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Century Park East
2160 & 2170 Century Park East
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Century Park East 1966

Century Park East 1966 still being constructed

century park east 1970

Century Park East 1970

Century Park East was the second condominium complex built in Century City (Century Towers was built two years earlier in 1964). Constructed in 1966, Century Park East is a full-service luxury highrise. Designed by architect Charles Luckman in the mid-century style, this highrise is 20 stories high and offers very low entry prices for condos on the lower levels and sweeping views for condos on the upper levels.

2160 Century Park East olympic

2160 Building at the corner of Olympic and Century Park East

There are two matching towers, 2160 and 2170.  2160 is to the north and 2170 to the south. 2170 is usually regarded as the more desirable tower because it is set back from Olympic Blvd which can get traffic noise.

Each tower has 240 Units for a total of 480 units (the high unit count means lower HOA dues).

2170 Century Park East los angeles ca 90067

One of the things that makes CPE unique is its expansive grounds. The property has a total of 6 acres, which is unheard of in LA nowadays. The only other high rise I can think of that has grounds that compare is Wilshire Terrace on the Wilshire Corridor. All this space is put to good use. Century Park East has some really great amenities like an Olympic size pool (CPE has best Pool for condo in LA challenged only by community pool in Playa Vista), a tennis court, and dog park, plus a whole lot of open green space.

Compared with other Highrises on the Wilshire Corridor or nearby neighbor Century Towers, Century Park East is an outstanding value. Century Park East has better amenities, lower HOA dues, the same services, the same views, the same size condos, and lower prices by nearly $100,000-$200,000.

The complex underwent a $22M modernization in 2008. Each unit was assessed 30K-40K for the modernization; some owners chose to pay off the assessment immediately while others financed it over 15 years. Make sure to find out if the assessment on the condo has been paid off or not before you purchase because any unpaid balance is passed to the new owner. The modernization means that there should not be any large assessments in Century Park East for the next 20 years.


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Century City

Century Park East condos is located just south of Olympic Blvd at the corner of Century Park East Avenue and Olympic Blvd in Century City.

Century city is a net importer of Jobs and the dominant influence in the area is corporate America. International Companies are headquartered in Century City and some of Los Angeles most prestigious and powerful talent agencies and law firms are based there.

The Westfield Shopping Center,  which is undergoing an expansion, is the centerpiece of the community. Westfields has a dozen restaurants ranging from a food court fare to bar and grill, to fine dining. They have a Gelson’s which is your closest grocery store. Residents can take care of their day to day shopping, buy jewelry and fashion, or go to AMC movie theaters. Looking for more shopping options? Westwood Village is just five minutes away.

Fox Studios backlot is located in century city and they are another major employer.

There are two great parks very close by: Cheviot Hills Park and Roxbury Park in Beverly Hills.

The Hillcrest Country Club and Los Angeles Country Club offer Golfers with two nearby private club options nearby.

Real Estate

Record Sale? $1,850,000 (two combined penthouses 2170 Century Park East 2105) 1/9/2019 next 2nd highest sale is $1,280,000

Turnover? 5% –  24 a year or about 2 a month

Appreciation? 4%

2160 & 2170 Century Park East Building Layout

Century Park East condos are all single story floorplans and range from one bedrooms and two bedrooms. If you are looking for a really large condo this probably isn’t the building for you because the largest 2 bedrooms are 1,400 sqft and there aren’t very many of them (40). The average size for a 2br is 1,000 sqft and the average size for a 1 bedroom is 800 sqft. Each condo has a small balcony.

century park east floor to ceiling glass

Since it’s a midcentury style building you get ceiling to floor walls of glass that make the living room and kitchen very bright. Since Century Park East was built in the 1960’s the finish quality inside units can vary greatly. Some are in original condition while others have been totally remodeled. Expect to see a $100,000 to $150,000 difference in price between remodeled and original units.

Condos on floors 7 and above get really incredible views, this gets you high enough above the 4 and 5 story buildings surrounding CPE to get the sweeping vistas of the ocean and Santa Monica to the West, the Century City Skyline to the north, Hollywood and DT to the east, and the Los Angeles Basin to the south.

As is common in high rises, there is no water heater in each unit, hot water comes from a central boiler. Water is included in your HOAs. The condos do not have gas, so the stoves are electric.

Prices start in the $450,000’s and go above $800,000.


century park east condos pool


century park east pool from above

-Olympic Size 6 Lane heated Pool- great for lap swimmers! Unfortunately, you will find that there is no Jacuzzi for some reason- not sure why the HOA didn’t put one in. EDIT- maybe they purposely excluded the Jacuzzi because it could lead to parties and noise. 

-Free Valet

CPE Gym los angeles

CPE gym 2

-Gym (The HOA needs to replace the stained ceiling tiles in the gym!) 

Century Park East Tennis Court

-Lighted Tennis Court

2160 Lobby century park east

2160 Lobby

2170 Lobby

2170 Lobby

-Remodeled Lobbies

-Each condo comes with 5×5 Storage shed.

Parking and Laundry

Each condo gets 1 parking space regardless if its a 1 bedroom or a 2 bedroom. You can rent another parking space from the HOA for $100-$150/mo. if you need more parking. Make sure to check, sometimes getting another parking space can be difficult if there is high demand.

Laundry is a bit of a challenge in the building. Condos do not have in-unit laundry. There are no  laundry rooms on each floor either. There is a laundry room in each building in the basement. To do laundry you have to ride the elevator to P1 – which can be a real hassle. There are 20 machines. Most residents hire a maid to do the laundry for them.

Some residents have bootlegged a washer/dryer into their condo, usually in a bathroom closet in their master bedroom. This is not allowed- if the HOA finds out, they could fine you and make you remove it. The buildings waste lines were not designed to handled laundry machines so if too many units in the building were to do that it would clog the drains and cause big damage. At least they take credit cards and not quarters!

century park east laundry room


A large number of condos (480) in Century Park East lowers the HOA dues. HOAs range $600-$700 for 1 bedroom and $700-$800 for 2 bedrooms which are quite low considering all the amenities. There are 3 full-time security guards on site at all times.

Home Owners Association Website:


HOA dues cover? Water, Trash, Common Area Maintenance, Reserve, Building Insurance, Window Washing 2x per year.

Owner Pays? Electricity, Internet, Cable, Condo Insurance

Special Assessments? Yes, elevator special assessment 3K per unit

Pet Policy? 1 Large Dog or two small or medium dogs. No giant breeds according to American kennel society.  

Rental Policy? 1-year moratorium before the condo be rented. The owner must owner-occupy their condo for 1 year before renting. No restriction on the number of rentals in the building. 

EQ Insurance? No

Building Reserves?

Special move in instructions?

Can you have a BBQ on the balcony?

Property Management Company?

Century Park HOA

P1 level management on site


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