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Los Angeles Westside Sales $5M+ | October 2019


October is normally a slow month for Real Estate in Los  Angeles because Winter has just begun. With winter season, the day length shortens and it gets dark at 6pm. This October was mark by several significant sales both in Beverly Hills, Bel- Air and Brentwood- Pacific Palisades and Santa Monica were quiet.  837 GREENWAY DR is the top Sale this month. It is located on cul-de-sac  at the West side in Beverly Hill flats. The property has golf course frontage to the Los Angeles Country Club. It is located just behind the green of hole number 3 on the north course. There are only 27 houses on the North course, and the homes that have golf course south of Wilshire are much smaller in size and price. 3 of Los Angeles Most Expensive houses- The Spelling Manor, Playboy Mansion and Owl wood estate number themselves in this exclusive neighborhood.October is usually a slower month for Los Angeles Real Estate because winter has already begun. With the winter season the day length shortens usually gets dark at 6pm. This October was mark by several significant sales both Beverly Hills, Bel- Air and Brentwood. 837 GREENWAY DR is the top Sale located in Beverly Hill flats. Property has a golf course frontage of the Los Angeles Country Club. The house is very remarkable with a spiral staircase Cobble Driveway and private hedge.

837 Greenway Dr is truly remarkable with a spiral staircase, Cobble Driveway, and towering private hedge. The Lot is Flat as you would expect in Beverly Hills Flats, with lots of outdoor area with an English garden with box hedges and a pool of course. There is a separate guest house to the South side of the property which would take one for team if an errant shanked golf ball ran amiss. Inside the home it has a dramatic entrance, with two huge public rooms with huge glass sliders. There is a 6-8 person movie theater and open contemporary Kitchen. The Master has its own wing with a beautiful array of French windows. This home is truly special and a 30M sale puts it up with some of the best the flats has to offer.

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Midyear 2014 real estate market

A lot of people are wondering what is going to happen next with the real estate market!

We know that the market has rebounded substantially from 2009 and 2010. We are close to the previous price peak in 2007.

us house price map

The question is- where are we heading next? I think we have 10%-20% more upside at the very least, because the new peak is always higher than the old peak. We should reach 2007 prices by end of this year.

prediction for end of year

My prediction for end of year

From there we will see. I think there is a lot of room to go up beyond that. It won’t be based on inflation though, it will be pure speculation combined with loosening of lending standards. This will be a very strong sellers market for the next two years.  I predict there will be a very limited supply of houses as investors buy multiple properties that will drive prices up.

Peak Prediction

Peak Prediction: 2017 or 2018

Buying will become very dangerous for short term holders by end of next year.

What do you think is going to happen in the real estate market? I would love to hear your thoughts and comments

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