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8408 Hillside Avenue | Luxury Hollywood Hills Estate

8408 Hillside Ave, Los Angeles CA 90069
Year Built: 2019
Bedroom: 5
Bathroom 9
Size: 20,058 sqft
Lot size: 22,255 sqft

The biggest house in Hollywood Hills history just sold and it’s no wonder why anyone wouldn’t want to snap up this gorgeous $35.5 million estate. 

At 20,000 square feet on a half-acre lot, 8408 Hillside Avenue is the largest home to ever be built in the coveted and scenic Hollywood Hills neighborhood. And it will be the largest home in perpetuity, as the Los Angeles City Council voted to regulate the size of new homes in 2017, shortly after the approval of this mega-mansion. 

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The Hillside mansion was built in 2018 by world-renowned South African architectural design firm SAOTA Architecture and Design. The ambitious project marked SAOTA’s first-ever ground-up construction project, and judging by the high-profile sale (and prominent feature on Netflix’s popular real estate reality show Selling Sunset), it has been a massive success. 

The mansion was originally listed for sale by real estate developer Jeff Thomas for $43.9 million, and the final selling price clocked in at $35.5 million. At this price, the home is valued a whopping 2141% higher than the median home in the Hollywood Hills, already a pricey neighborhood. It’s also 840% larger than the average American single-family home and 114x more expensive. 

Now on to the property. The stunning mansion boasts 300-degree skyline views, unmatched design, and luxurious amenities. The three-story households five bedrooms and nine bathrooms (seven full and 2 half). The master suite itself spans an impressive 2,800 square feet, including a gigantic walk-in closet shipped directly from Lake Como, Italy. 

The master bathroom features an oval-shaped tub that is sunken into the floor and a glass shower with views of Downtown LA. The master suite also has a wraparound terrace, complete with an outdoor hot tub to take in those gorgeous panoramic views. 

Inside, you’ll also find a formal 10-person dining room, chef’s kitchen, butler’s kitchen, custom wine cellar, movie theater (with a bar in the back!), game room, glass-encased elevator, top-of-the-line audio/video security systems and a spacious executive office. Custom lighting fixtures complement the luxurious glass, tile, wood and stone surfaces and floors. 

Of course, no self-respecting Angeleno would build such a stunning mansion without including a wellness center. This home boasts a home gym, hot and cold plunge spas, sauna, steam room and couples massage room. 

A private driveway leads not only to the sculpted metal front doors and lush vertical garden but to a jaw-dropping 10-car garage, which might better be referred to as a “showroom.” 

In the living room, automated walls of glass open at the push of a button to lead directly to the pool deck, arguably the most impressive and buzzed-about feature of the Hillside Avenue mega-mansion. 

The 163-foot wraparound infinity pool has a beautiful 12-foot waterfall that cascades from the pool into the atrium garden one level below. If a swimmer ever got bored with the 270-degree views of the San Gabriel Mountains, Downtown LA, Santa Monica, and Catalina Island, a 15-foot television with horizontal and vertical rotation rises up from under the pool to entertain. This screen can be angled to be seen from any and every room in the house. 

The 2,000 square foot rooftop pool deck is also home to an outdoor dining room and sunken fire pit to fully capitalize on the panoramic view. And these views didn’t come cheap – when the home was first being developed, Hillside Avenue was full of ugly utility poles and above-ground power lines. Rather than deal with this eyesore, developer Jeff Thomas spent six months obtaining the proper city permits to remove the poles, bury the power lines underground, repave the street and plant palm trees in place of the utility poles. All in all, this tedious process costs $2 million, but one look at the estate and you’ll feel confident it was worth every penny. 

Of course, we couldn’t end this write-up without mentioning Selling Sunset, the Netflix reality TV series that made 8048 Hillside Avenue famous nationwide. The reality show centers around six high-powered female real estate brokers at Oppenheim Group, a real estate firm catering to LA’s most affluent residents, including Orlando Bloom and Kris Humphries. Viewers watch as the broker’s wheel & deal in LA real estate. 

8048 Hillside Avenue was featured on the show as the brokers competed to see who would be chosen to sell the house, resulting in a million-dollar commission for the successful agent. But you’ll have to watch the next season to find out who helped Jason Oppenheim, who also held the listing along with James Harris and David Parnes of The Agency (also featured on Bravo’s real estate reality show Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles). 


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The Hollywood Hills Lifestyle | Los Angeles

Hollywood Hills Homes For Sale
Infinity Pools and Priceless Views: The Life of Luxury up in the Hollywood Hills

The Hollywood Hills are where you’ll find the most breathtaking views of Los Angeles, so it’s no wonder that some of the city’s most dazzling and impressive homes are located here. Majestically perched high above the hustle and bustle of city life, while still adjacent to every modern convenience including the world-famous Sunset Strip,  Hollywood Hills view homes are truly the pinnacle of luxe living. 

Most of the housing inventory in the Hollywood Hills is custom-designed homes not tract-home developments like you might find in the San Gabriel Valley or West LA / Mar Vista neighborhoods. Many of these homes are designed by world-renowned architectural firms like Brian Murphy, XTEN and Paul McClean to name just a few, and these homes truly are works of art. No two homes are exactly alike, but they do share several must-have features, that life in Hollywood Hills is all about and make living here such a draw:

Indoor-Outdoor Living 

Buyers will notice many Hollywood Hills homes for sale have seamless indoor-outdoor living floorplans. Southern California is a pioneer in the modern architectural movement, mainly because of our wonderful weather. Hollywood Hills Homes are designed to take full advantage of the mild and ideal Mediterranean climate in Los Angeles with endless walls of retractable sliding glass that allow homeowners total freedom and blur the lines between the traditional concepts of inside and outside. You might notice some of the furnishings in these homes can function both inside or outside with chaise lounges, stools, and dining tables that can easily be moved between the indoors to outdoors depending on the occasion. This is one reason why these homes are great to entertain in.


Photo By Chris Nolasco

Infinity Pools 

What is better than enjoying a pristine city view? How about enjoying the view while swimming up to the edge of your very own infinity-edge pool! Infinity Pools are one of the most popular amenities you will find in Hollywood Hills homes, and they are a perfect way to play or exercise when you are not busy taking over the world. You have to tell me which is your favorite- swimming in the seemingly endless expanse during the day or taking a dip at nighttime when the memorizing lights of the city twinkling below. 

Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

Windows are the new wall. Most modern Hollywood Hills homes I see feature floor-to-ceiling windows to let the view come indoors. I kid you not, some houses have so many windows you can see straight through it! Some of the people’s favorite views are Downtown, Griffith Observatory, the LA Basin, Century City, Catalina Island, and Santa Monica Beach. Walls are so overrated!

Outdoor Entertainment 

You didn’t think you’d keep such a gorgeous home all to yourself, did you? Once you move in, especially on a famous bird street like Robin Drive or Nightingale Drive, all your friends will want to pay you a visit. Good thing many Hollywood Hills mansions come readily equipped with massive living rooms,  outdoor fire pits, wine cellars, home theaters, massage rooms, and showcase garages that can park 5-10 cars. 



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Laurel Canyon Homes For Sale

Laurel Canyon Homes For Sale

Laurel Canyon Homes For Rent

Laurel Canyon

Zip Codes: 90046, 90068

Laurel Canyon is an intimate hillside community with soul power. It’s one of my favorite neighborhoods in Los Angeles. A bohemian artist refuge, Laurel canyon is where you run away from home, hideout from the authorities, and write music, read books, and watch plays.


Fun Fact: Laurel Canyon is named after the California bay laurel (Pictured Above), a native tree that grows wild and can be fairly easily found all over Laurel Canyon. 

Residents form spiritual bonds with the nature of the canyon, which you become completely submerged. When you are there, you feel connected. Towering oak trees, dry chaparral bushes, and golden grass inhabit this authentic Southern Californian landscape. Laurel Canyon has a Wildside. Unfamiliar sights and sounds bewilder unaccustomed city dwellers. Songbirds sing owls hoot, hawks glide on thermal updrafts, deer wander, coyotes, bobcats, and hermits roam. Hardly your typical LA experience.

Laurel Canyon has country folk-rock roots. The list of famous residents is long and always growing. Some can argue that music in Laurel Canyon reached its Zenith in the summer of love in the late 1960s. But the legacy continues to this day. A lot of writers also pick Laurel Canyon. The Musicians who made this time: The Mamas and the Papas, The Byrds, James Taylor, Buffalo Springfield, The Doors, CSNY, Frank Zappa, and Joni Mitchell.  Laurel Canyon’s next generation is Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Slash from Guns and Roses who both grew up in Laurel Canyon. New music continues to bubble up from this wellspring. To be young mad and in love. Good Vibes all around.


Laurel Canyon has a symbiotic relationship with the Sunset Strip and Hollywood/West Hollywood. With their tides, so does Laurel Canyon’s fortunes rise. Many residents work and play in those cities and live in Laurel Canyon. Laurel Canyon’s close proximity to these entertainment districts makes it one of the most convenient hillside communities to live in (much livelier than Benedict Canyon). There is no freeway noise in Laurel Canyon like you get in the Cahuenga Pass from the 101.  

Laurel Canyon is the best canyon boulevard for traveling between the valley and the westside. So the studios in Burbank and the lowkey nightlife of Ventura Blvd in Studio City are also within arms reach.

Laurel Canyon Landmarks


Country Store
2108 Laurel Canyon Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 654-8091

Located in the heart of Laurel Canyon, the peace sign emblazoned Country Store is a hitching post for the community. Legend has it that Mama Cas once lived in the basement. The Store has basic groceries and wine. There is a lunch deli counter that makes sandwiches. You can buy fresh sage for $2.99 at the register (impulse buy!). 100% wood-paneled. Downstairs is an italian restaruant called Pace. There is a great Dry cleaner around the corner too! The Original Laurel Canyon store burned down in 1929 and was rebuilt. 

Lookout Mountain Inn (Burned down 1918)



Lookout Mountain inn played an important role in Laurel Canyon’s early history. Opened in 1910, as a 24-room hotel, it attracted visitors to the new Laurel Canyon Developments of Bungalowland and Lookout Mountain Park. Placed on one of the choicest view lots, you could see for miles in all directions. The Lookout Mountain inn had incredible views. Guest paid $15/week for room and board. One of the experiences of staying at the inn was driving (or racing!) the long curving canyon roads to get to it. Automobile clubs held regular meetings at the inn. Upscale Society used the inn for banquets and social events. Unfortunately, in 1918 a brush fire, reportedly started by a group of boys cooking sausages, raced up the canyons and reduced the wooden inn to charcoals.

The Mansion (2451 Laurel Canyon)


The Mansion: Longtime residence of mega-producer Rick Rubin, who used the property as a recording studio and rock and roll dormitory. The main residence was built in 1925, and burned in 1959, but was rebuilt. Errol Flynn used to live at this residence in the 1930s, and it is said that at one time there was a tunnel connecting this property to the Houdini Mansion across the street. Rick Rubin sold the home to one of his friends a few years ago. 

Houdini Estate (2400 Laurel Canyon)


Houdini Estate: Called the Houdini estate, although Houdini never owned it, although he is rumored to have rented the house while he was in Los Angeles. This location is now available to rent for weddings and events. Built by Department Store Magnate Ralf M. Walker- the house also burned down in 1959 fire and was later demolished in 1970. A new house was built.    

Case Study House #21, Bailey House (9038 Wonderland Ave.)


Designed in 1959 by Pierre Koenig as part of the case study home project. The house was built with sturdy steel framing, that allowed long spans to create huge open spaces, a precursor to modern tastes today. Since the property has no eaves, Koenig controlled the temperature inside the house with screens. A very simple and beautiful modern design. 

8021 Rothdell Trl (Jim Morrison House)


The Lizard King, Jim Morrison lived in Laurel Canyon with his girlfriend Pamela Courson from 1967-1969. They nicknamed Rothdell ‘Love Street’ because there were so many hippies all over the place. The Doors song “Love Street” mentions the nearby Canyon Store -“I see you live on Love Street/ there’s this store where the creatures meet”. The house burned down, was rebuilt, and extensively remodeled. It now is a Spanish Mission style that is hardly recognizable. 

Lookout Mountain Laboratory


Former US airforce base that made military films from 1947 to 1969. Their most famous films are about nuclear explosions. The base employed over 250 people. Being a movie studio, the compound had offices, recording rooms, and screening rooms, but also had military rooms, such as a bomb shelter, helicopter pad, vaults. The 2.5-acre studio is still one lot. The property is now owned by a celebrity actor/musician, who uses the property as an art gallery, and it has a pool.

Frank Zappa Cabin


2401 Laurel Canyon Boulevard. Today, all that remains of the cabin are rubble and an empty lot. The cabin was the first building in Laurel Canyon. It was called the “Bungalow Inn” and had a dinning hall, reading room, ladies parlor, room service, a one lane bowling ally, riding trails, stables and garages, and a tennis court.


The Inn attracted visitors to Laurel Canyon’s first subdivision “Bungalowland” comprised of about 300 lots. The developer, Chas Mann, sold lots for $100 – $250 each. Later, movie star Tom Mix bought the cabin (His trusty sidekick and wonder horse “Tony” is supposedly buried there).



In 1967, the cabin was run down and completely dilapidated. Rising rock star Frank Zappa rented the house with his wife Gale and their new baby moon unit. The home was a hippy commune and round the clock rock and roll boarding house for the ’60s most influential artists. In 1981 the cabin burned down.

Real Estate



Wonderland Avenue Elementary
Great Schools Rating 

Middle School
Hubert Howe Bancroft MS

High School
Fairfax HS or Hollywood HS

Community Links

Laurel Canyon Neighborhood Association

Laurel Canyon has a rich history and an even better community. To live in one of the most historic areas in Los Angeles, contact me to see available listings! Just click the button below to get started. 



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6728 Hillpark Dr | The Highlands


The Highlands
6700-6760 Hillpark Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90068


Highlands is a hidden gem! Located in a picturesque setting of natural canyons just off the 101 freeway in the Cahuenga Pass, the community has a resort like feel and is the most affordable way to ‘get in’ to the Hollywood Hills.

The Highlands has 192-condos that are grouped into 16 different buildings. Built in 1966 by developer Theodore Bentley, a third generation builder. Bentley’s grandfather was the founder of Pomona, and his father worked on highway projects and the aqueduct. The Highlands opened at an inopportune moment,  the US economy was in recession and sales were slow. Instead of selling, the condos were leased as apartments until 1973- when Lindley Enterprises purchased the property and infused another $1.2M into improvements and sold them as condos.


The property has 14 acres of grounds, with many different species of trees and other greenery that was planted on site when it was built. This landscaping is now mature and very pleasing. The most noticeable trees are the towering pines, but there is a wide assortment of varieties. In addition to the expansive grounds, the land to the south of the site (about 20 Acres) is reserved as open space.



Being located in the Cahuenga pass, the Highlands is very convenient for commuters to either the valley or the westside. Some employees who work in the studios at Burbank also choose to call the Highlands home. Being so close to the 101 you can pick up the 134 to go east to Pasadena, or head west on 101 towards 405, as well as take 101 South straight downtown.

Since the community is a little bit off the beaten path, it is quiet and safe. Hillpark Drive is a cul-de-sac. The property is hillside with a slight rising grade.

Unfortunately, the Highlands, much like it’s neighbor across the 101, Cahuenga Tennis Club, is not very walkable. However, there are plenty of amenities on-site. Cahuenga Blvd has a ton of restaurants which provide a lot of dining options. A few of my favorites are Mercado, the Baked Potato (great jazz!), Miceli (don’t love the food but love the live singing waiters!), In’n’Out, Joes Falafel, GC Marketplace.

Universal Studios is right around the corner! Check out Universal Studios City walk for a fun night out.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the Highlands next store neighbor, the Hollywood Bowl!

As far as groceries are concerned, you can go north to Ralph’s Studio City at 10901 Ventura Blvd, or drive to Beachwood’s Bristol farms. There are a few smaller markets around the neighborhood for a quick run if you run out or forget something.

Real Estate


Turnover Ratio? 4%

Appreciation? 4%

Record Sale: $739,000 5/8/2015

There are 16 buildings and each building has 12 condos. Condos on the second and third floors are four corner units with no common walls and have balconies. There are two condos on the 5th floor of each building with sun decks, and two condos on the first floor. Each building has its own private elevator.

Square footage on units ranges from 900 sqft to 1,400 sqft. Floorplans are 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bedroom + Den, and 1 bedrooms. All the floorplans are single story.


1BR (50)
900 sqft-1000 sqft

1BR+ Den
1,100 sqft – 1,200 sqft

1,200 sqft-1,400 sqft

The original finishes from the 70’s were well you know… umm. Except for the front doors which are very vintage. Many owners have updated their condos. The original condos had popcorn ceilings. Many owners have smoothed their ceilings and added recessed lights. The kitchens had country style raised panel wood cabinets and ceramic tile counter-tops. Just a simple coat of paint can really change the look of the cabinets if you don’t want to replace them. Condos have a huge combined dining room and living room (500sqft – 700sqft) with floor to ceiling sliding glass doors that lead out to balcony. Kitchens have a bar area that can seat 2 or 3 stools. Central HVAC. 6728 Hillpark Drive is a building you absolutely do not want to miss!

Amenities at 6728 Hillpark Drive

2 Heated Pools (Upper and Lower) + Spa


Lower Pool



Upper Pool



2 tennis courts and a Paddle court


Club House


Dog Area


Storage lockers

 Parking & Laundry at 6728 Hillpark Drive


Parking is in a gated underground parking garage. Condos have 1 or 2 parking spaces. The 1 bedrooms have 1 parking space and the 1 bedroom + den and 2bedrooms have 2 parking spaces. In addition, there is plenty of street parking on Hillpark. Guest Parking?


For Laundry, the complex was originally built with Community laundry.

blankThe HOA allows owners to install laundry in their condo as long as it is a special compact/ventless washer dryer approved by HOA. Installing a Washer/Dryer is the owner’s expense. The HOA can provide a list of approved models that owners are allowed to install.

Home Owners Association for 6728 Hillpark Drive


(323) 851-4883

Office Phone: 323-436-0340

HOA dues Monthly Cost? $494/mo. per condo

HOA dues cover? Water + Trash, Building Insurance, Common Area Maintenance, Reserve, EQ Insurance

HOA does exclude? Internet, Cable, Gas, Electric

Any special assessments? No

Pet Policy? 2 pets max. No Pitbulls, Dobermans or rottweilers.

Rental Policy? Must own the condo 1 year before leasing. Leases minimum 1-year term.

EQ Insurance? YES

Building Reserves?

Can you have BBQ on the balcony? Yes

Management Company? The Highlands has its own onsite Management Company – thier office is located at 6700 Hillpark Dr #100, Los Angeles CA 90068

FHA Approved? YES


Ready to see 6728 Hillpark Drive for yourself? Please call me directly at (310) 388-7332 or click the button below and I will be in touch shortly!


Speak to an Agent 

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Whitley Heights Homes for Sale



Whitley Heights
Zip Codes: 90068

whitley heights real estate for sale


Whitley Heights is bordered by Hollywood to the south, Hollywood Dell to the East, Hollywood Heights to the West, and the Cahuenga Pass to the north.

Whitley Heights has easy access to the 101 freeway which is great for regular commuters who travel between Studio City/the Valley, and Hollywood/the Westside, or for going Downtown. Whitley Height residents can take advantage of its close proximity to Hollywood Boulevard, which has a plethora of dinning, shopping, bars, and nightclubs. Some of my personal favorite spots on Hollywood Blvd are the Hollywood and Highland Shopping Center, Lucky Strike Bowl, The Pantages Theater, The Egyptian Theater, Musso and Franks, the Roosevelt Hotel, Katsuya, and Piano Bar.

Hollywood Bowl

In addition most residents in Whitley heights can walk to the Hollywood Bowl.

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 boathouses hollywood hills

hollywood hills boathouse carport

Nestled within the winds and folds of Woodrow Wilson Drive in the Cahuenga pass, is a peculiar row of small mountain cabins known as the Boathouses.

Built in 1958 and 1959 by Architect Harry Gesner, these homes are stilt houses that reside on ‘unbuildable lots’.

boathouse hollywood hills foundation

a view of foundation underneath

Ronald Buck purchased the group of lots and asked Gesner to do something with them. Gesner loves a good challenge, and so he agreed.

See this great interview with Harry Gesner by another local realtor Jimmy Bayan:

Gesner, drawing on his Scandinavian heritage decided to construct the boathouses out of wood. He hired a crew of Norwegian ship builders who had just moved to the US. This crew built Stave Churches in Norway too which are beautiful but don’t share any resemblance architecturally to the boathouses.


Stave Church

Stave Church

Gesner said that the shipbuilders shaped the timbers with very sharp hand axes, sometimes working suspended sixty feet in mid air. Incredible!

boat or tree

I think these boathouses look like an overturned boat, but some people say they resemble a treehouse.

The boathouses are cozy and range in size from 800 square feet to 1,200 square feet and are 1 bedroom 1 bath or 2 bedroom 1 bath. The larger size 2 bedroom boathouses are the most common and have a two story floor plan with the Kitchen, Living Room/dinning room and balcony upstairs, bathroom a half flight of stairs down from the main level, and the two bedrooms on the lower level.

boathouse living room

The best part about these boathouses is the living room. The living room has floor to ceiling glass to reveal wonderful views of the San Gabriel Valley and the trees. The very quirky Trapezoid ceilings give an altered perception of space when inside. It’s a must to paint the ceilings white, or the house would be really dark. Most owners choose to stain the exposed beams with a natural wood finish. One negative of having Trapezoid walls is that there are very few places upstairs to hang art.  The living room connects to a outdoor patio.

Gesner boathouse living room

A centerpiece of the living room is the retro wood burning fireplace. This fits right in with the cabin motif. You will get that lovely campfire smell when you burn logs.

Kitchen boathouses los angeles

The kitchen isn’t much to shout about but it’s adequate. Some boathouses have had the kitchens upgraded with a dishwasher but this wasn’t standard equipment when they were built.  Laundry Machines are usually installed outside underneath the carport overhang. Room for two car parking.

There is a lot of wood in the interiors and hidden built ins.

boathouses woodrow wilson

The lots are about 2,500sqft so there is no yard (nor yard maintenance). This street in the Hollywood Hills is very pet friendly. A lot of home owners on Woodrow Wilson walk their dog each day.

The location is close to the 101 Freeway and the studios. An interesting neighbor is the tile house up the street.

These boathouses are wonderful to live in- at a going price of $600,000 they are a great starter home and an affordable way to live in the Hollywood Hills. Boathouses sell at comparable prices to two bedroom condos in the area.

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1650 N Queens Rd | The Polito House by Raphael Soriano

1650 N Queens Polito house

1650 N Queens, also known as the ‘Polito House’ was built in 1940 by mid century modern architect Raphael Soriano. This house is one of only a dozen houses designed by Soriano that still remain.

1650 N Queens was built before the case study houses. Its 2br /2ba, and just a little under 1,500 sqft with 5,816 sqft lot size. This house could have easily been 500 sqft larger with the same footprint if Soriano had enclosed the two outdoor balconies.  The house is perfect for indoor outdoor living, and feels larger than the square footage suggests.

1650 N Queens Drive

The structure is a three level Bauhaus cube.

1650 N Queens Curb

The lot is street to street and downsloping, the house has no setback from the curb because the flattest section of the lot is by the street.

1650 N Queens Road los angeles 90069
Off Queens, there is a two car attached garage, which is a big plus because street parking on this section of Queens is a pain. You can only park on the West Side of the street, and it is quite narrow.

1650 Queens drive garage

A staircase leads up to the main level.

Entry Stairs 1650 Queens

On the main level there is a three quarter bath which is nice to have a second shower, with Anne Sack Tiles and a frameless glass door.

1650 N Queens Living Room

The living room is large and very  open with lots of windows and natural light. A square open kitchen with updated counters and original cabinets has a breakfast bar and good flow to formal dinning.

1650 N Queens Pool

There are two big balconies on the main level and an even bigger one upstairs. They both over look the pool.

 1650 N Queens glass wall

1650 N Queens has an opaque glass wall that runs from top to bottom along the north wall. Light is filtered in through the glass and privacy is maintained with the Spanish House next store.

1650 N Queens Bedroom 1


Upstairs there are two bedrooms. The bedroom that is attached to the upstairs jack and jill bathroom, pictured above is 10’x12’. Closet space in this bedroom is ok.

1650 N Queens Jack and Jill bathroom

The 2nd bedroom is 14’x12’ and has more closets. The current owner is using this bedroom as an office.

1650 N Queens Bridge

One of the really interesting things about this houses design, is that the upstairs deck has a bridge which walks across to a flat grassy pad. The upstairs of this house is as livable as the downstairs, so you will probably be spending you time evenly between the main level and the upstairs. The property has Dual HVAC systems and fireplace

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8850 Evanview Drive

8850 Evanview Drive was local builder Lyn Andre’s first project. The property has undergone extensive remodeling so hardly any of the original elements remain. The house was done in the Hollywood Regency style, perhaps the only thing that remains of the Hollywood Regency is the oval shaped window in the front.

8850 Evanview Drive curb

Andre’s husband Warner Cruz was a cinematographer for MGM and friends with Vincente Minelli and Judy Garland. Lyn and Warner invited them over for dinner one night and Vincente and Judy fell in love with the house. They bought it, and Lyn and Warner purchased a lot across the street at 8841 Evanview to build a new house for their new home.

While Vincent and Judy owned it they hired John Woolf to remodel it and it was their daugher Liza Minnelli’s first home (Kenneth Schessler, This is Hollywood p17). Years later Sammy Davis Jr. purchased the estate and added on square footage and remodeled again.

8850 Evanview Drive Pool house

The Two story guest house by the pool was built in 1958 and has massive twenty foot ceilings and walls of glass and is just a few steps from the pool.

8850 Evanview kitchen before

8850 Evanview kitchen before

8850 Evanview Kitchen After

8850 Evanview Kitchen After

In 2007, Robert Davis of Davis Design and Development purchased Evanview for $2,865,000 and totally remodeled it again. Prior to his ownership there were lot of area in the main house that had tile flooring that was all replaced with wood flooring. The Kitchen was also remodeled, and the pool changed. The house is now  5 br 7.5 baths with 6,600 sqft on a 13,100sqft double lot. It sold again in 2013 for $3,820,000

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8841 Evanview

8841 Evanview Dr

8841 Evanview Drive was built in the Hollywood Regency style in 1941 by builder Lyn Andre. Over Andre’s career she built and remodeled several homes in West Hollywood and the Hollywood Hills including the house across the street at 8850 Evanview which was her first project. One night while having a dinner party with husband cinematographer Warner Cruze’s friends Vincente Minnelli and Judy Garland, they fell in love with 8850 Evanview Dr and bought it. Needing a new house, her husband purchased the lot across the street, where Andre built  8841 Evanview, which was her second project.

8841 evanview sunset plaza

Andre pivoted the volumes of 8841 Evanview to accommodate the hillside. There are four volumes, the first being the ground level detached garage, then two bedroom volumes, and the main living room and dinning room which is the largest. The house is 3 br 3ba with 2,300 sqft on 5700 sqft lot. There is a great rooftop patio that has satillo tiles that above the living room, amazing view of the Los Angeles Basin can be seen from there.

8841 Evanview Drive rooftop deck

Some Regency details still survive. Such as the Panels in the livingroom,

8841 Evanview Living Room

and the some oval windows and the pediment over the front doorway.



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9000 Thrasher Ave, Los Angeles CA 90069


4,704-square-foot, 4br/5ba.

YB Approx 1990 Updated 2008

Chain of Title

Owner Name Sale Date Purchase Price
??? 5/25/2007 $10,800,000
Tobey McGuire 3/01/2002 $3,500,000
Mark & Stefania Magidson 8/03/1990 $2,100,000
Evelle & Mildred Younger 2/28/1986 $775,000

Originally built in 1962 as a Mediterranean-style house in 1990, 9000 Thrasher was torn down and rebuilt by its new owner, film producer Mark Magidson, as a contemporary. Actor Tobey Maguire purchased Thrasher in 2002 and hired interior designer Waldo Fernandez. Mr. Maguire sold the property in 2007 because he was starting a family and wanted a more family friendly house/location- he ended up buying an acre lot in Brentwood for $10M. The new buyer and current owner immediately invested in Kitchen Remodel, and redid the outdoor areas. Features of the house include a gym, some of the city’s best views, infinity edge pool, courtyard entry, chef’s kitchen and maid’s room.


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