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10580 Wilshire Blvd | The Wilshire

10787 Wilshire Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90024



Real Estate

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Malibu Villas

It’s safe to say that many of us have dreamed at one point or another of owning our own villa in Malibu. Even Barbie has her own
Malibu Dreamhouse located in the heart of the famous beach town! 

However, not everyone can afford to drop a cool $3-12 million on a Malibu villa to call their own. If you still dream of living that bougie lifestyle in the ‘Bu, here are some alternative options:

Buy a Condo

Let’s be honest – do you really need a 10-bedroom mansion overlooking the ocean? For most of us, a two-bedroom condo is more than sufficient for our housing needs. 

Malibu Villas is one option to live the Malibu villa life without shelling out major cash. This collection of two, three and four-bedroom townhomes feature soaring ceilings, hardwood floors, travertine tile, balconies, fireplaces, and large windows to enjoy that gorgeous Malibu beach view. In addition to boasting amenities like a shared pool, spa, sauna and clubhouse, this community is walking distance to Paradise Cove and just a short drive to Malibu’s famous Zuma Beach. Condos here sell for $800,000 – $990,000 and lease for less than $5k a month. 

Live on Malibu’s gorgeous Carbon Beach with a condo in the Malibu. This condominium complex features breathtaking beach views, Mid-Century architecture, high ceilings and large decks, not to mention direct access to the beach. 

Another way to reside on Billionaires’ Beach is to rent at Malibu Beach Club on the world-famous Pacific Coast Highway. Steps away from Billionaires’ Beach, you’ll enjoy Malibu beach access, marble details and top-of-the-line appliances. 

Cavalleri Malibu is another coveted address for those looking to rent their Malibu villa. This luxurious enclave boasts amenities like tennis courts, a pool, hot tub, cabanas, fitness center, BBQ and even its own dog park. 

Live It Up on Vacation

If your budget, job or lifestyle just doesn’t allow you to move to Malibu full-time, you can still live that Malibu villa life – on vacation! Popular vacation rentals site Airbnb and VRBO list plenty of luxurious homes that could be yours for the taking (for the week). Remember Barbie’s Malibu Dreamhouse? You can even rent Barbie’s home on Airbnb if you’re lucky enough to win a spot. 

From a $28 million Billionaires’ Beach-front mansion (for just $1,050 a night) to an 8-bedroom retreat above Malibu Pier and Surfrider Beach (for just $899 a night) you can live the high life when you rent a Malibu villa on Airbnb or VRBO. And, if you tire of the luxe life, you can opt to stay in a private beachfront cottage or even an Airstream trailer on Zuma Beach! People love Malibu because it is home to all kinds of people, all kinds of homes and all kinds of experiences. 

Visit the OG Malibu Villa

The cheapest option is to visit the Getty Villa, located on PCH. With some well-angled Instagram photos, you can pretend that the 64-acre complex is all yours! But in all seriousness, the J. Paul Getty Museum at the Getty Villa is an ideal place to explore the luxurious Greco-Roman architectural style that many Malibu homes now call their own. 

The Getty Villa was built in 1970 as a New World replica of the historical Villa dei Papiri, a luxurious Roman abode that was buried in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. The museum houses 44,000 works of art from the Greek, Roman and Etruscan periods. 

Invite some friends for Tea By the Sea after viewing the extensive art collection and live that Malibu villa life! 

Invest In Your Dream Life 

On the other hand, if you are ready to make the move to a real Malibu Villa, there are tons of gorgeous options available. 

You can live with your toes in the sand with this three-bedroom, 4,500 square foot home located right on Malibu Beach. Your beach-level veranda and oceanfront terrace are the perfect places to take in the breathtaking Malibu sunsets every night. 

If you’d rather not live with sand in all your furniture and linens, but still want those beautiful Malibu beach views, check out this 10-bedroom Spanish estate in the private gated community of Paradise View Estates. The spacious grounds are set up for in-home entertaining, and of course there are tons of windows to take in that famous Malibu view. 

Ready to start touring your new Malibu home? Contact James Colin Campbell 310-388-7332

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10560 Wilshire Blvd | Ten Five Sixty

10560 Wilshire Blvd Ten Five Sixty

Ten Five Sixty

10560 Wilshire Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90024


Real Estate

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10430 Wilshire Blvd | Mirabella

The Mirabella Condominiums
10430 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90024

The Mirabella condos is a 22-story 114-unit Highrise on the Wilshire Corridor in Westwood. Built-in 1982, by Mike Reyes of Urban Pacific Equities and designed by Maxwell Starkman (Fun Fact: Maxwell Starkman also designed Sony Pictures Plaza in Culver City) and built by Swinerton & Walberg at an original cost of $90 million. The Mirabella is built at the highest point along the Wilshire corridor and is perched on the South West Corner of Wilshire Blvd and Holmby Ave for two exposures. Mike Reyes developed the Dorchester a few years afterward. Mirabella is one of two brick buildings on the corridor, the other being the Wilshire Thayer. The Mirabella has a sloping staircase that leads up to a plateau where a 20-Foot Benton Steel Sculpture resides. The shape of 10430 Wilshire Blvd is a six cornered trapezoid – making every unit a corner unit.  This may have been a precursor to the Century which has an oval shape. Aside from its light brown bricks, the windows are solar glazed. The Mirabella has 6 two-story penthouses


Real Estate

Record Sale? Penthouse #2 $2,825,000 1/31/2002

Turnover? 6 to 8 condos a year or 7%


All of the floorplans in the Mirabella are single-story except for the Penthouses. Stacks 01 and 02 face Wilshire Blvd, stacks 03 and 04 face Holmby Ave, and stacks 05 and 06 faces the rear and overlooks the wading pool and spa. All of the floorplans are 2 bedrooms 3 baths and range in SQFT from 2,200 sqft to 2,800 sqft. Some condos have 1 balcony and some condos have two balconies. Every condo has one fireplace in the living room, but some have another fireplace in the master bedroom. 

Condos have large double door entries and are very spacious. When the Mirabella was being constructed was at the height of the early 1980’s condo boom, so the builder built magnificent condos. I love the long triangular Balconies! 

Each condo has a master bedroom suite with a walk-in closet and a very large master bathroom with a separate tub and shower and double vanity.  

6 Penthouses that are 2 story units 6 units per floor
3,800 to 5,100 sqft


24-hour front desk and valet

Circular Wading Pool (3ft to 6ft deep end) & Spa



Conference room

Extra storage

Parking and Laundry

Each condo gets two parking spaces in a subterranean garage. Penthouses? Tandem side by side? Can you self park? Guest Parking? – 

Laundry is inside each unit. There is a side by side machine with some cabinets above them. Conds have Gas, so you get a gas dryer. 

Home Owners Association


The HOA does not allow open houses or broker caravans

HOA dues Monthly Cost?

HOA dues cover? Earthquake insurance, Water & Trash, Reserves, Common area maintenance, Building Insurance

Owner Pays? Electric, Gas, Internet, Cable

Any special assessments?

Pet Policy? 1 pet up to 25lbs

Rental Policy? Have to own the condo for 3 years before it can be rented. Only 10 units may be rented in total. 

EQ Insurance? Yes


Building Reserves?

Special move in instructions?

Can you have a BBQ on the balcony?

Property Management company? 

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10727 Wilshire Blvd | Remington

10727 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024


10727 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90024,


Real Estate

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October 2019 Westside Sales $5M+

837 GREENWAY DR 90210 4.0 8.00 7,068 41,726195010/30/2019$32,350,000HOME
1091 LAUREL WAY 90210 5.08.0010,38030,259199110/15/2019$30,000,000HOME
800 NIMES RD 90077 5.06.007,942 55,467 1951 10/23/2019 $27,000,000HOME
11951 CREST PL 90210 7.0 10.00 11,845 87,162 1998 10/1/2019$21,650,000HOME
10801 CHALON RD 90077 3.0 6.00 3,795 34,182 1955 10/15/2019$20,000,000HOME
1244 MORAGA DR90049 6.011.0014,762168,0852002 10/22/2019$19,500,000HOME
1435 BELLA DR90210 4.0 6.00 6,180 188,624 1981 10/7/2019$16,500,000HOME
609 PALISADES BEACH RD 90402 8.0 13.00 10,723 10,070 1999 10/24/2019$16,000,000HOME
709 N ARDEN DR 90210 5.06.00 6,719 25,5901939 10/23/2019$15,300,000HOME
12921 MARLBORO ST 90049 4.0 5.00 8,312 19,982 2001 10/28/2019 $14,476,000 HOME
1281 STONE CANYON RD 90077 6.0 9.00 11,864 31,407 2016 10/23/2019 $12,350,000 HOME
1506 SORRENTO DR 90272 7.011.00 8,269 12,720 2018 10/18/2019 $10,600,000 HOME
772 SARBONNE RD 90077 5.0 5.00 4,368 25,541 1937 10/31/2019 $10,500,000 HOME
626 FOOTHILL RD 90210 5.0 7.00 6,962 14,927 1988 10/15/2019 $9,650,000 HOME
1730 RISING GLEN RD 90069 6.0 8.00 6,033 21,285 2018 10/29/2019 $9,600,000 HOME
128 N GLENROY AVE 90049 4.0 4.00 3,099 20,455 1951 10/11/2019 $9,500,000 HOME
11688 MORAGA LN 90049 5.0 7.00 7,563 37,683 2005 10/17/2019 $9,000,000 HOME
511 N SIERRA DR 90210 5.0 3.00 3,658 10,669 1930 10/22/2019 $8,095,000 HOME
14920 RAMOS PL 90272 6.0 5.00 4,074 18,012 1936 10/16/2019 $7,500,000 HOME
541 STASSI LN 90402 2.0 2.00 1,566 9,874 1941 10/7/2019 $7,353,000 HOME
1500 HI POINT ST 90035 11.0 8.00 7,420 26,544 1932 10/15/2019 $7,350,000 VACANT
1200 LINDA FLORA DR 90049 3.0 4.00 4,283 13,929 2018 10/9/2019 $7,105,000 HOME
1479 BLUE JAY WAY 90069 3.0 4.00 4,194 24,717 1964 10/11/2019 $7,000,000 HOME
251 24TH ST 90402 6.0 6.00 4,748 9,746 1931 10/28/2019 $6,675,000 HOME
1 W CENTURY DR 9A 90067 4.0 6.00 4,560 161,429 2010 10/28/2019 $6,600,000 CONDO
1234 BEVERLY VIEW DR 90210 4.0 3.00 2,712 18,676 1955 10/28/2019 $6,580,000 HOME
13449 MULHOLLAND DR 90210 6.0 6.00 5,764 52,390 1954 10/15/2019 $6,500,000 HOME
1100 EMBURY ST 90272 5.0 6.00 5,197 7,476 2016 10/11/2019 $6,350,000 HOME
333 N TIGERTAIL RD 90049 4.0 5.00 3,487 21,214 1933 10/30/2019 $6,300,000 HOME
535 HAYNES AVE 90210 4.0 5.00 3,934 25,913 1960 10/31/2019 $6,250,000 HOME
522 21ST PL 90402 6.0 5.00 6,312 9,002 1999 10/9/2019 $6,237,500 HOME
9577 LIME ORCHARD RD 90210 3.0 7.00 6,625 47,695 1965 10/25/2019 $5,950,000 HOME
1027 CHEVY CHASE DR90210 6.0 4.00 4,296 13,144 1926 10/10/2019 $5,925,000 HOME
764 WILDOMAR 90272 4.0 2.00 2,234 9,307 1959 10/29/2019 $5,750,000 HOME
1511 OLD OAK RD 90049 4.0 4.00 2,777 26,296 1941 10/16/2019 $5,700,000 HOME
15427 HAMNER DR 90077 3.0 3.00 2,339 19,348 1957 10/9/2019 $5,700,000 VACANT

October is usually a slower month for Los Angeles Real Estate because winter has already begun. With the winter season the day length shortens usually gets dark at 6pm. This October was mark by several significant sales both Beverly Hills, Bel- Air and Brentwood. 837 GREENWAY DR is the top Sale located in Beverly Hill flats. Property has a golf course frontage of the Los Angeles Country Club. The house is very remarkable with a spiral staircase Cobble Driveway and private hedge.

October is normally a slow month for Real Estate in Los  Angeles because Winter has just begun. With winter season, the day length shortens and it gets dark at 6pm. This October was mark by several significant sales both in Beverly Hills, Bel- Air and Brentwood- Pacific Palisades and Santa Monica were quiet.  837 GREENWAY DR is the top Sale this month. It is located on cul-de-sac  at the West side in Beverly Hill flats. The property has golf course frontage to the Los Angeles Country Club. It is located just behind the green of hole number 3 on the north course. There are only 27 houses on the North course, and the homes that have golf course south of Wilshire are much smaller in size and price. 3 of Los Angeles Most Expensive houses- The Spelling Manor, Playboy Mansion and Owl wood estate number themselves in this exclusive neighborhood.

837 Greenway Dr is truly remarkable with a spiral staircase, Cobble Driveway, and towering private hedge. The Lot is Flat as you would expect in Beverly Hills Flats, with lots of outdoor area with an English garden with box hedges and a pool of course. There is a separate guest house to the South side of the property which would take one for team if an errant shanked golf ball ran amiss. Inside the home it has a dramatic entrance, with two huge public rooms with huge glass sliders. There is a 6-8 person movie theater and open contemporary Kitchen. The Master has its own wing with a beautiful array of French windows. This home is truly special and a 30M sale puts it up with some of the best the flats has to offer.

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Top 10 Los Angeles Millennial Photographers


Charmaine David


Daniel Dahler

Kyle Buckley

Juwan Li Photography

Narek “Nick” Avetisovich
Open House Photo

Barcelo Photography

Alex Zarou


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Top 10 Los Angeles Architectural Photographers

Los Angeles Architectural Photography

LA’s most famous Photography Julius Shulman’s primary residence designed by Raphael Soriano (1950)

In my main article, I talk about how shooting Los Angeles Real Estate photography is more about getting a job done than making art. This is not the case with LA Architectural Photography. Los Angeles Architectural Photographers’ mission if they choose to accept it – is taking photos that are worthy of being published in an edition of Architectural Digest, A book by Rizzoli,  or displayed in an art gallery in Bergamot Station. Like navigating the queue at LAX during Thanksgiving or Christmas season, expect longer wait times and delays on architectural photoshoots. Good things take time. And so do Architectural photographers. Typical Architectural photoshoots can last 3-4 hours or longer. I have seen photographers for some architecturally significant properties do multi-day photoshoots to capture the perfect lighting conditions.

You need to call in an architectural photographer when you have a listing designed by an AIA architect or that is a Historic-Cultural Monument, or designed by one of Southern California’s architectural masters such as: Frank Lloyd Wright, Lloyd Wright, Neutra, Lautner, Craig Ellwood, Ray Kappe, Greene & Greene, Raphael Soriano, Pierre Keonig, Gehry, Rudolph Schindler, Gregory Ain, John Elgin Woolf, Edward Fickett to name some of the heavy hitters.

Architectural photographers shoot in a different way than normal real estate photographers. Sometimes I see them shoot in Black & White to emphasize the lines and shapes, light and shadows, or to callback to the house’s historical context (We only got color in photos as of the 1950s and 1960s).  For Tall buildings, they may take a verticle shot. For buildings with water features, such as pools, they will use the reflections. If the House faces East, they will shoot it in the morning, if it faces west they will shoot it in the afternoon (unless they purposely want the house to be shadowed)

I asked a few Los Angeles architectural photographers “What is architectural photography?” to find out what it means to them. Here is how they responded:

Hunter Kart

Mike Kelley

Cameron Cathers

Pierre Galant


Todd Goodman


Adam Latham

Darwin Nercesian


Alex Zarou

Daniel Dahler

Marco Franchina


SAE Photography

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