Assessor Parcel Number [APN]

People have social security numbers, business have EINs, and properties have APN’s. An Assessor Parcel Number (APN) is a unique number assigned to each property by the government for tax collecting purposes. If you are wondering what your APN is, you can look it up by address- along with a bunch of other information in the public records at the Los Angeles County Office of the Assessor website.

APN’s in Los Angeles usually have three sets of numbers in this format:


APN los angeles

Example Los Angeles APN


The assessor keeps volumes of books of the plat maps of each property in the city. Here is what the corresponding book and page number looks like for the example APN:

Plat Map collingwood

The Book and Page Number are in the Top Left Corner. I Highlighted Lot #3

Plat Map collingwood highlighted

Yellow Highlighted Plot is the Property for APN


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