February 2016 – Tips for First Time Home Buyers

James Campbell’s
Tips for First Time Home Buyers
Ready to jump in and start owning? Being prepared is more than a state of mind, it’s a state of adventure! Be prepared with the best Realtor in your corner for success… and these tips…

James Colin Campbell – 8 Tips for First Time Home Buyers!

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February 2016 is a leap year, this year I made the leap to join the largest residential real estate company in the world, in their flagship office. Coldwell Banker Beverly Hills is my new masthead, but I will still be providing the extraordinary client support that I have become known for.

Coldwell Banker Beverly Hills

February also is a great time for new home buyers to get started and to start the process of becoming informed about their market realities. This month’s video presents a few of the most important tips that I believe First Time Buyers should pay careful attention to in preparing to take on one of the most expensive purchases of their life.

Being ready means more than just looking at houses. It helps to have your finances in order and a great realtor in your corner.

If you, a friend, or a family member are seriously considering buying your first home, call me, let me help you!

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