Granville Towers

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Granville Towers address is 1424 N Crescent Heights, West Hollywood 90046.  Located very close to the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Crescent Heights before Crescent turns into Laurel Canyon and climbs into the Hollywood Hills.

Built in 1930 this 40 unit 7 story building offers a ton of grand old Hollywood charm. Marilyn Monroe once lived here! The entire building has a Mills Act Contract so owners enjoy 50% reduction in their property taxes. There is a trade off to these lower taxes, which is the high HOA dues of the Granville that range from $800-$1,000 per month. These high HOA’s sometimes give buyers sticker shock, but because of the lower property taxes the building is about the same holding cost as other comparable priced properties.

Granville Towers los angeles

Granville Towers is designed in the French Normandy Style- If you are a fan of French Normandy Style buildings then Country Club Manor, Faubaurge St Denis, and nearby neighbor Chateau Marmont will also be of interest to you. I absolutely love the slate roof! The building was designed by Leland Bryant and Samuel Coine.


granville pavers

guest parking spaces

The entrance to the building has stone pavers (similar to Century Park East). There are 5 “guest” parking spots in front of the building, as pictured above -guest may park there for ~30 minutes.

granville lobby


This is a picture of the Granville Lobby. The staircase leading down leads to the subterranean parking garage.



north and south tower granville
The Granville is seperated into the North Tower and South Tower. All units with Odd numbers are in the South tower, and all units with even numbers are in the north tower.

The units mix are 1br, 2br and 3br. Square footage is 800-1,800 sqft. , prices $400,000- $1,000,000


Granville Entry


Units have a formal entry the leads to the dinning room/kitchen wing on one side, and bedrooms on the other. Floor plans vary.

granville kitchen


Kitchens are on the smaller side but are still practical.

West Hollywood historic condo living room

Living Room

Each unit in Granville has completely different finishes- some have all marble everywhere, while others have wood floors or carpet- some are modern some are traditional. Since the building is Historic the exterior can never change, but as an owner you can do pretty much whatever you want inside your unit. The Penthouses have very cool loft areas.


Amenities: The Granville Towers has a 24 hour concierge/front door man and security cameras- the building has excellent security. The property also has a maintenance employee who is onsite 6 hours a day if you have any repair issue. The building has an indoor pool. The Granville is on a 29,000 sqft lot so it has a lot of grounds. 

granville los angeles gardens

The rear of the building has a very lovely open garden area with fountain and sitting benches, outdoor table and chairs. This building is very pet friendly, there are no weight or size restrictions on dogs. I know that one owner in the Granville has a Standard Poodle. Behind the garden, at the very back of the property there is a dog run.

Granville west hollywood dog run

dog run

If stairs are an issue, this building may not be a good fit. Granville has two parking garages, one at ground level and one below ground, ~20 spots in each garage, 1 spot for each unit (If you need more parking- Permit Parking on Crescent Heights is a parking option available to you).

1424 crescent hieghts above ground

above ground parking entrance


west hollywood granville parking

Subterrain entrance

Every unit is assigned a parking space, however, owners who move that have upper level parking spots, transfer their spot to a below ground parking spot owner based on a seniority waitlist (Below ground garage Owners who have been there the longest are at the top of the list). What this means for new buyers is that, you will have a below ground parking spot when you move in and will be at the bottom of the list for moving up to the ground level parking garage. This wouldn’t be an issue if the elevator connected to the underground parking garage, but it doesn’t. So to gain access to the building, you have to climb a flight of stairs- probably a dozen or so, which is a pain- especially with groceries.


This is staircase from subterrain garage up to lobby (only way into building)





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