Picking a shoe rack

When deciding on what type of a shoe rack to get for your closet, first think about how many shoes you have. If you have a very large number of shoes and plan on getting more take note. Also think about what you want for the look of the shoe rack and the enjoyment of use. If you love boots, those typically require taller height than normal shoes- so a boot rack might be necessary.


Take a look at Christina Aguilera’s closet- she has a huge boot rack along the top that she can reach with the built in library ladder (Did you notice the cheeta print carpet?).



if you have limited space- the best approach is stacked racks- which is surprising because you may think cubbies like pictured below would be, however you would be able to fit twice as many shoes on each row with a rack. Cubbies are if you want a large number of shoes to be highly organized.


Here is a small row shoe rack


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