Los Angeles Crime Map

The Los Angeles Times has an excellent CRIME MAP online that buyers can use to compare the safety of various Los Angeles neigbhorhoods: http://maps.latimes.com/crime/

WARNING: You might be unsettled the first time you look at a crime map because there are a lot of crimes!

la times crime map home page

Some general things you should know about crime:

-Poor neighborhoods have higher crime rates

-Rich neighborhoods have lower crime rates

-Poor neighborhoods have higher rates of violent crime

-Rich neighborhoods have higher rates of property crime

-Los Angeles is a big city- there is crime anywhere you go

-The suburbs are safer than the city


The LA Times Crime Map is color coded.

Los Angeles violent crime map color code

When looking at the crime map, pay special attention to violent crime (Red). This kind of crime is unacceptable. Examples of violent crime: Homicide, Rape, Assault, Robbery. Try to avoid neighborhoods with high violent crime rates, these neighborhoods aren’t safe. The worst kind of violent crime is Homicide- if there are more than 1 or 2 homicides within 1 mile each year, I’d avoid that neighborhood. You can look up the story behind the homicide- if its gang related that is obviously worse than something like domestic violence.

Property crime (brown) is about 3-4 times more frequent than violent crime, and tends to occur more often in richer neighborhoods where residents are likely to own expensive possessions. Examples of property crime: Burglary, Theft, Grand Theft Auto, Theft from Vehicle. I am not as concerned with property crime as violent crime when considering a potential neighborhood. It’s a nuisance, but you don’t have to worry about your physical safety.

Beverly Hills has its own crime map. Santa Monica is not yet covered.

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