600,000

Record Sale $699,000 4-5-2007

Turnover Ratio?  10%

Appreciation? 4%



-Pool and Spa (Hours 9:00 am to 10:00 pm)





-Extra Storage in Parking Garage

Parking & Laundry

There is a Single Level Gated Parking Garage. 1 Br’s get one parking space, 2 Br’s get 2 parking spaces. All Parking Spaces are Side by Side. There is extra storage in the parking garage.


Laundry is not allowed in unit. Each Floor has a community laundry room that has two washers and two dryers.

Home Owners Association

HOA dues Monthly Cost? $400/mo.

HOA dues cover? Water, Gas (for Fireplace), EQ Insurance, Building Insurance, Basic Cable TV, Maintenance, and Reserves

Owner Pays? Electric, Gas, Internet

Any special assessments?

Pet Policy?

Rental Policy? No Restrictions

EQ Insurance? Yes

Building Reserves?

Can you have BBQ on balcony?

Management company?

Ross Morgan
15315 Magnolia Blvd #212
Sherman Oaks CA 91403 

FHA Approved?

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7250 Franklin Ave | Franklin Towers


Franklin Towers
7250 Franklin Ave
Los Angeles CA 90028

Franklin Towers is a 14 story mid-century luxury high-rise in Hollywood. Developed by Jack Bendat in 1964, at a cost of $8M, the high-rise was originally luxury apartment rentals. Architects Bart Bosworth and Shelby Taylor designed the exterior (Shelby Taylor also designed 818 Doheny), and was built by Crown Construction Co (who also built Empire West in West Hollywood and Crown Towers in the Wilshire Corridor about the same time).


The Apartment building was called Franklin West, and it offered some pretty extravagant amenities, an onsite barber and beauty shop, a putting green, 24 hour maid service, and a Two-Story Oriental Tea House (still standing today, located by pool, converted to conference room) and parking for 400 cars.

In 1990 Axiom Development converted the apartments to condominiums and renamed the building Franklin Towers. There are 190 condos in Franklin Towers, ranging from Studios to Two Bedrooms and Penthouses. There are 16 different floor plans, so there is a lot of flexibility and choices.


Like many full service luxury high-rises, Franklin Towers offers a cosmopolitan lifestyle, where you feel like you are a movie star, or you might actually be a movie star, this building is a favorite for actors as well as busy young professionals.

Franklin Towers is a grand and classy building and anything but ordinary. It reaches 340 ft tall and has a unique crescent Shape. Franklin Tower offers residents excellent amenities and a convenient location.


See and be seen on Hollywood Boulevard, where the famous Walk of Fame, Chinese Theater, Hollywood & Highland Shopping complex are located. Head out for the night and you never know who you’ll meet! Some of Los Angeles best night clubs are on Hollywood: Roosevelt Hotel Pool, Supperclub, Playhouse, Ohm, Sound, Ora– are all within walking distance so you can save on an Uber. Or try hitting up the invitation only Magic Castle, just a block away. Yamashiro restaurant is another local legend. There is a 600-year-old imported pagoda and gardens can also be found there – your Instagram photos with it will make all your friends jealous.


 If you love hiking, one of Los Angeles most popular hikes is right down the street. Runyon Canyon is a local favorite, and not just for humans, dogs love Runyon too! If you’re feeling adventurous take on the killer wooden stairs route. The work is worth it – the view from the top of Runyon is breathtaking.

Real Estate

Franklin Towers condos are all single level.  There are 16 different Floorplans in two separate towers.

(21) Studios, (63) One Bedrooms (21) One Bedroom + Den (66) Two Bedrooms, and (18) Penthouses.

Each tower has its own elevator. The Front Desk has control of the elevators and can call either elevator for visitors.

 Price Ranges

Studios 300K-400K

1 BR      500K-600K

2 BR      700K-800K

PH          1M-1.2M


Turnover Ratio?  6.5%

Record Sale? $1,2450,000

Appreciation? 4.3%


Condos have 9 Foot ceilings, so they feel roomier then their square feet suggest. Every condo has a gracious sized balcony, and some have two. The biggest balconies can add 100sqft to 150sqft of outdoor space to condos and provide some amazing views. There are floor to ceiling sliding glass doors that open to each balcony.

A lot of Franklin Towers floorplans have a darling breakfast nook. Be creative with this area! A small round table and two chairs is all you need for having a morning coffee or dinner for one, whereas the large combined dining room and living room is great when entertaining guests.

Every Bedroom has a window. Originally the development had wet bars in ever condo but many owners over the years have removed them.

One big plus is that Franklin Towers condos have excellent closet space. Many of the 1Br and 2Br floorplans have a nice size walk-in closet. And all condos have more than one closet which helps keep your condo clean and uncluttered and a place to hang your wardrobe. Central Heat and Air





-Pool (heated, gets good light, hours 7:00 am – 11:00 pm)


-Valet (7:00 am – 2:00 am daily)


-Front Desk 24 hours





-rooftop gym/rooftop deck 360 degree views



-Conference room, former tea-house

Parking & Laundry

Parking is Assigned by Management in Subterranean Garage. Guest Parking? Valet 24 hrs?



Laundry Room on each floor

Laundry: Washer & Ventless dryer may be installed in  each condo, but not every condo has been upgraded to have in unit laundry. There is a laundry room on each floor that has a stacked Washer and Dryer that takes credit cards and another Laundry Room area in the garage.

Home Owners Association


Front Desk Phone: 323.876.6000

HOA dues Monthly Cost? 600/mo. -700/mo.

HOA dues cover? Water, Trash, Staff, Building Insurance, Maintenance, Reserves

Owner Pays for? Electricity (no Gas), Cable, Internet, Condo Insurance

Any special assessments? Yes – Additional HOA assessment of $120 a month for fire safety/common area rehab assessments (36 months left).

Pet Policy? 2 pets not to exceed total 50 lbs

Rental Policy?

EQ Insurance? No

Building Reserves?

Special move in instructions?

Can you have BBQ on balcony? Yes

Management company?

Ross Morgan & Company, Inc.
15315 Magnolia Blvd. Suite 212
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

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6250 Hollywood Blvd | W Hollywood Residences


W Hollywood Residences
6250 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles CA 90028


The W Hollywood is a 15 story modern luxury high-rise condominium, built in 2009, located at the epicenter of re-invigorated downtown Hollywood. The building exterior was designed by HKS architects in a contemporary and modern style. W Hollywood is another example of a growing trend of combining luxury condos and high-end hotels. (check out the Ritz Carlton Residences Downtown, sunset millennium tower).  There are 143 condos and 305 hotel rooms housed in two separate buildings. The W is for grown-ups, it’s happening. It’s cool.

Having a hotel onsite gives W Hollywood condos unprecedented amenities not available in ordinary condominium buildings. Can someone say- room service? Or how about a 24/7 concierge? Or an onsite spa, restaurant, bar, nightclub and The Best Rooftop Pool in Hollywood.

Everything inside the W is new and shiny. The building was built with modern construction techniques so the walls are completely soundproof, windows are double pane and energy efficient, and the plumbing is all new. Condos have humongous walk-in-closets, that you just don’t get with older buildings.

In addition to its luxurious amenities, this hotel/condo type of set up tends to keep the property constantly abuzz with excitement and activity. There is a constant flow of residents, hotel guests, tourists, travelers, tenants, commuters, diners, going outers, entertainers, and parties- so you will never be bored, and you don’t have to leave home to socialize! You live where all the action is happening.

It is not uncommon for a visitor to stay at the Hotel, and like it so much that they buy a condo. A lot of owners are bi-coastal, splitting their time equally between New York and Los Angeles.


Residing at the world-famous intersection of Hollywood & Vine, the W Hollywood is surrounded by many of LA’s most iconic landmarks: The Hollywood Sign, Griffith Park Observatory, The Walk of Fame, Grumman’s Chinese Theater, the Capital Records Building, and the Cinerama Dome. Some could argue that the W is now a landmark.


Directly to the South of the W Hollywood is an upscale Apartment Community – 1600 N Vine. The historic beaux arts Taft office building, with a Starbucks at ground level is to the East. Vintage Los Angeles condos the Broadway and Lofts at Hollywood and Vine are nearby neighbors. Trader Joes is a block away at the corner of Vine and Selma. There are a ton of café’s, restaurants, bars, and retail smattered within walking distance. However, you will never need to leave site, because the W has a restaurant, bar, and club all on site. But you don’t have to look any father- the W Hollywood has many great places to go on site. The W Hotel has a restraint- Delphine Eatery & Bar- the Living Room is really cool, and Drai’s rooftop pool nightclub.

The nightlife of Hollywood is legendary- Hollywood Blvd has many of Los Angeles most popular clubs.

Arclight theater is great place to watch a movie.

There is a Metro Red Line stop at the W- which is one of the rare forms of public transportation in LA. It’s just a ten minute ride to downtown.

This is even a hot spot for theater and performances- with the Kodak Theater and Pantages Theater. Ameoba Records, the Palladium, Ford Theater. You could go out and do a different thing  every night for a year.

Real Estate

Price Range for 1Br and 2Br $600,000 -$1,500,00

Penthouses $2,000,000+

Turnover: ?

Record Sale: ?

 You can spend a lot of time talking about all the great amenities the W Hollywood has, or all the cool places there are to go out in the neighborhood, but the high end custom home finishes in the condos are nice for when you just feel like hanging out at home.

Kitchens have European style cabinets from popular Italian company Poliform. Counters are Ceasar stone quartz counters, and the sinks and cabinets have designer fixtures and hardware. The kitchens have top of the line appliances. There is a subzero fridge, and Kupperbusch oven in each kitchen. Every Kitchen has an 84 bottle wine cooler and dishwasher.

There is rich coconut palm wood Flooring in every condo. The Natural wood warms up the condos, which can sometimes feel cold in contemporary designs with exposed concrete or terrazzo flooring.

These condos are all a good size. The Smallest Condos are 900sqft, and the largest 2BRs are 2,600sqft. The penthouses on the 14th and 15th level are substantially larger, reaching 3,600 sqft.

The master bedroom has good dimensions and have a large window. The Master bathrooms are very large, and have a double vanity, separate soaking tub, and frameless shower. Flooring in the bathrooms is Brazilian Limestone.

The closets are humongous, and come finished out with Poliform organizer system.

One of the features of the condos I really like is the huge 200-300 sqft Terraces that make the absolute most of outdoor space. You don’t get these huge terraces with older condo conversion buildings because they just weren’t built that way. Since the building is a high rise there are beautiful views. The best views are North, and West.

The W Hollywood condos are not lofts; they have bedrooms with a wall and door like a traditional layout. The Kitchen, Dining, and Living Room are all open in one large room. Each Bedroom has its own private bathroom. The Master closet is a huge walk-in. One of the biggest closets you can get in a condo in the city.





 -Rooftop Deck. The rooftop deck has a Swimming Pool (25 meters Long), a spa, Lounge Chairs, two outdoor fire pits, BBQs, sitting areas, and a dog Park.


-W Hollywood Hotel Lobby and Bar, called the “living room”, this space has a beautiful onyx bar and sparkling chandelier. W Hollywood residents can mix with friends and hotel guests. The Hotel has a yoga class in the morning and a jazz concert in the evening every Sunday.




-Dog Park (on the ‘Wooftop’)


-Lobby/Front Desk/Concierge (15 full time staff work at W Hollywood condos)



-Private Screening Room (seats 8-9), located just off the lobby

-Membership Perks (Your guests can stay at hotel for 20% less, Bliss Spa 15% less, Restaurants 15% less, Bar discount for residents, Stay at any Starwood hotel 10% less)

Parking & Laundry




Entrance to the W Hollywood Residences, valet waiting


Artist Erwin Redl installation – ‘wave of lights’ is a canopy of 40,000 White LED Lights hovering above in the parking area.

Condos have assigned parking spaces. Valet is complementary. 1 Guaranteed Parking Spot for each Bedroom. Each unit has up to 10 guest spots per month – valet responds to text and email requests as well as by phone. The entrance to the parking garage is off Argyle, just south of Hollywood Blvd. After turning into the motor court, drive past the hotel entrance to the valet station at the end which is for W Hollywood residences. The valet will park your vehicle.


Each condo has laundry inside, in a laundry room with door, somewhere in the hallway near the front door. There are no vents to the outside, so its ventless Washer/Dryer’s only.

Home Owners Association

HOA dues Monthly Cost? $1,200/mo. – $2,600/mo. depending on SQFT of condo. HOA dues are about $1/sqft of space

HOA dues cover?

Owner Pays For?

Does the building have gas?

Any special assessments?  No

Pet Policy? 1 cat or dog, no weight restriction

Rental Policy? 3 month min lease

EQ Insurance? Yes

Building Reserves?

Special move in instructions?

Can you have BBQ on balcony? Not on the terraces, but there are 2 BBQ area on Rooftop deck area

Management company?

Front Desk Phone Number?






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1645 Vine St | Broadway Hollywood Lofts


Broadway Department Store 1951

Broadway Department Store 1951

Broadway Hollywood Lofts
1645 N. Vine St
Los Angeles CA 90028

If you love Old Hollywood as much as New Hollywood- Broadway Lofts is the right place for you!

Broadway Hollywood Sign

Broadway Hollywood Sign 2005

Broadway Lofts is a ten-story 96 condo Historic High-rise in Hollywood. Built in 1928, it housed BH Dyas Co Department Store until 1931 when Broadway took over its 30 year lease. Broadway Lofts was designed by architect Frederick Rice Dorn (1858-1930) in the Beaux Arts style. It has a strong resemblance to the Taft Building across the street which was built in 1923 by different architects. In 1938 Broadway Built a Streamline Modern Addition next store that was designed by Parkinson & Parkinson.

There are two other condo buildings nearby: Historic Hollywood and Vine Lofts is on the North East Corner of Hollywood and Vine, and the W Hotel residences a half block east on Hollywood Blvd.

Presumably an aspiring actress who just got off the bus at Hollywood and Vine and is waiting in front of the Hollywood-Broadway.

A new Hollywood Dreamer arrives in Los Angeles, gets off the bus, at the Hollywood and Vine stop, is standing in front of the Hollywood-Broadway.

Broadway Lofts gets its name from the Broadway Department store chain, which had its “Broadway-Hollywood” store there from 193z to 1982. In 2007 the building was converted from an office building to residential lofts by Kor Group. Kor Group did a similar conversion project a year earlier Downtown at Eastern Columbia Lofts.

There will always be people with spread out suburban sensibilities, Broadway owners are not one of these people. Living in the Broadway is like living in a small village, in an urban setting. You eventually get to know all your neighbors who live in the building, while you are socializing in the common areas, at the pool, or waiting for your car.

Owners of Broadway Hollywood Lofts enjoy substantial savings on their property tax because the building has a Mills Act contract. They pay around 1/3 of their normal annual property taxes.


Broadway Hollywood Lofts is located on the famed intersection of Hollywood and Vine.


The Walk of Fame is at your front door. There is so much activity going on in re-invigorated Hollywood, you’ll never tire of things to do!

On the weekend catch a movie at ArcLight Theaters, or watch a music concert at the Hollywood Palladium or Music Box Fonda Theater. Feeling in the mood for a musical? The Pantages theater is walking distance and gets all the broadway boxoffice hits. Not to mention nearby Hollywood Bowl and its summer concert series. Magic Castle is just plain cool. The Brickyard Pub, Lucky Strike Bowling.

Want to grab a bite to eat? There are plenty of restaurants nearby:  Katsuya, Chloe,  Beso, Musso and Franks’s, tender greens, shop house to name a few.

Or maybe you just need a drink? Drais night club in the W hotel, IO West improv, 33 taps, and Avalon night club are all within ambulation distance.

There is a trader Joe’s market at Vine and Selma for groceries. Sunday mornings is the Hollywood Farmers’ Market on Ivar. I should be map at them because I parked on Ivar overnight, and rushed to get to my car before 8:00 am, and my car was towed at 6:00 am. Just never park there on a Saturday night.

Starbucks for your morning coffee routine is across the street in ground level of Taft building. Transportation is easy with the Redline Subway station entrance and easy access to 101 Freeway.

101 Freeway Mural Argyle

101 Freeway Mural Argyle


 The Broadway Hollywood condos are true loft floorplans with no wall separating the bedrooms. Many owners have added curtains, privacy screens, or glass block walls to their bedroom to create separation. The condos are Live/Work so you can do business.

Most of the condos are single level floor plans. Only condos: #1008, #1006, #1005, #1004, #1002,# 909, #813, #814 are multilevel.

One thing I like is the HUGE 15 ft ceilings in the hallways and condos. You get a real “LOFTY” feeling when you are inside this building. I have to say that all the staff are extremely helpful and friendly. There is a big freight elevator, in addition to the main 2 elevators, which makes moving easier. The Freight Elevator is the only elevator that goes to the rooftop where the pool and gym are located.

There are:

1BR (29) 900sqft – 1,250 sqft

2BR (67) 1,400sqft – 2,200 sqft


North View


East View

Because it’s a high-rise, condos facing the North Side and to a lesser extent East Side have great views of the Hollywood Hills and Capital Records building, and Griffith Park and the Hollywood Sign. South view is blocked by Plaza Hotel except for the 10th floor, and West View is blocked by Streamline Modern building.

Kitchens were finished with European style cabinets and Amana Stainless steel appliances. A lot of owners add kitchen islands to customize their kitchens.

Loft Bedrooms have a master bathroom that has a separate tub and shower, double vanity, penny tiles and hex subway tiles.

Condos came standard with exposed concrete floors, however some owners have installed wood flooring.

A handful of condos have a modest balcony, most do not have balconies.

Prices Range from $600,000 to $900,000 for 1BR and $1,000,000 to $1,200,000 for 2BR

Turnover- about 6-8 condos sell each year for 7% turnover ratio




-Rooftop Pool. The Pool has great views, and is 4 1/2 feet deep. Pool Hours are 6am to Midnight. There are 2 Cabanas, outdoor fireplace between the Cabanas, and SPA on the rooftop as well, with Access to the GYM.


-State of the Art GYM.


-LOBBY, I love the Tiles and Antiqued Mirrors! Very Art Deco and 1950’s

-24/HR Valet

-24/HR Doorman

Parking & Laundry


 Laundry Inside, in a laundry closet near front door. The Dryer is ventless.



Entrance to Parking Garage is off Vine in Ally between the Broadway and Hollywood Plaza Hotel. Broadway has Valet Parking Only. Parking spaces are not deed or assigned. 1 Parking space for small sqft condos, and 2 parking spaces for the larger size condos. You pull up into Parking garage from the ally and a Valet will take your vehicle.  There are two Car Elevators that take your car to the two sub-basement parking levels, or the two parking levels on the 1st and 2nd floors. There is NO GUEST PARKING. Overnight parking is available at a ramp down the street for $10 overnight.

Home Owners Association


HOA dues Monthly Cost? $1,000 -$1,800/mo. (Don’t forget the Mills Act Savings)

HOA dues cover?

Owner Pays?

Any special assessments?

Pet Policy?

Rental Policy? None

EQ Insurance?

Building Reserves?

Special move in instructions?

Management company?

Action Property Management

Front desk Phone Number?




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930 N Doheny Dr | Doheny Terrace


Doheny Terrace
930 N. Doheny Dr.
West Hollywood, CA, 90069

Doheny Terrace is a 41 unit mid-rise condo building, built in 1990, located in the Norma Triangle neighborhood of West Hollywood. The building has a European flair with patina copper roof, stone paver motor court, fountains and sculptures, hand laid marble lobby floors, and Grecian columns. One of the original development ads boasted “See Europe like you’ve never seen it before. From the heart of west LA”


Being built in 1990, Doheny Terrace is one of the newer buildings in the neighborhood. The HOA does an excellent job maintaining the building. There is a full time security guard on site.

This complex was developed by Homestead Group Associates, who also built 960 N Doheny up the street at the same time.


930 N Doheny is in prime Norma Triangle, one of the best neighborhoods in West Hollywood. Very quiet and safe. A lot of Beverly Hills condo buyers will consider this building, it may not have the Beverly Hills Public schools, but the city of Beverly Hills has very few condos, and this location is as close as you can be to Beverly Hills without being inside its city limits.

-5 Minutes to West Hollywood Santa Monica Blvd
-5 minutes to Sunset Strip
-10 Minutes to Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive.
-15 minutes to Hollywood

Real Estate

Prices Range from $800,000 to $1,000,000.

Condos are all 2 bedrooms that range in size from 1,200 sqft -1,600 sqft.

17/41 condos are town house layouts and 24/41 condos are single level. Every Condo on 1st and 2nd floor are single level floor plans and every condo on the 4th floor is townhouse layout. The 3rd floor is a mix of both floor plans.

On average about two condos sell each year for 5% turnover ratio. ,Annual Appreciation is about 4%.

Condo entries have big double doors that swing open to gracious sized combined dining and living rooms with gas fireplaces. Condos have 9 foot high ceilings. Each condo has a balcony or patio with a glass slider.

Masterbedroom has its own private masterbathroom with separate tub and shower, and walk in closet.


-Full Time Security Guard

7:00 am -11:00 am

Fri & Sat
24 hours

9:00 am-7:00 pm

-Storage Room for each Condo in P2.


One Storage Room for Each condo

-Lobby. Beautiful Marble Inlay Floors


-Pool. Wading Pool, 4.5 Feet deep with a spa.



-Conference Room. Large Meeting room with tables and coaches, and a full kitchen.


-Gym- The Gym needs work, but at least there is space for it if the HOA decides it wants to invest in upgrading it.


–2 Elevators

Parking & Laundry


2 side by side deeded Parking Spaces for each condo in subterranean garage. All Residents enter the subterranean parking garage from Behind the Building on Wetherly (Turn off from Doheny onto Cynthia and then up Wetherly).  The building has 9 guest parking spaces. The Guest Parking spaces are just behind the mortorcourt driveway from Doheny in the front of the building.




Laundry is inside each condo, in a closet in the kitchen area. The Machines are stackable, and has gas dryer.


Home Owners Association

HOA dues Monthly Cost? Approximately $850/mo.

HOA dues cover: Security Guard, EQ Insurance, Building Insurance, Water, Trash, Reserves

Owner Pays For: Electricity, Gas, Internet, Cable, Condo Insurance

Special Assessments? None

Pet Policy? One dog or cat that weighs 50lbs or less.

Rental Policy? No Restrictions except no short term rentals.

EQ Insurance? Yes

Building Reserves? $150,000, 15% Funded

BBQ on Balcony? OK

Special move in instructions? Building charges $300 move in/move out fee. $300 is paid when you move in, and there is no charge when you move out. Deliver a $300 check to the front desk, made payable to “930 N Doheny Condominium Homeowner Association” at least 72 hours in advance prior to your move date. Also contact the HOA property management company and notify them also of your planned move date. The Management will Pad the elevator, and post a notice to all residents, reserving one of the two elevators for your move. Your moving truck may pull into the underground parking lot and load from there.

HOA Property Management company?

Hi-Point Properties:
PO Box 16474
Beverly Hills CA 90209

Front desk Phone Number:

The HOA Strongly recommends Power Plumbing for plumbing issues, especially when the water needs to be turned off, because Power Plumbing has been working in the building for years and they know how to turn off the Shared Water Boiler Heater, and turn off water to each condo.


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960 N Doheny


Building Name?
960 Doheny Dr
West Hollywood CA 90069

960 N Doheny is a 4 story Mid-rise condo building with 16 condos, built in 1990, in the Norma Traingle Neighborhood of West Hollywood. The condo complex was developed by Homestead Group Associates. Homestead also developed 930 N Doheny, down the street, which was built at the same time and also opened in 1990. These two buildings are separate and have two separate HOAs. They are remarkably similar in design. 930 Doheny has a staff, where 960 N Doheny doesn’t have any salaried employees which makes 960 N Doheny’s HOA dues $150/mo. less.


960 N Doheny is a Mediterranean inspired Pied-a-terre, with its red clay tile roof, brick paver circular walkway, and mythological warrior statue guarding the entry doors. The Lobby has  an intricate marble inlay floor. 1990 is a newer year built for condo buildings in this area. One big benefit of this is in unit Laundry.

The street address for this building is 960 N Doheny, however the public records show the address as 962 Doheny. Since both addresses go to the same property, you can use whichever one you like. For searching real estate listings in this building make sure you use both addresses!


960 N Doheny is located in one of the best neighborhoods in West Hollywood- Norma Triangle. It’s on the West Hollywood side of iconic Doheny Drive, very close to the intersection of Doheny and Sunset. There is a new Marriot Hotel under construction that is replacing a parking lot.

Walking Distance: social club Soho House, Japanese restaurant ROKU, and BOA steakhouse (I love their bar!).

5 Minutes to West Hollywood Santa Monica Blvd, 5 minutes to Sunset Strip, and 10 Minutes to Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive.

Real Estate

Prices Range from $850,000 to $1,000,000.

On Average, one condo sells each year for 5% turnover ratio. Original Selling prices in 1990 were $400,000. Annual Appreciation is 3%.

12/16 condos are single level floor plans. 4/16 condos have a townhouse style layout.

Condos are all 2 bedrooms that range in size from 1200 sqft -1600 sqft.

Entries have big double doors that swing open to gracious sized combined dining and living rooms with stone mantel gas fireplaces.

Galley kitchen has a sunny breakfast nook.

Each condo has a balcony. Instead of glass sliders, French doors open to the balcony.

Masterbedroom has its own private masterbathroom and walk in closet.

, living room has fireplace & dental moldings. Walk-in closet


-Private Storage Room for each unit



-Rooftop Deck


-Modest Sized Pool



-Gym. The gym is pretty lack luster, however there is a very big room, so if the HOA ever wanted to improve this area there is space for it.


Parking & Laundry

Each condo gets 2 side by side deeded parking spots in subterranean garage. Guest Parking?

Laundry is in unit.

Homeowners Association

HOA dues Monthly Cost? $700/mo.

HOA dues cover?

HOA does exclude?

any special assessments?

Pet Policy?

Rental Policy?

EQ Insurance? Yes


Building Reserves?

Can you have BBQ on balcony?

Management company?



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