Where’s North?

I use to visit Boulder Colorado to go on running trips when I was in high school (my idea of a fun vacation back then was running at high altitude!). While visiting Boulder, I met a blind person who asked me for directions. I was very impressed with her clear sense of where she was- it is hard for me to imagine even now, how well she had a map of the world in her head.

If you have been to Boulder, you know that there is a very remarkable mountain range to the west of town called the Flatirons



One thing I learned from her is that she used the location of the mountains to help her orient herself. She always kept track in her head where she was in relation to the mountains, and from knowing that the mountains where west, she could figure out the other 3 directions, North East and South.

For us on the westside we have a very similar situation, the Santa Monica Mountains are directly North (Think Hollywood Sign, and the Hollywood Hills). This is a great Land mark to use in relation to figuring out direction. Since we Know that the mountains are North we can figure out South by thinking the exact opposite direction, and East by moving in a clockwise direction, and West by moving in a counter clockwise direction. Or you can use the Never East Slimy Worms method, Going from N clockwise, we have Never (N), Eat (E), Slimy (S), Worms (W). West is where the ocean is.


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