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  • Roscomare Elementary Address: 2425 Roscomare Rd Los Angeles CA 90077 Grades: K-5 Enrollment: 478 API: 967 (2013) Student Teacher Ratio: 23:1 School Demographics  Roscomare Elementary has a strong sense of community and caring Teachers The curriculum at Roscomare is set to meet the California Common Core standards, however the method of instruction is a little […]

  •           John Thomas Dye  Address: 11414 Chalon Rd Los Angeles, CA 90049 Grades: K-6 Enrollment: 335 Student Teacher Ratio: 14 to 1 (one lead teacher and one teacher’s associate in each class so its really like 7 to 1) Demographics John Thomas Dye is not just Elementary school – it’s a Second […]

  •   Quick Facts Warner Avenue Elementary Address: 615 Holmby Ave Los Angeles CA 90024 Grades: K-5 Enrollment: 647 Students API: 960 (2013) Student teacher ratio 20:1 School Demographics Public School that feels Like a Private school! Warner is a traditional school that focuses on academics. Parent’s who favor progressive education usually don’t like it. The academics […]

  • West Knoll Condominiums Address: 8535 West Knoll Drive West Hollywood CA 90069 Summary 8535 West Knoll is a 66 unit West Hollywood mid rise condo  built in 1974 in the Norma Triangle Neighborhood of West Hollywood. West Knoll has recently undergone some renovations in the hallways and lobby so it has a very up to date […]

  • A lot of people are wondering what is going to happen next with the real estate market! We know that the market has rebounded substantially from 2009 and 2010. We are close to the previous price peak in 2007. The question is- where are we heading next? I think we have 10%-20% more upside at the […]

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Discount Point

A type of mortgage loan fee that enables a borrower to lower their monthly interest rate by paying a percentage of the loan upfront, commonly called buying down a rate. One point equals 1% of the loan amount. Sometimes half points are offered, but this is less common. Point options will vary by lender or broker, but borrowers should think about how much they’re ready to invest up front and the length of time they expect to have the mortgage loan when deciding whether to buy points. If a buyer expects to be in a home for a long time, it might make sense to pay more up-front to benefit from lower interest rate payments for the life of the loan. But, if the buyer doesn’t think they’ll be in the home for more than a few years, it might make more sense to pay less up-front and make slightly higher interest rate payments. If a borrower gets a loan through a mortgage broker, sometimes the broker will receive a premium from the lender funding the loan. Mortgage discount points are tax deductible as home mortgage interest when itemized on line 10 of Form 1040, Schedule A (PDF).