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882 Doheny Dr

mid century modern west hollywood

Eight Eighty Two Doheny is a beautiful mid-century modern triplex compound. Originally built in 1952 as a five-unit apartment complex, it was converted for private ownership in the 1980s by Turkish interior designer Kalef Alaton. Totaling 5,600 sqft it is exceptionally large for the neighborhood it is in. There is one huge 4,000sqft owners unit that is 2br and 3ba and occupies the two story south building of the complex. There is an amazing studio unit that is 650 sqft and resides above the five car garage with a private walk out terrace covered by an awning, and a 1br/1ba office in the atrium.

One of the main reason’s I see someone buying this wonderful house, aside from its great one of a kind mid century architecture that makes it completely unique, is that privacy it offers, as well as its prime West Hollywood Norma Traingle location, plentiful outdoor space, and its size. It recently sold on the market for $3,750,000.

eight eighty two doheny

I love the house numbers ‘Eight Eighty Two’ that are written in amazing 60’s cursive. You can’t buy those numbers anywhere today.

modern house box hedge

This Mid Century utilizes a neatly trimmed box hedge in the entry that mixes in classical elements of a formal English Garden.  The angles of hedges complement the cubic shapes commonly used in modern designs. The landscaping gives a wide base of green for the structure to contrast and life to otherwise stark white.

882 Doheny Wroght Iron Gate

The Geometric Iron Gate complication is both symmetrical and asymmetrical yet easy to understand. Cross checked iron stripes overlap rectangle rows to form the interlocking cross hatch pattern which delights and entertains – some sections look like fabric up close, and then the rectangle bands interrupt. The gates oversized proportions create a powerful first impression with sophistication and refinement. The gates voids give passerby glimpses inside.

882 Doheny entry

This property has a gravel courtyard that serves as its crossroads and nucleus. The courtyard can be seen  looked in upon from interior windows. The walls are covered in Ivy- it feels when you arrive home like you entered a mountain forest retreat.

882 N Doheny Courtyard

One of the most remarkable features of the interiors in 882 Doheny is the spiral staircase in the owners unit which leads up to the master bedroom.

882 Doheny Staircase

The Staircase looks like a nautilus shell from above, and a lemon twist from below. That is the fascinating and exciting visual effect created by a spiral. Functionality has been traded for design. The stairway is narrow and there are no railings or banisters, which would completely spoil the effect, but creates safety issues for the very young and the very old. One property of a spirals is that they save space- this maximizes the living room- which is massive in this house!

Master Bedroom 882 Doheny

Master Bedroom

Floor to Ceiling windows drench the living room in natural light and bring the outdoors in.

882 Doheny Living Room

Being located on the corner of Doheny and Cynthia in the Norma Traingle, there are two highly visible sides of 882 Doheny from the street, the Cynthia side doesn’t disappoint with a cool step down, windows and terrace.

Doheny 882 street view

There have been some slight alterations to this side over time. A picture of Marilyn Monroe taken in the 60’s shows that there were louvered window frames underneath the huge picture windows that were later removed, and that the garage bays were carport stalls with no doors originally.

Marilyn Monroe west hollywood apartment

Marilyn lived at 882 Doheny two seperate times, both in unit #3. Other stars who called 882 Doheny home include actor James Coburn, pinup girl Jeanne Carmen, French actress Bella
Darvi, and actress Viola Mertz.

Whoever is the lucky guest or friend or family member who gets to stay in #3 will enjoy this wonderful outdoor terrace for many years to come!

West Hollywood Outdoor terrace


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