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999 N Doheny Drive
Doheny West Towers
999 N Doheny Dr
West Hollywood CA 90069
Doheny West Towers Entrance

 Doheny West Towers is a classy West Hollywood high rise. You will know the moment you pull up to its marble front steps, and chrome double doors that this is a nice building. The carpet in the lobby and throughout the hallways is a tasteful dark navy. Doheny West Towers was built in 1963 in the Mid-Century modern architecture that is typical for Los Angeles Highrises. 999 Doheny ownership comes with all the luxurious services and amenities you expect in a full service building at a fraction of the price. That is because the condos are studios and 1 bedrooms (except for the occasional combined condos that were merged to make them larger)- this makes prices in the Doheny West towers very affordable. If you are single, a couple, or don’t plan to use your condo full-time so you don’t want to spend spend spend- Doheny West Towers could be the way to go.


Doheny West Towers
Doheny West Towers is located near the top of a gentle slope of Doheny Drive right before it crosses Sunset and winds its way into the Hollywood Hills. Next store is the city limits to Beverly Hills. West Hollywood is a short trip, but there is distance- which can be a real life saver when West Hollywood has a big festival or parade which can jam up the streets.

Living at 999 N Doheny you may find it quiet- because Doheny West Towers, is primarily surrounded by residential homes. There are a few eating places walking distance- such as the super swanky social club soho house, and fine dinning at riva bella, a good Thai restaurant called Talesia, and one of my favorite LA sushi joints Tenmasa- which has great saki bombs!!!

Tenmasa Sunset Blvd

There are three major banks in the area- Citibank, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America. For grocieries, best bet is Beverly Hills Ralphs down doheny, Bristol farms across the street or the new West Hollywood Pavilions. This section of Sunset blvd shuts down one weekend a year for the sunset strip music festival, which always has really great headliners for a street festival.

 Property and Pricing

This building is very affordable! You can purchase a condo in Doheny West Towers anywhere between $400,000 for condos closer to ground floor or fixers and $500,000-$600,000 for a condo that has been totally redone on the floors higher up near the penthouses.

There are 151 units on  14 floors, 12 units per floor. The 14th floor is the penthouse floor and has the same layout as every other floor except the first floor, which can be a little dark from the perimeter hedges that shade the sunlight.

1st floor unit 999 N Doheny

1st Floor Unit

The 2nd floor, just barely peaks above the hedges.

999 N Doheny 2nd floor view

And from there up the views get amazing, with great scenes in each cardinal direction.

999 N Doheny Plat map

Condo Stacks 3 and 10 are the largest condos at 1,010 square feet. Condos 12,9,4 and 1 are in the middle ranging from 974 sqft to 750sqft and stacks 11,8,7,6,5, and 2 are studios and about 630 sqft.

Stack Br/Ba Sqft
1 1/1 842
2 0/1 679
3 1/1 1,010
4 1/1 750
5 0/1 633
6 0/1 613
7 0/1 613
8 0/1 633
9 1/1 783
10 1/1 1,010
11 0/1 647
12 1/1 974


Like many West Hollywood Highrises the units can either be original or totally remodeled and updated. Original Kitchens can look like this:

Doheny West original kitchen


or This:

original kitchen


or remodeled like this:

Doheny West Remodeled kitchen


and this is another:
999 N Doheny kitchen remodeled

Many owners have found creative ways to partition off or enclose a bedroom area to make the studios and 1 bedrooms have a private sleep space seperated from the living room, kitchen, dinning, and terrace.

A handful of units in the building have been combined to make 2 bedroom units, so if you love this building but need more size- keep an eye out for one of these combined units- they come up every so often.



North View 999 Doheny

North View

west view 999 Doheny

West View at sunset

east view 999 Doheny

East view at night

south view Doheny West Towers

South View on a clear day

nice seat!

nice seat!

  • Views
  • Open Style Floor Plans (unless bedroom has been built)
  • Wall to ceiling sliding glass doors
  • Hardwood Floors are OK
  • Kitchens have breakfast bars- I’ve seen owners do modern or traditional both work
  • Private Terraces
  • Central heating /AC – some units have Mitsubishi air units 


999 Doheny Salt water pool


999 Doheny spa


Doheny West Gym

999 Doheny lobby

999 N Doheny Dr elevators

  • Salt Water Pool Heated Year Round + Jacuzzi
  • Exercise room
  • Lobby
  • Valet parking
  • Security/doorman


Let’s face it- Highrise living is all about the view, and Doheny West Towers has wonderful views. Go up the block to Sierra Towers and the 1br’s there are running $1.5M! Yowsa. You can live the life of luxury and not have to wait until you are taking home +$300,000 a year to do it.

I think the number one point for this building aside from it being classy, and is great for finding peace and quiet when you just want to be alone and read a book, or watch your show- is that its affordable. The HOA’s are only $550 a month, that’s pretty outstanding for highrises- this is because there are 151 units so they spread the HOAs out.

With the large terraces, you can sit outside and enjoy a morning brew (coffee silly, not beer!). Speaking of beer, the balcony is great for parties where guests can mix outside during a low key get together- maybe gathering to watch the grammy’s or the superbowl together. Make some guacamole and serve it up fresh from the breakfast bar.

Spend all your time at the office? In a city like Los Angeles, many of us do. Maybe you don’t want to buy a 2br because ‘it’s good for resale value’ when you are only one and you feel like you are never home. Good for couples to if you meet that special someone, or you’ve already met.

These condos get great light- which is linked to happiness.  On a summer day open the sliding glass doors to let the breeze in. Hang out in your living room and lay on the coach. Time to go out? Stick your head out before you leave for the evening to figure if you need a coat or not.

Parking & Laundry

The building has community area laundry, however some units have managed to get in unit laundry- don’t how me how they got it!

Home Owners Association

Front Desk# (310) 276-1708

Managers Office# (310) 276-2825

HOA dues are ~ $550 per unit, which is low for a highrise!

Home Owners dues cover Valet Parking, 24-hour concierge and security, the pool, gym, and spa. Does it have Gas? Or are appliances electric? Building Insurance, Reserves.

The HOA has a Pet restriction, 1 pet under 25 pounds. No condo may be rented until after it has been owned for 1 year- this CCR discourages investors from buying units as rentals.  No EQ insurance.

Sorry, No Open Houses for this building. All showings must be by appointment. 

The property manager for Doheny West Towers is Horizon Management Company

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