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Los Angeles Accessory Dwelling ADU Architects

Los Angeles ADU Architects

Do you own a Los Angeles Home with an underutilized garage or empty back yard? Do you want to capture your home’s hidden upside potential and maximize your return on investment? Do you want to build an Accessory Dwelling unit and start collecting rent and lower your expenses? If the answer is yes then it’s time to take the next step and contact one of these Local Los Angeles residential Architect firms who have been vetted by me and are well versed with the ins and outs of designing, permitting, and constructing ADUs in Los Angeles.  Consulting Fees will vary from $100/hr to $200/hr. Most of these companies have a standard ADU plan that they can provide for a fixed fee. If you decide you want to customize the plan or make changes then they usually will go by an hourly bases. Expect Architect fees to be in the $5,000 range on average and up to $10,000 for more elaborate designs. 

The Two most common ADU types I see in Los Angeles are Garage Conversion ADUs (Estimated Cost $40,000 to $60,000) and New Construction ADUs (Estimated Cost $120,000 – $150,000). In addition to these main types, there are also Prefab construction ADUs and Attic, Basement, or Room Conversions. From what I have been told by some of the architects on this list who have explored or tried to design Prefab ADU’s they have had a hard time making them work, because unless you have huge scale the Prefab ADUs come out to a similar cost as New Construction. The advantage they would still have is faster completion times, but the ADU process is already pretty quick to begin with last from 3 – 9 months depending on the complexity of the project, so saving a month or two doesn’t really make a big different for most home owners. With that said, there are some pretty cool prefab ADU’s out there, so if you just like one particular unit you might just get that one because you like it. 

GO Architecture

1701 Clinton St #301 Los Angeles CA 90026
New ADU Construction
Garage ADU Additions
Room Conversion

X Beltran

3012 Fanita Street
Los Angeles CA 90026

New ADU Construction only


3923 W 6th St Ste #410
Los Angeles CA 90020

New ADU Construction
Garage Conversions
Room Conversion

Ferrier Architecture

2404 Wilshire Blvd. Unit 1D
Los Angeles, CA 90057

New ADU Construction
Garage ADU Additions


3438 Ashwood Avenue
Los Angeles CA 90066

Anthony Eckelberry

4535 Gainsborough Ave
Los Angeles CA 90027

New ADU Construction
Garage Conversions
Room Conversion


1340 E 6th Street #303
Los Angeles CA 90021

New ADU Construction
Garage Conversions
Room Conversion


670 Moulton Avenue #5
Los Angeles CA 90031

New ADU Construction
Garage Conversions
Room Conversion

Addison Schierbeek

3456 Ashwood Ave.
Los Angeles CA 90066

New ADU Construction
Garage Conversions
Room Conversion


923 East 3rd St #105
Los Angeles CA 90013

New ADU Construction
Garage Conversions
Room Conversion


423 Gin Ling Way
Los Angeles CA 90012

New ADU Construction
Garage Conversions
Room Conversion


8616 La Tijera Blvd #101
Los Angeles CA 90045

New ADU Construction
Garage Conversions
Room Conversion

Franklin Studios

7080 Hollywood Blvd PNTH
Los Angeles CA 90028

New ADU Construction
Garage Conversions
Room Conversion


423 Gin Ling Way
Los Angeles CA 90012

New ADU Construction
Garage Conversions
Room Conversion


505 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 900155

New ADU Construction
Garage Conversions
Room Conversion

Flux Architecture

11301 W. Olympic Blvd 311
Los Angeles Ca 90064

New ADU Construction
Garage Conversions
Room Conversion


600 Moulton suite #405
Los Angeles CA 90031

New ADU Construction
Garage Conversions
Room Conversion

Beckmeyer Carver

5659 Berkshire Dr
Los Angeles CA 90032

New ADU Construction
Garage Conversions
Room Conversion

Bertram Architects

6673 N Berendo St
Los Angeles Ca 90004

New ADU Construction
Garage Conversions
Room Conversion

Fung + Blatt Architects

515 South Figueroa St. #2050
Los Angeles Ca 90071

New ADU Construction
Garage Conversions
Room Conversion

Brier Architecture

6238 Bertha St
Los Angeles Ca 90042

New ADU Construction
Garage Conversions
Room Conversion

Cory Buckner Architect

990 Hanley Ave
Los Angeles Ca 90049

New ADU Construction
Garage Conversions
Room Conversion

Blend Design

905 N Avenue 66
Los Angeles Ca 90042

New ADU Construction
Garage Conversions
Room Conversion

Michael Allan Eldridge

4222 Glencoe Avenue #200
Marina del Rey CA 90292

New ADU Construction
Garage Conversions
Room Conversion

Conner + Perry

3200 Airport Ave. Suite 12
Santa Monica Ca 90405

New ADU Construction
Garage Conversions
Room Conversion

CSC Architecture

5820 Wilshire Blvd Ste 201
Los Angeles CA 90036

New ADU Construction
Garage Conversions
Room Conversion

Steven Fader

3780 Wilshire Blvd Suite 1010
Los Angeles Ca 90010

New ADU Construction
Garage Conversions
Room Conversion

Alan M Dana

8757 Washington Boulevard
Culver City Ca 90232

New ADU Construction
Garage Conversions
Room Conversion

Paul Davis

10575 Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles Ca 90064

New ADU Construction
Garage Conversions
Room Conversion

Good Project Co

117 W 9th Street No.1020
Los Angeles Ca 90015

New ADU Construction
Garage Conversions
Room Conversion
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Los Angeles Architects


How much does hiring a Los Angeles Architect Cost?

Architects in Los Angeles can charge based on an hourly rate, a flat fee, or as a percentage of the total construction cost. The cost will vary based on the experience of the Architect and the size of the firm. Larger firms (20 employees +) have higher overhead so they have to take larger projects, usually commercial or very high end residential and charge higher fees to be profitable, whereas smaller firms (5-20 people) can do smaller works like remodeling, additions, ADU construction, Tenant Improvements. For hourly rates expect to pay anywhere from $100-$200 per hour. Flat fees will be available for more standardized projects where the architect can easily estimate the time and resources needed. A percentage of the construction fees is usually for larger custom projects and typically range from 10% to 20% of the total construction budget.  

Los Angeles ADU Architects

Los Angeles Adaptive Reuse Ordinance Architects

Los Angeles Multifamily & Mixed-Use Architects

Los Angeles Small Lot Ordinance Architects

Los Angeles Residential Architects

Los Angeles High-End Residential Architects

ROTTET STUDIOHigh-End Residential, Interior Corporate, Interior Hospitalityrottetstudio.com213-612-4585richard.riveire@rottetstudio.com555 S Flower Street 7th Floor, Los Angeles Ca 90071
C 30489
FLUX ARCHITECTUREResidential, Multifamily, ADUfluxarch.com310-612-4485info@fluxarch.com11301 W. Olympic Blvd Ste 311, Los Angeles Ca 90064
C 35755
HKS ARCHITECTSCommercialhksinc.com310-788-7700shunter@hksinc.com10880 Wilshire Blvd #1850, Los Angeles Ca 90024
C 35478
TelemachusResidential, Small Lot Ordinance, ADU,
670 Moulton Avenue # 5, Los Angeles Ca 90031

C 8329
ARCHITECTS ADDISONSCHIERBEEKResidential, ADU, Retail, Restaurantsaddisonschierbeek.com310-737-9618projects@addisonschierbeek.com3456 Ashwood Avenue, Los Angeles Ca 90066
C 25809
AFCO DEVELOPMENT CO., INC.Multifamilyafcodevelopment.com310-557-1031info@afcodesign.com10635 Santa Monica Blvd. Suite 190, Los Angeles Ca 90025
C 19872
SCAAAHospitalityscaaa.com310-446-6170inquiry@scaaa.com10940 Wilshire Boulevard, #1240, Los Angeles Ca 90024
C 37352
SKIDMORE, OWINGS & MERRILL LLP (SOM)Commercialsom.com213-327-2400333 S Grand Avenue #3600, Los Angeles Ca 90071

C 37249
MARWAN AL-SAYED INC. ARCHITECTURE + DESIGN | ARCHINECTResidential Interiormasastudio.com213- 640-4806inquiry@masastudio.com1112 S.san Julian St. Los Angeles Ca 90015
C 33865
THE ALBERT GROUP (TAG) ARCHITECTSResidential, Multifamilytagarch.net310-820-8863info@tagarch.net2032 Stoner Ave, Los Angeles Ca 90025
C 9412
KEVIN TSAI ARCHITECTUREResidential, Multifamilykevin-tsai.com310-486-9328HELLO@KEVIN-TSAI.COM3580 3/4 S. Centinela Avenue, Los Angeles Ca 90066

C 36892
MORPHOSISCommercial, Master-planned Communitiesmorphosis.com424-258-62003440 Wesley Street , Culver City Ca 90232
C 34163
ORAResidential, ADU, Small Lot Ordinanceora.la323-908-0700info@ora.la923 East 3rd Street #105, Los Angeles Ca 90013

C 34414
MEYER & ALLEN ASSOCITESCommercial, Urban Planningmeyer-allen.com323-467-7151 2690 North Beachwood Dr. Los Angeles, Ca 90068
C 21546
CALLISON RTKLRetailcallisonrtkl.com213-633-1100DANA.ALLEN@CALLISONRTKL.COM333 South Hope Street C200, Los Angeles Ca 90071
C 31812
TSKEducation, Commercialtska.com213-614-0900LOSANGELES@TSKA.COM316 West 2nd Street, Penthouse, Los Angeles Ca 90012
C 33538
RADAR, INC.Residential, ADU, Restaurant, rachelallen.net213-617-0075 ext: 103info@rachelallen.net423 Gin Ling Way Radar, Inc. Los Angeles Ca 90012
C 28585
HDR ARCHITECTURE INCCommercialhdrinc.com213-239-5800350 S. Grand Avenue Suite 2900, Los Angeles Ca 90071
C 33388
STANDARDResidential, Retailstandardarchitecture.com323-662-1000info@standardarchitecture.com4411 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles Ca 90029
C 27181
LOESCHER MEACHEM ARCHITECTSCreative Officelmarchitectsinc.com213-948-2888353 S. Broadway, Suite 201, Los Angeles Ca 90013C 36878
CITY DESIGN STUDIOUrban Planningcitydesign-studio.com213-222-8136banist@CityDesign-Studio.com1100 South Flower St. Suite 3300, Los Angeles Ca 90015
C 27196
ABRAMSON ARCHITECTSResidential, Multifamily, Creative Office, Retailabramsonarchitects.com310-838-89988924 Lindblade Street, Culver City Ca 90232

C 31522
JOHN ANDREWS GROUP ARCHITECTS INC.Residentialjohnandrewsarchitects.com310-445-3337John@johnandrewsarchitects.com2109 Stoner Ave, Los Angeles Ca 90025
C 15605
ZGFcommercialZGF.COM213-617-1901monica.schaffer@zgf.com515 South Flower St. Suite 3700, Los Angeles Ca 90071
C 36290
GENSLERInternational Commercialgensler.com213-327-3600500 South Figueroa St. Los Angeles Ca 90071
C 35774
KEATINGHighrisepreview.keatingarchitecture.com626-403-7000info@keatingarchitecture.com333 South Grand Avenuesuite 1600, Los Angeles Ca 90071
C 35522
LAUTNER ASSOCIATES, HELENA ARAHUETE ARCHITECTResidentiallautnerassociates.com310-577-7783lautnerassoc@earthlink.net7402 W 87th Place, Los Angeles Ca 90045C 11059
ALLOI ARCHITECTURE + CONSTRUCTIONDesign Build, ADU, Residential, Retail, Creative Officealloiarchitecture.com310-204-2811info@alloiarchitecture.com8616 La Tijera Boulevard #101, Los Angeles Ca 90045C 37363
HMC ARCHITECTSEducation, Government, Medicalhmcarchitects.com909-989-9979media@hmcarchitects.com633 W. 5th St. Third Floor, Los Angeles Ca 90071
C 26446
RCH STUDIOSResidential, Multifamily, Adaptive Reuserchstudios.com323-785-18003101 W Exposition Pl,Los Angeles Ca 90018
C 32280
STEINBERG HARTMultifamily, Office, Hospitalitysteinberghart.com213-629-0500818 W 7th St. Suite 1100, Los Angeles Ca 90017C 30484
HOUMAN ATTARHAResidential, Multifamilyhoumanattarha.com310-310-13081333 Hauser Blvd, Los Angeles Ca 90019
C 37916
STIR ARCHITECTURERetailstirarchitecture.com213-225-1900537 South Broadway 4th Floor, Los Angeles Ca 90013
C 17134
ARC D.L.A. INCResidential, Interior Designarcdla.com424-354-9494Sam@ArcDLA.com7080 Hollywood Blvd # 1100, Los Angeles Ca 90028C 32018
SF410 ARCHITECTSResidential, Multifamily, ADUsf410.com213-381-3680sunfeelb@gmail.com3923 W 6th St Suite 410, Los Angeles Ca 90020
C 35323
HOUSE & ROBERTSON ARCHITECTS, INC.Multifamily, Office, Adaptive Reuse, Renovationhrarch.com323-935-3158info@hrarch.com10125 Washington Blvd. Culver City Ca 90232C 36998
DLR GROUPEducation, Hospitality, Governmentdlrgroup.com213-800-9400700 South Flower St.22nd Floor, Los Angeles Ca 90017
C 37201
BALIAN ARCHITECTSResidential, Small Lot Subdivision, Multifamilybalianarchitects.com213-377-5500515 S. Figueroa Street Suite 1970, Los Angeles Ca 90071C 33779
OFFICE OF TEMPLETONtempletonarchitecture.com9259 Airdrome Street, Los Angeles Ca 90035
C 19789
CLARET-CUPResidential, ADU, Art Galleryclaret-cup.comdonatella@claret-cup.com600 Moulton Avenue Suite 405, Los Angeles Ca 90031

C 32926
KMD ArchitectsMedical, Office, Government, Education, Retail W 5th St.35th Floor, Los Ángeles Ca 90013C 33371
ELECTRIC BOWERY LTD.Residential, Creative Officewww.electricbowery.com310- 439 -1771 info@electricbowery.com720 Hampton Dr. Venice Ca 90291
C 37422
CO ARCHITECTSMedical, Education, Government coarchitects.com323-525-0500inquiries@coarchitects.com5055 Wilshire Blvd. 9th Floor, Los Angeles Ca 90036

C 36745
SCOTT BECK ARCHITECT Office, Warehouse, Shopping Mallsscottbeckaia.com424-273-4545info@scottbeckaia.com11150 West Olympic Blvd. Suite 1150, Los Angeles Ca 90064
C 15640
BRUCE BECKET AND ASSOCIATESOffice, Banks, Government, Industrial, Educationarchitecturalserviceslosangeles.com310-478-00742014 S. Sepulveda Blvd. Ste. 100, Los Angeles Ca 90025
C 6683
BECKMEYER CARVER ARCHITECTSTenant TI, Restaraunt, Office, Residential, ADUbeckmeyercarverarchitects.com310-398-2150kurtbeckmeyer@hotmail.com5659 Berkshire Dr. Los Angeles Ca 90032

C 11509
FREDERICK FISHER AND PARTNERS ARCHITECTSArt Galleries, Museums, Educationwww.fisherpartners.net310-820-6680info@fisherpartners.net12248 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles Ca 90025
C 32174
XBETRAN ARCHITECTSResidential, interiors, ADUxbarchitects.com310-439-5616 xavier@xbarchitects.comC 34473
1946 Landa St.Los Angeles Ca 90039
C 30067

213-271-2513 info@peterbenoitarchitect.com3015 Hyperion Ave.Los Angeles Ca 90027
C 34560
STUDIO BENSONResidentialwww.studiobenson.com310-989-5936info@studiobenson.com1281 ¼ South Dunsmuir Ave. Los Angeles Ca 90019
C 38072
TAYO DESGIN STUDIO, LLCResidential, Small Lot Subdivision,www.tayodesign.com323-336-7333info@tayodesign.com2717 Lytelle Place, Los Angeles Ca
C 38019
6673 N Berendo St, Los Angeles Ca 90004

C 29063
BESTOR ARCHITECTUREResidential, Restaurant, Small Lot Developmentbestorarchitecture.com323-666-9399hey@bestorarchitecture.com2030 Hyperion Ave. Los Angeles Ca 90027

C 26132
BITTONI ARCHITECTResidential, Multifamilybittoniarchitects.com310-841-6857info@bittoniarchitects.com2128 Cotner Ave. Los Angeles Ca 90025
C 34136
MOZU ARCHITECTSCreative Officemozu.org310-993-7543info@mysite.com10474 Santa Monica Blvd Ste 302, Los Angeles Ca 90025

C 25176
FUNG + BLATT ARCHITECTSResidential,ADUfungandblatt.com323-225-5865CONTACT@FUNGANDBLATT.COM515 South Figueroa St. Suite 2050, Los Angeles Ca 90071C 19981
ZAGO ARCHITECTUREwww.zagoarchitecture.com323-254-0108mail@zagoarchitecture.com3350 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles Ca 90039
C 33947
MANUEL BOUZA ARCHITECTHospitality, Interiorsbouzaarchitect.com8920 Appian Way, Los Angeles Ca 90046
C 26960
FRANKLIN STUDIOS ARCHITECTUREResidential, ADU, Restaurantwww.franklinstudiosarch.com323-850-1400 ext.202steve@franklinstudiosarch.com7080 Hollywood Blvd.Ph Level, Los Angeles Ca 90028
C 33470
GREEN DINOSAUR INC213-455-33118695 Washington Boulevard Suite #205, Culver City Ca 90232 C 24486
INTERFORM ARCHITECTUREResidentialinterformarchitecture.com323-656-7316interFORM@aol.com1625 N Crescent Heights Blvd.Los Angeles Ca 90069
C 24725
WOODS + DANGARAN ARCHITECTSresidentialwoodsdangaran.com323-272-33295059 West Pico Blvd. Los Angeles Ca 90019

C 36257
LBA ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGNResidentiallindabrettler.com323-798-4973, 323-363-2583
lindabrettler@sbcglobal.net1760 Courtney Ave.Los Angeles Ca 90046C 23458
Brier Architecture Residential, Creative Office, ADU Bertha St.Los Angeles Ca 90042C 34001
RAY E BROWN AIA & ASSOCIATES310- 672-4996110 South La Brea Avenue # 470, Inglewood Ca 90301
C 6614
DAN BRUNN ARCHITECTUREMultifamily, Small Lot Ordinance, Residentialdanbrunn.com310-855-3555info@danbrunn.com6363 Wilshire Blvd. #503, Los Angeles Ca 90048C 31368
MOULE & POLYZOIDES ARCHITECTS AND URBANISTSbrycejbuckley.carbonmade.com303-972-2837173 N Sycamore Ave 1, Los Angeles Ca 90036
C 37052
CORY BUCKNER, ARCHITECTResidential, Midcentury, ADUcorybuckner.com310-472-3373planspace@gmail.com990 Hanley Ave, Los Angeles Ca 90049
C 23699
RACHELL BULLOCK Retail, creative officerachellbullock.cominfo@rachellbullock.com741 N Occidental Blvd, Los Angeles Ca 90026
C 35963
WILLIAM F. BURCH ARCHITECTS, INC.commercialburcharchitects.com310-824-1201wburch@burcharchitects.com1093 Broxton Avenue Suite 234, Los Angeles Ca 90024
C 6980
LYRIC DESIGN & PLANNINGParks and Recreation
2227 Lyric Avenue, Los Angeles Ca 90027
C 33154
ARC CONDesign Build, Residential Hollywood Blvd # 2. Los Angeles Ca 90046

C 28320
CANNELLA JOHN F AIA323-255-48654528 Wawona St. Los Angeles Ca 90065
C 7795
NCA STUDIORetail, Multifamily, ncastudio.com323-638-2344923 E. 3rd Street #108, Los Angeles Ca 90013
C 31358
GRUENASSOCIATESNational Commercial, Office, Government, Multifamily, Beach gruenassociates.com323-937-4270gruen@gruenassociates.com6330 San Vicente Blvd. Ste. 200, Los Angeles Ca 90048C 8779
SHAWMUT DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTIONNational Commercial, Design Build,323-602-100011390 West Olympic Blvd. Suite 200, Los Angeles Ca 90064
C 35667
CORGANEducation, Government, Aviation, 310-873-36015800 Bristol Parkway Suite 640, Culver City Ca 90230
C 38053
URBANROCK DESIGNPublic Art, Small Lot Ordinance,
670 Moulton Ave. #7, Los Angeles Ca 90031

C 28180
BOULDER ASSOCIATES ARCHITECTSHealthcareboulderassociates.com800-499-7796600 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 500, Los Angeles Ca 90017
C 35350
FORMATION 818-613-9501 info@formationassociation.com970 N Broadway #209, Los Angeles Ca 90012C 35342
K C DESIGN ARCHITECTSMedical,Educationkcarch.com31 0-446-1888info@kcdarch.com10817 Santa Monica Blvd. 300, Los Angeles Ca 90025C 26198
EHRLICH YANAI RHEE CHANEY ARCHITECTResidential, Educationeyrc.com310-838-9700INFO@EYRC.COM10865 Washington Blvd. Culver City Ca 90232

C 36861
OYLER WU COLLABORATIVEoylerwu.com323-522-6168info@oylerwu.com2450 Hyperion Ave. Los Angeles Ca 90027

C 37775

1116 N Beverly Glen Blvd.Los Angeles Ca 90077

C 18412
SHIMODA DESIGN GROUPCreative Office, shimodadesign.com213- 596-1771info@shimodadesign.com837 Traction Ave.Suite 101, Los Angeles Ca 90013

C 32776
YAZDANI STUDIO OF CANNON DESIGNInternational Commercialyazdanistudio.com310-229-2700info@yazdanistudio.com1901 Avenue Of The Stars Suite 175, Los Angeles Ca 90067
C 37326
RIOS CLEMENTI HALE STUDIOSParks, Small Lot Subdivision, Hospitality, Creative Office, Residentialrchstudios.com323-785-18003101 W Exposition Pl, Los Angeles Ca 90018C 33201
NELSONNational Commercialnelsonworldwide.com310-451-4333100 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 430, Los Angeles Ca 90048C 31889
GRACE PARTNERSHIP, INC.Multifamily, Restaurant, Grocer Marketsgpinc.us213-387-7788info@gpinc.us5500 Hollywood Blvd.Suite 301, Los Angeles Ca 90028
C 25658
SAMUEL CHO, AIA & ASSOCIATEScommercialsamuelchoarchitects.com213-386-01913333 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 103, Los Angeles Ca 90010C 15557
CHAUNG CHOI ARCHITECT213-337-935 4727 Wilshire Blvd Ste 409, Los Angeles Ca 90010
C 10008
LANEY LAResidential,commerciallaney.la310-870-7175madison@laney.la725 Cypress Ave.Hermosa Beach Ca 90254C 36253
BLEND DESIGN LAResidential, ADU, Multifamily, Hotelblenddesignla.com310-266-6111david@blenddesignla.com905 N Avenue 66, Los Angeles Ca 90042
C 34017
PERKINS + WILLEducation, Museums, Hospitalperkinswill.com213-270-8400617 7th St Suite 1200, Los Angeles Ca 90017
C 30166
CHU GOODING ARCHITECTS INC.Residential, Multifamily, Educationcg-arch.com213-623-8833MAIL@CG-ARCH.COM818 S Broadway 1001, Los Angeles Ca 90014C 26961
DCA ARCHITECTS INC.Office, Masterplanning, Educationdcaarchitect.com310-475-6333 2566 S. Overland Ave. Suite 640, Los Angeles Ca 90064
C 12195
FORE ARCHITECTS INC.Multifamily, Hotel, Office, Residentialforearchitects.com213-232-3868info@forearchitects.com520 S Grand Ave. Ste 660, Los Angeles Ca 90071
C 33032
12721 Rubens Avenue, Los Angeles Ca 90066C 35186
IT HOUSE INC & TAALMAN ARCHITECTUREPrefab Hometkithouse.com742 Maltman Ave. #3, Los Angeles Ca 90026
C 36992
4432-f Finley Avenue, Los Angeles Ca 90027C 4154
BENJAMIN CLAVAN ARCHITECT/ AEQUITECTOResidential, Interiorsclavanarchitecture.com310-962-87173308 Stoner Ave, Los Angeles Ca 90066C 12316
MICHAEL ALLAN ELDRIDGE ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN INCResidential, ADUmaearchdesign.com310-822-3188studio@maearchdesign.com4222 Glencoe Ave Ste 200, Marina Del Rey Ca 90292

C 23391
COE ARCHITECTUREMultifamily, coearchitecture.com231-458-6332info@coearchiture.com3415 South Sepulveda Boulevard Suite 1100, Los Angeles Ca 90034
C 25359
CONNER + PERRY ARCHITECTS INCResidential, ADUconner-perry.com310-313-1928info@conner-perry.com3200 Airport Ave. Suite 12, Santa Monica Ca 90405
C 34425
WEFAS ARCHITECTUREHealth Carewefasarchitecture.com2279 W 29th St. Los Angeles Ca 90018C 31541
5820 Wilshire Blvd Ste 201,Los Angeles CA 90036
Klein-norton Warehouse Suite 104 4200 Sepulveda Blvd. Culver City Ca 90230

C 36552
CSC ARCHITECTUREResidential, ADU, Restaurantcscarchitecture.com323-899-0299cscarc@gmail.com5820 Wilshire Blvd Ste 201, Los Angeles Ca 90036
C 22587
FREDERICK FISHER AND PARTNERS ARCHITECTSArt Gallery, Museum, LEED, Educationfisherpartners.net310-820-6680info@fisherpartners.net12248 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles Ca 90025
C 13948
CORSINI STARK ARCHITECTSResidential, Multifamily, Restaurant Tyburn St. Los Angeles Ca 90065
C 22360
SHLEMMER + ALGAZE + ASSOCIATESTI, 213-929-1400515 South Flower St.Suite 1200, Los Angeles Ca 90071

C 37296
Steven Fader ArchitectsResidential, ADU, Multifamilystevenfaderarchitects.com213-383-1336sfader@stevenfaderarchitects.com3780 Wilshire Blvd Suite 1010, Los Angeles Ca 90010
C 36667
ERIC OWEN MOSS ARCHITECTSCreative Officeericowenmoss.com310-839-1199mail@ericowenmoss.com8557 Higuera Street, Culver City Ca 90232
C 37253
TICHENOR AND THORPResidential, Officetichenorandthorp.com310-358-8444info@tichenorandthorp.com10506 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles Ca 90025
C 24297
KEVIN DALY ARCHITECTS310-656-3180info@kevindalyarchitects.com3617 Exposition Blvd, Los Angeles Ca 90016
C 19005
MODATIVEResidential, Multifamily, ADUalandana.com888-368-2721info@modative.com8757 Washington Boulevard, Culver City Ca 90232
C 35006
11937 Kiowa Ave 5, Los Angeles Ca 90049

C 25695
PAUL DAVIS ARCHITECTSResidential, ADUpauldavisarchitects.com310-313-3705contact@pauldavisarchitects.com10575 Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles Ca 90064
C 27920
Good projectResidential, ADU,
117 W 9th Street No.1020, Los Angeles Ca 90015C 36406
HBG/ AZRIAMultifamily, Prefabhbg-cc.com166 S Alvarado St. Los Angeles Ca
C 23127
DESIGN OPERAResidential, Multifamily, Restaurantdesignopera.com310-990-5534739 N Croft Ave. #306, Los Angeles CA 90069
C 32447
ROBERT DECOSMO ARCHITECTUREResidential, Interior Design Pasadena Ave., South Pasadena,
California 91030
C 32111
NMDAMultifamily, Creative Officedenari.co310-390-30334335 W Adams Blvd 2nd Floor, Los Angeles Ca 90018

C 29351
TDM ARCHITECTS INC.Office, Education, Religioustdmarch.com323-254-9200ail@tdmarch.com930 Colorado Boulevard, Los Angeles Ca 90041
C 16812
ARMET DAVIS NEWLOVERestaurant, Religious, Retailadnarch.com310-452-55331330 Olympic Blvd, Santa Monica Ca 90404C 28602
BELZBERG ARCHITECTSHigh End Residential, Creative Officebelzbergarchitects.com310-453-9611David@belzbergarchitects.com2321 Main St. Santa Monica Ca 90405C 34582
ANAND DEVARAJAN ARCHITECTURE310-435-7487info@adevarc.com4200 Sepulveda Blvd. Suite 103, Culver City Ca 90230
C 30243
D.E.A.PResidential, Multifamilydeap.space1801 Bellevue Ave, Los Angeles Ca 90026

C 37628
DEWITT DESIGN GROUP310-464-0192312 W 5th Street #1111, Los Angeles Ca 90013

C 30879
ZINNER CONSULTANTSLEED Commercialzinnerconsultants.com310-319-1131info@zinnerconsultants.com528 21st Pl, Santa Monica Ca 90402C 23398
D3ARCHITECTUREResidential, ADU, 310-995-1941arminda@d3architecture.com5027 Almaden Dr. Los Angeles Ca 90042

C 28977
SA' DI ARCHITECTURE SARAH DIDVAR-SAADI310-305-81334241 Tivoli Avenue, Los Angeles Ca 90066
C 25408
DIMARZIO | KATO ARCHITECTUREHi Rise 800-573-7650info@d-kgroup.com11662 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles Ca 90064C 19666
HLWhlw.design310-453-2800 info@hlw.com1437 4th Street 4th Floor, Santa Monica Ca 90401C 38051
GEORGE DOSS ARCHITECT310-478-73732211 Veteran Avenue, Los Angeles Ca 90064C 5840
KAP StudiosMultifamily, Office, Retail 404 5150 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles Ca 90036C 36073
DRISKO STUDIO ARCHITECTSResidential, Multifamilydriskostudio.net310-828-1761info@driskostudio.net1130 S Flower St Suite 213, Los Angeles Ca 90015C 23990
FSY ARCHITECTS, INCResidential,fsyarchitects.com323-255-43432902 Knox Ave Suite 200, Los Angeles Ca 90039C 37444
WET DESIGNWater Featureswetdesign.com818-769-6200inquiries@wetdesign.com1087 Sherman Way Sun Valley, Ca 91352C 4657
DUTTON ARCHITECTSResidential, ADUduttonarchitects.com323-668-2600info@duttonarchitects.com1115 W Sunset Blvd #108, Los Angeles Ca 90012C 26818
THE DWORSKY GROUP LLCResidential, Commercialdworskyarchitecture.com310-441-1211info@dworskyarchitecture.com1405 Woodruff Avenue, Los Angeles Ca 90024C 18644
ANTHONY ECKELBERRY ARCHITECTResidential, Restauranteckelberry.biz323-661-08954535 Gainsborough Avenue, Los Angeles Ca 90027C 17278
RACracdb.com323-663-98983048 N Coolidge Avenue, Los Angeles Ca 90039C 27006
YLS LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE 213-537-9560837 Traction Avenue #101, Los Angeles Ca 90013C 35663
BURGEONING ARCHITECTSResidential, ADU, Hotelburgeoningstudio.com213-260-4212info@burgeoningstudio.com949 Chung King Rd, Los Angeles Ca 90012C 34617
EVENS ARCHITECTSResidentialevensarc.com310-821-1400erik@helloprgroup.com4201 Redwood Avenue, Los Angeles Ca 90066C 32953
ATELIER EYSTER ARCHITECTURECreative Office, Residentialaearchitect.com323-512-3800info@aeala.com7288 Sunset Blvd Suite 201, Los Angeles Ca 90046C 35218
ARCHITECTURE LANDSCAPE URBAN DESIGNResidential, Multifamily, Small Lot Oridinancebrooksscarpa.com323-596-4700 3929 W 139th Street, Hawthorne Ca 90250C 37975
EMILY FARNHAM ARCHITECTUREResidentialemilyfarnham.com1621 Baxter Street, Los Angeles Ca 90026C 34247
MARTIN FENLON ARCHITECTUREResidential, ADUmartinfenlon.com323-739-9440info@martinfenlon.com5526 Monterey Rd, Los Angeles Ca 90042C 29965
AXIS GFA ARCHITECTURE + DESIGNHotel, Multifamily, Restaurant, Retailaxisonline.net310-209-7520INFO@AXISGFA.COM1130 Westwood Boulevard, Los Angeles Ca 90024C 9063
MAURER STUDIO ARCHITECTURE + DESIGNResidential, ADU, 917-796-9121maurer.johnford@gmail.comHollywood, Los Angeles CaliforniaC 37124
HLWEducation, Multifamily, Commercialhlw.design310-453-28001437 4th Street 4th Floor, Santa Monica Ca 90401C 35909
FREELANDBUCKResidential, Restaurant, freelandbuck.com323-540-4346info@freelandbuck.com724 S. Spring Street #1101, Los Angeles CA 90014C 34339
DIALECTIC ARCHITECTUREResidential, ADUdialecticarch.com626-375-2873DialecticArch@gmail.com801 South Hope Street Suite 917, Los Angeles Ca 90017C 36724
FREUND STUDIOResidentialfreundstudio.com424-288-40951930 S. Beverly Glen Boulevard #302, Los Angeles Ca 9025C 15517
WIRT DESIGN GROUPCreative Office, Tenant Improvementswirtdesign.com213-863-1300info@wirtdesign.com617 W 7th St, Los Angeles Ca 90017C 20787
JASON J. FRIEDRICHResidential, Media Productionfritzarch.com213-948-5225521 S Burnside Avenue, Los Angeles Ca 90036C 34717
RONALD FRINK ARCHITECTS, INC. (RFA)Residential, Officerfa-architects.com323-662-0040contact@rfa-architects.com2439 W Silver Lake Drive, Los Angeles Ca 90039C 10501
CANNON DESIGNOffice, Education, Government, Hotelcannondesign.com310-229-27001901 Avenue Of The Stars Suite 175, Los Angeles Ca 90067C 25719
GANT ARCHITECTS INCgant-architects.com310-295-86352801 Alton Parkway Apt 127, Los Angeles Ca 92606C 31829
NETARQ DESIGN GROUP, LLCResidential,ADUnetarq.com310-866-6464juan@netarq.com6960 S Centinela Avenue, Los Angeles Ca 90230C 33080
FLUIDITY- DESIGNWater Featuresfluidity-design.com213-739-9291info@fluidity design.com3780 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 230, Los Angeles Ca 90010C 21921
CATHERINE GARRISON ARCHITECT, INC.Residential, 213-926-4392cg@catherinegarrison.net5109 Montezuma Street, Los Angeles Ca 90042C 31638
FLEWELLING & MOODY Educationflewelling-moody.com323-543-8300fm-la@flewelling-moody.com815 Colorado Boulevard Suite 200, Los Angeles Ca 90041C 14211
BLACK DOOR DEVELOPMENTResidential, Design Buildblackdoordevelopment.com323-449
3475 Moore Street, Los Angeles Ca 90066C 36796
PERKOWITZ+RUTH ARCHITECTSRetail, Interiorsrdcollaborative.com562-628-8000info@prarchitects.com111 W Ocean Blvd Ste 21, Long Beach Ca 90802C 15969
RALPH GENTILE ARCHITECTSRestaurantrgastudio.com323-954-8291665 Lillian Way, Los Angeles Ca 90004C 23538
STUDIO ANTARESResidential _ ADU??studio-antares.com310-398-0855contact@studio-antares.com3565 Redwood Avenue, Los Angeles Ca 90066C 32093
SONA GEVORKYAN ARCHITECTUREResidential, ADUsgao.us323-813-5497info@sgao.us2823 Allesandro Street, Los Angeles Ca 90039C 37020
BIJAN & ASSOCIATESResidential, Multifamily, Officebijan.la323-655-6404109 Sierra Street, El Segundo Ca 90245C 34734
NWANKPA DESIGNResidential, ADU,Restaurant,nwankpadesign.com310-846-2724info@nwankpadesign.com10008 National Blvd #242, Los Angeles Ca 90034C 36916
WENDY GILMARTIN ARCHITECTUREResidentialwendygilmartin.com323-793-1559 C 35047
MGS ARCHITECTUREResidential,ADUmgsarchitecture.com310-301-6419mglen@mgsarchitecture.com4006 Sawtelle Boulevard, Los Angeles Ca 90066C 28205
SWA ARCHITECTSHealth Careswaarch.com626-793-9805info@swaarch.com48 East Holly Street, Pasadena Ca 91103C 28335
HEDCommercialhed.design213-542-4500bmiller@hed.design601 South Figueroa Street Suite 500, Los Angeles Ca 90017C 18055
ARTHUR GOLDING AND ASSOCIATESarthurgolding.com213-622-5955arthurgolding@roadrunner.com2548 N Catalina Street, Los Angeles Ca 90027C 6635
AREA ARCHETECTURETI officeareaarchitecture.com323-648-6498hgoldston@areaarchitecture.com717 North Highland Avenue #1, Los Angeles Ca 90038
BRANT GORDON, ARCHITECTHotelgonzalez-architects.com310-450-3709contact@bg-arch.com1443 Franklin Street, Santa Monica Ca 90404C 24403
VINCENT E GORMALLY ARCHITECTURE, INC.vegarch.com310-558-3944vincent@vegarch.com10752 Charnock Road, Los Angeles Ca 90034C 27133
AGPSagps.ch213-358-6547 info@aridlands.org525 South Hewitt, Los Angeles Ca 90013C 18378
JOHNSON FAINMaster Planning, Multifamily,
1201 North Broadway, Los Angeles Ca 90012C 38050
LARGE ARCHITECTUREMultifamilylargearch.com310-553-19591551 S Robertson Boulevard, Los Angeles Ca 90035C 20912
GRANT + GRANT Residentialgrantandgrantai.com310-477-1711info@grantandgrantal.com1782 Kelton Avenue, Los Angeles Ca 90024C 14444
DAVID LAWRENCE GRAY ARCHITECTS AIAdavidgrayarchitects.com213-243-5707david@davidgrayarchitects.com353 S. Broadway Suite 200, Los Angeles Ca 90013C 10506
GRIFFIN ARCHITECTURE & CONSTRUCTIONDesign Build, Residential, Bank, Office, Medicalgriffin-architecture-and-construction.com323-718-2258christopherjgriffin2@gmail.com2774 Fyler Pl, Los Angeles Ca 90065C 27586
GO: ARCHITECTUREResidential, Retail, ADUgoarchitecturela.com213-483-0597 go@goarchitecturela.com1701 Clinton Street Suite 301, Los Angeles Ca 90026 C 30732
MOORE RUBLE YUDELLEducation, Residential, Government, Masterplanningmoorerubleyudell.com310-450-1400info@mryarchitects.com933 Pico Boulevard, Santa Monica Ca 90405C 32494
ARIANNE GROTH ARCHITECTUREResidential, Officeariannegroth.com323-804-8727arianne@ariannegrotharchitecture.com1965 Taft Avenue, Los Angeles Ca 90068C 30413
GUBEL AND ASSOCIATES, INC.Residential, ADU, Restaurantgubelandassociates.com323-935-5454gubelandassociates@gmail.com5455 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 1013, Los Angeles Ca 90036C 26190
DSEWINg ARCHITECTS INS. A.I.AOffice, Residential, Master planningdsewing.com626-584-0860admin@dsewing.com723 E California Boulevard, Pasadena Ca 91106C 31698
GUGA ARCHITECTURERestaurant, Retail, Residential, ADUguga.la310-745-3545jeff@guga.la3448 Ashwood Ave, Los Angeles Ca 90066C 36577
ESCHER GUNEWARDENA ARCHITECTUREHistoric Restoration, Midcentury, Residentialeschergunewardena.com323-665-9100info@egarch.net815 Silver Lake Boulevard, Los Angeles Ca 90026C 19376
PERKINS EASTMANNational Commercialperkinseastman.com310-829-22495510 Lincoln Boulevard Suite 250, Los Angeles Ca 90094C 27994
AHA DESIGNResidential, ADU, Educationandrewhallarchitecture.com310-612-1131Andrew@AndrewHallArchitecture.com207-1/2 North Ave 54, Los Angeles Ca 90042C 37666
HH DESIGNResidential, Retailhhdesign-la.com213-373-4581hello@hhdesign-la.com9856 Vidor Dr, Los Angeles Ca 90035C 34496
HAMILTON ARCHITECTS, INC.Residential, Restaurant,hamiltonarchitects.net310-398 -150012240 Venice Boulevard #25, Los Angeles Ca 90066C 28865
STUDIO Hamilton TyniResidential, ADU, 210 25th Street, Santa Monica Ca 90402C 37714
WEATHER PROJECTSResidentialweather-projects.com323-986-6440weather@weather-projects.com1340 E 6th St Suite 512, Los Angeles Ca 90021C 34177
HANSONLA ARCHITECTmultifamily, highrise, creative officehansonla.com213-880-8515info@hansonla.com724 S Spring Street #1002, Los Angeles CA 90014C 28709
RACHLIN ARCHITECTSEducation, Government, Healthcarerachlinarchitects.com310-204-3400 rpadmin@RachlinPartners.com8640 National Boulevard, Culver City Ca 90232C 34981
SOBINHARTEHealthcaresobinharte.com818-264-1340mharte@sobinharte.com635 Pontius Ave F1, Los Angeles Ca 90025Sobin-Harte Architects, Inc.
GABRIEL PROJECTSResidentialgabrielprojects.comcontact@gabrielprojects.comC 32836
5PLUSDESIGNInternational Commercial, Retail, Hospitality, Master planning5plusdesign.com323-30-3558info@5plusdesign.com1024 N Orange Dr #215, Los Angeles Ca 90038C 10733
RICHARD MEIER & PARTNERS ARCHITECTS LLPNational Commercial, Highriserichardmeier.com310-208-6464mail@rmpla.com1001 Gayley Avenue, Los Angeles Ca 90024 C 33573
UXO ARCHITECTSuxouxouxo.com703-400-03061129 N Hoover St Apt 208, Los Angeles Ca 90029C 37041
ADAMSON ASSOCIATES, INC.International COmmercialadamson-associates.com310-230-0088info-la@adamson-associates.com00 S Flower Street Suite 860, Los Angeles CA 90017C 34678
BECKSON DESIGN ASSOCIATESHistoric Restorationbecksondesign.com323-874-61448599 Venice Blvd Suite 200, Los Angeles CA 90034C 22460
HGA Architects and EngineersEducationhga.com310-557-76001301 Colorado Avenue, Santa Monica Ca 90404C 35867
MUTUOResidential,ADUthisismutuo.com213-232-1606hello@thisismutuo.com1340 E 6th Street Suite 303, Los Angeles Ca 90021C 32295
DH|A LOS ANGELESResidentialdavid-herrera.com310-650-4801info@david-herrera.com253 S. Broadway Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90012C 35011
Jason Herriven ARCHITECT INC.Residential, ADU jherriven.com310-903-3257jason@jherriven.com925 N. La Brea Avenue 4th Floor, Los Angeles Ca 90038C 35962
CALI ARCHITECTScaliarchitects.com310-801-5693caliarchitects@gmail.com3346 Beethoven Street, Los Angeles Ca 90066C 34337
TCA ARCHITECTMultifamily, Adaptive Reuse, Hospitalitytca-arch.com213-553-1100801 South Grand Avenue Suite 1020, Los Angeles Ca 90017 C 32920
HILGENDORF CORPORATION310-478-98882300 Granville Avenue, Los Angeles Ca 90064C 24355
STANTECInternational Commercialstantec.com213-955-9775523 W 6th St Suite 1200, Los Angeles Ca 90014C 36139
OFFICE KIEM HO ARCHITECTSMultifamily, Restaurantoffice-kha.com920-663-8059contact@office-kha.com1313 Palmetto Street, Los Angeles Ca 90013C 36981
REGENARCHResidential310-990-9959info@regenarch.org117 E Winston Street Suite 401, Los Angeles Ca 90013 C 28486
DUNSMUIR INSTITUTE ARCHITECTSResidential,ADUdunsmuirinstitute.com323-426-9062asholst@dunsmuirinstitute.com605 N Mariposa Avenue, Los Angeles Ca 90004C 29842
HOLTZ ARCHITECTURE INTERIORS + PLANNINGResidential, Multifamily,ADUholtz-architecture.com213-784-4888dholtz@holtz-architecture.com2404 Wilshire Boulevard Studio 6f, Los Angeles Ca 90057 C 21677
MIKE HOLZ ARCHITECT,INC.Restaurant, ADU, Residentialmikeholzarchitect.com310-508-2724info@mikeholzarchitect.com520 S Sepulveda Boulevard Suite #203, Los Angles Ca 90049C 28082
RICHARD HOLZ INC. BUILDERSResidential, Design Buildrichardholz.com310-476-6761520 South Sepulveda Boulevard Suite 407, Los Angeles Ca 90049 C 7141
STUDIO WILLIAM HEFNERHigh-End Residentialalanhotchkiss.com323-931-1365mbox@williamhefner.com5820 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 500, Los Angeles Ca 90036C 35267
H T H ArchitectsRestaurant, Retailhtharchitects.com310-842-7040Contact@htharchitects.com3767 Overland Avenue # 111, Los Angeles Ca 90034C 22575
RONALD E. HOWELL A.I.A.Residentialreharchitect.comronaldehowell@yahoo.comP O Box 661007, Los Angeles Ca 90066C 21122
HRON & HRON ARCHITECT323-969-04007064 Macapa Drive, Los Angeles Ca 90068
CASEY HUGHES ARCHITECTSResidential,ADUchughes.net323-308-8033 csh@chughes.net1340 E. 6th Street #507, Los Angeles Ca 90021C 33244
LCDGEducation, Government, Senior HousingLa Canada Design Group626-351-4301630 North Rosemead Boulevard #400, Pasadena Ca 91107C 34674
MCKENTLY MALAK ARCHITECTS, INC.Retailmckently.com626-583-8387contacts@mckently.com35 Hugus Alley Suite 200, Pasadena Ca 91103C 37095
HOWARD HUO626-287-53622555 Huntington Drive Suite C, San Marino Ca 91108C 24482
TOGAWA SMITH MARTINMultifamilytsminc.com213-614-6050444 Flower St # 1200, Los Angeles Ca 90071
C 37990
PLUS ARCHITECTSMultifamily, High-End Residential, 1770 Sawtelle Boulevard, Los Angeles Ca 90025C 12570
PAVEL IVANOV AIA,INC.​Residentialpavelivanovarchitect.com323-656-2670pavelivanovarchitect@gmail.com1509 N Crescent Heights Blvd Suite 6, Los Angeles Ca 90046C 24047
W. E. JACKSON CORPORATIONResidentialwejcorp.com323-330-0529info@wejcorp.com5900 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 2600, Los Angeles Ca 90036 C 9857
NADEL ARCHITECTURAL FIRMMultifamily, Office, Retailnadelarc.com310-826-2100sdebibi@nadelarc.com1990 S Bundy Drive Suite 400, Los Angeles Ca 90025C 17100
PARALLAX ARCHITECTURE AND PLANNINGEducationparallaxassociates.com310-216-5775 info@prlx.us5763 Uplander Way, Culver City Ca 90230 C 30687
LEO A DALYEducation, Medical, Hospitality, Airportsleoadaly.com213-629-100550 South Hope Street 27th Floor, Los Angeles Ca 90071C 34156
LOC ARCHITECTResidential, ADU, Multifamilyloc-arch.com213-537-0480office@loc-arch.com453 S. Spring Street #1126, Los Angeles Ca 90013C 30267
KALANI JENSEN ARCHITECTURE310-292-850423823 Malibu Rd # 50-131, Malibu Ca 90265C 20946
GREYWATER CORPS, INCLandscape Architecturegreywatercorps.com323-487-2687info@greywatercorps.com3400 Holyoke Drive, Los Angeles Ca 90065
WARD JEWELL, ARCHITECT 7825 Henefer Avenue, Los Angeles Ca 90045C 26187
DESIGN BITCHESRestaurantdesignbitches.com323-717-3536cathy@designbitches.com8588 West Washington Boulevard, Culver City Ca 90232C 32523
DJAResidential, Art Gallery,djarch.net323-478-97007462 N Figueroa Street Suite 206, Los Angeles Ca 90041C 29689
TIM JORDAN ARCHITECTS310-291-7229920 Montecito Dr, Los Angeles Ca 90031C 32515
NAC ARCHITECTEducation, Governmentnacarchitecture.com323-475-8075losangeles@nacarchitecture.com837 N Spring Street Third Floor, Los Angeles Ca 90012C 22214
LEE JUBAS ARCHITECTSResidential,ADUjubasaia.com310-502-1449lee@jubasaia.com818 S Broadway, Los Angeles Ca 90014C 26792
LEHRER ARCHITECTSResidential, Parks, Multifamily, ADUlehrerarchitects.com323-664-4747architect@lehrerarchitects.com2140 Hyperion Ave Silverlake, Los Angeles Ca 90027C 32104
Automotive, Urban PlanningJKA213-383-7980admin@johnkaliski.com3780 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 300, Los Angeles Ca 90010C 17945
HOKNational Officehok.com310-838-9555hokcontact@hok.com9530 Jefferson Boulevard, Culver City Ca 90232 C 28497
SM+K ARCHITECTUREsmplusk.com310-410-9245 info@smplusk.com5800 West 78th Place, Los Angeles Ca 90045C 32053
CK-ARCHITECTUREMuseumck-architecture.com213-488-3360info@ck-architecture.com639 south spring street suite 4A, Los Angeles Ca 90014C 29371
UTOPIADutopiad.org323-252-8510k@utopiad.org828 Solano Avenue, Los Angeles Ca 90012C 32812
ALLA KAZOVSKY ARCHITECTConsultantalladiyally.com323-578-6849514 N Vista St, Los Angeles Ca 90036C 23669
RBB ARCHITECTS INCHealthcarerbbinc.com310-473-355510980 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles Ca 90024 C 34166
AKAmultifamily, hospitalalsoknownasarchitecture.com213-291-1742admin@a-k-a.us656 S Los Angeles St, Los Angeles Ca 90014C 28707
KELLY ARCHITECTSrestaurantkelly-architects.com213-380-84982404 Wilshire Blvd # 1e, Los Angeles Ca 90057 C 26144
UBERION ARCHITECTURE + DESIGNHigh-End Residential, Hospitalityuberion.com310-742-305128884 Roadside Drive, Agoura Hills Ca 91301C 34371
Residential, Restaurantmakarc.com310-476-8797 info@makarc.com9701 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 620, Beverly Hills Ca 90212C 16862
RKADResidential, ADU, Education, Religiousrkad.com323-746-5020info@rkad.com5749 Venice Boulevard, Los Angeles Ca 90019C 28038
OKB | ARCHITECTURE | INTERIORSResidential, Multifamily, Creative Officeokb.us310-474-4412 info@okb.us10943 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles Ca 90064C 29140
MARMOL RADZINERResidential, Education, Restaurantmarmol-radziner.com310-826-6222leo@marmol-radziner.com12210 Nebraska Avenue, Los Angeles Ca 90025C 36339
LOHARCHITECTSMultifamilyloharchitects.com310-657-4363info@loharchitects.com4106 West Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles Ca 90016C 37304
DONG UK KIM, M.ARCH213-500-98033425 Jasmine Avenue Apt#6, Los Angeles Ca 90034C 37470
Gehry Partners, LLP International Commercialfoga.com310-482-3000contact@foga.com12541 Beatrice Street, Los Angeles Ca 90066C 36543
STUDIO JEEHYE, INC.ADU, Residentialstudiojeehye.com347-325-3251studiojeehye.com931 S Mansfield Avenue, Los Angeles Ca 90036
PETER KIM . ARCHITECTResidentialpeterkimarchitect.com213-200-4756pkim32@gmail.com1920 Lemoyne Street, Los Angeles Ca 90026C 34847
JFAKResidential, Education, Governmentjfak.net213-253-4740info@jfak.net821 Traction Avenue Suite 107, Los Angeles Ca 90013
C 25438
AC MARTINCommercial, Officeacmartin.com213-683-1900444 South Flower Street Suite 1200, Los Angeles Ca 90071C 32261
KAA DESIGNResidentialkaadesigngroup.com310-821-1400info@kaadesigngroup.com4201 Redwood Avenue, Los Angeles Ca 90066C 20116
SRKHospitality, Sports, Education, Officesrkarchitectsinc.com213-747-1199bkite@srkarchitectsinc.com2254 S Figueroa Street, Los Angeles Ca 90007C 11258
HARRISON DESIGN Residentialharrisondesign.com310-888-8747losangeles@harrisondesign.com1875 Century Park East, Suite 1300, Los Angeles Ca 90067C 37846
LINDA KLEINE, AIA323-663-37743111 Los Feliz Boulevard # 207, Los Angeles Ca 90039C 14783
KLUGER ARCHITECTReligious, Officeklugerarchitects.com562-498-2400 Ckluger@klugerarchitects.com560 N Western Avenue, 2nd Floor Los Angeles Ca 90004C 24283
Montalba ArchitectsResidential, Restaurant,montalbaarchitects.com310-828-1100info@montalbaarchitects.com2525 Michigan Avenue Building T4, Santa Monica Ca 90404C 29253
BOBBY KNOX AIA ARCHITECTS INC323-663-51742950 Los Feliz Blvd, Los Angeles Ca 90039C 12197
alankocharchitecture.com323-868-2860architect.koch@gmail.com4150 Sea View Drive, Los Angeles Ca 90065C 29640
KOLODNY ARCHITECTSADU, industrail, residentialNo Website213-446-4572josh@kolodnyarchitects.com1644 Talmadge Street, Los Angeles Ca 90027 C 26834
ENVNational Commercialenv-team.com310-287-2180info@env-ca.com8530 Venice Boulevard, Los Angeles Ca 90034C 6836
KOVOC DESIGN West Pico Blvd, Los Angeles CaC 19390
OPEN HOUSE Ashwood Avenue, Los Angeles Ca 90066C 34075
KURT KRUEGER ARCHITECTS, INC.Residentialkurtkruegerarchitects.com310-979-9945info@kurtkruegerarchitect.com12207 Wilshire Blvd #203, Los Angeles Ca 90025C 33892
SWALandscape Architectureswagroup.com213-236-9090losangeles@swagroup.com811 W 7th Street 8th Floor, Los Angeles CaC 30580
ERIC KUHN, ARCHITECT, LEED APHospitality & Winery, Multifamily, Adaptive Reusebararch.comekuhn@bararch.com435 S Mariposa Ave #205, Los Angeles Ca 90020
C 35844
VTBS ARCHITECTSMultifamily, Adaptive Reuse, Office, Retailvtbs.com310-394-0273INFO-SM@VTBS.COM435 S Mariposa Ave #205, Los Angeles Ca 90020
C 30690
RHOADS SIEGEL 2232 Selby Avenue, Los Angeles Ca 90064
C 28999
JOHN KUNZ, ARCHITECTHospitality, Residential, Commercial Office TI Mandeville Canyon Rd, Los Angeles Ca 90049

C 13640
KFA ARCHITECTUREMultifamily, Adaptive Reuse, HospitalityKFA Architecture310-399-7975info@kfalosangeles.com3573 Hayden Avenue, Culver City Ca 90232 C 35475
SMITH GROUPCommercialsmithgroup.com213-228-6912keating@smithgroup.com550 S Hope St #1950, Los Angeles Ca 90071
C 37686
FERRIER ARCHITECTURE STUDIOResidential, ADU, Multifamily, creative officeferrierstudio.com213-377-5709studio@ferrierstudio.com2404 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles Ca 90057C 37455
LANDRY DESIGN GROUPHigh End Residentiallandrydesigngroup.com310-444-1404info@landrydesign.net1818 S. Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles Ca 90025C 21848
LANDWORTH DEBOLSKE ARCHITECTUREResidentiallandworthdebolske.com323-938-93565150 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 503, Los Angeles Ca 90036
C 19043
KONING EIZENBERG ARCHITECTUREMultifamily, Hospitality, Educationkearch.com310-828-61311454 25th Street Second Floor, Santa Monica Ca 90404C 20717
ELLEN LANET ARCHITECTResidential, ADUellenlanet.com310-287-1888ellen@ellenlanet.com1702 Robertson Blvd Suite 186, Los Angeles Ca 90035C 16905
SHUBIN + DONALDSON ARCHITECTSResidential, MultifamilyShubin + Donaldson714-352-5353info@shubindonaldson.com3751 Robertson Boulevard, Culver City Ca 90232 C 36917
ANDREW LAVENGOOD ARCHITECT310-560-97643412 S Centinela Ave #3, Los Angeles Ca 90066C 35559
FREDERICK FISHER AND PARTNERSMuseums, Government, Office, Residentialfisherpartners.net310-820-6680info@fisherpartners.net12248 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles Ca 90025C 36416
PAGE & TURNBULLHistoric Preservationpage-turnbull.com213-221-1200lesak@page-turnbull.com417 South Hill Street Suite 211, Los Angeles Ca 90013C 16798
SYNTAX ARCHITECTURE PLANNING DESIGNemailedsyntax-lab.com213-293-7832info@syntax-lab.comP.o. Box 661546, Los Angeles Ca 90066 C 34550
ARCHITECTURAL RESOURCES GROUPHistoric Renovation and Preservationargsf.com626-583-1401info_la@argsf.com360 E 2nd Street Suite 225, Los Angeles Ca 90012C 28963
AAHA STUDIOResidential, ADUaaha.studio213-373-4581Harper Halprin Los Angeles, Ca 90035C 34987
THE LEVITT GROUP INCEducation, HOA Architectural Plan Reviewlevittgrouparchitects.com424-273-49602224 Glendon Avenue, Los Angeles Ca 90064 C 10984
LEWIS/SCHOEPLEIN ARCHITECTSResidential, ADU, Education, Religiouslewisschoeplein.com310-231-0300mail@lewisschoeplein.com11533 W. Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles Ca 90064 C 26532
LAB+Residential, ADUlabplus.co213-386-4900info@labplus.co834 S Broadway Suite 1203, Los Angeles Ca 90014C 35850
STUDIOMMDRestaurant, Creative Office studiommd.co347-524-9929INFO@STUDIOMMD.CO117 W 9th Street #515, Los Angeles Ca 90015 C 33010
AVILARCHITECTS, INC.Residential, ADU, Restaurant, Retail, Apartment Buildingsavilarchitects.com310-450-7542tavila@avilarchitects.comPico Blvd. At 33rd, Santa Monica Ca 90405C 27939
OMGIVNINGMultifamily, Adaptive Reuse Ordinance, Hospitalityomgivning.com213-596-5602info@omgivning.com724 S. Spring Street Suite 501, Los Angeles Ca 90014C 28158
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5300 Village Green | The Village Green

village green baldwin hills

The Village Green
5112 – 5595 Village Green
Los Angeles CA 90016

The Village Green is a 629 condo post-war planned community in Baldwin Hills. Built in 1942, Village Green condos are affordable, the area is improving, and there is so much greenery and open space it feels like living at summer camp!

Village Green is famous for its urban planning. It is now recognized as a National Historic Landmark like the Statue of Liberty. Owners in Village Green are qualified for the Mills Act which provides substantial tax savings.

Village Green History

Architectural team: Reginal Johnson, Robert Alexander, Lewis Wilson, and Edwin Merrill, and landscape architect Fred Barlow Jr designed this community. They imagined it as a pedestrian-friendly suburban utopia. The original architects believed in this ideal community. They all lived in the community after it was built. Reginald Johnson stayed a little over two years, Fred Barlow Jr. Lived in the village until 1948, Robert Alexander until 1951, and Lewis Wilson and Edwin Merrill lived in the village until their deaths in 1957 and 1964.


Village Green during Construction

New Village Apartments on the rise 1941

Look at how small those trees are!

The Village Green was originally an apartment complex called Baldwin Hills Village. Local hero E.G. “Lucky” Baldwin put up some of his ranch land for this $3,500,000 project to be built and lent it his name. The apartment community always had a waiting list.


Baldwin Hills Village Flyer

On December 14th of 1963, tragedy struck the area, when the Baldwin Hills Dam broke resulting in a flood that destroyed 250 homes and killed five people.

Dam burst with death and destruction

The Village Green was severely damaged. The Baldwin Hills Dam was closed after the disaster and never reopened.


Some years later after the village was cleaned up and rebuilt, the estate of Baldwin placed the Village for sale. In 1972, Terramics Corporation purchased the property and converted it to condominiums. They remodeled the units and renamed the community “The Village Green” as it is known by today. The condominium conversion happened in stages and it took 6 years to remodel and sell all of the condos, ending in 1978. The advertisements for the Development boasted that “our grass is greener” and that the Village green was a “Heckuva Buy”.

leave the city without leaving town

Advertisement for Village Green


The Village Green is located in Baldwin Hills. Baldwin Hills is a very strategic and convenient commuter location. Just a block away from the 10 Freeway, and the new metro expo line- if you are traveling to work east towards downtown or west towards West Los Angeles and Santa Monica, you have a very quick commute. This is a great place to buy and build up equity if you can’t afford to live in those pricey areas right now. It’s about 15 minutes to LAX airport. If you want great dining, shopping, and entertainment- unfortunately, Baldwin Hills is somewhat lacking, however its nearby neighbors of Westchester (20 Mins), Culver City (5 mins), Downtown Los Angeles (30 mins), and West Hollywood (30 mins) and Miracle Mile (20 mins) offer plentiful choices.

The Crenshaw Mall is the major shopping area in Baldwin Hills at the moment. It is supposed to be redone over the next few years with a $500 Million dollar renovation, so I’m excited to see what happens with that area.

if you want mountainous hiking terrain and the best view of Downtown in the city, Kenneth Hahn Park and Baldwin Hills Stairs are just five minutes away.

Safety: Baldwin Hills is a transition neighborhood. Over the years it is much improved, however, there is crime in the area. Village Green does not have a 6-foot high perimeter wall surrounding it. People can freely move through the grounds. The HOA of Village Green is very proactive about crime, they write a monthly newsletter that they distribute to homeowners that talks about any incidents. Most of the incidents that occur are petty, like someone taking a bike, or making too much noise. All owners in Village Green look out for each other.

Real Estate

Record sale: $665,000 4/6/2016

Turnover: 4% about 25  condos a year or two a month

Appreciation: 5%

site plan

What stands out the most about the Village Green is its astounding 68 acres of land with half of that preserved as open space! You will not find any new developments in Los Angeles like this.

There are three large grassy open areas called “Greens” that run through the center of the property. The Main Green is the largest and in the center. The East Green and the West Green are on either side of the main green.

Fandango 009

These outdoor spaces are put to good use, hosting events such as weddings, movies, and concerts, or outdoor activities like walking, and playing sports.

The thinking of the original architects was to make the community pedestrian friendly. There are no through streets that require intersections or crosswalks in the Village Green where pedestrians and cars mix. The roads are pushed to the outside around the perimeter. Many residents take a walk around the property every day, a full loop is about 3 miles.

Village Green is an urban forest. Its grounds are home to about 1,600 trees of all different varieties. Some of the trees I recognize are Sycamore, Olive Trees, Camphor, Box Elders, Cedar, Pines, Ash, Chinese Elm, Magnolia, Carrotwood, Eucalyptus, Oak Trees. There are hundreds of different species.

There are 10 different Floorplans in the Village Green. They are mixed between Single Level and Townhouse. Floor plan options offer 1, 2, and 3 Bedroom layouts, although the 3 bedrooms are quite rare.

Condo Mix:

1 BR (342 condos)
1,000 sqft – 750 sqft

2 BR  (245 condos)
1,200  sqft – 1,000 sqft
$450,000 -$500,000

3 BR (42 condos)
1,600 sqft
$600,000- $650,000

Features: Kitchens were originally designed with Formica counter-tops, but many owners have upgraded them over the years. Condos have Gas, so you have gas water heater and gas stove. Kitchens are compact, usually in a galley configuration and have a window. Original floors were Parquet wood floors that many condos still have. Most of the condos have wood burning fireplaces. One of my favorite features is the huge outdoor patios many condos have. Great space for entertaining and enjoying the great outdoors.  The walls are lathe and plaster. The whole complex has a vintage mid-century mod vibe. Since there is so much space between buildings, these condos get really good natural light.

Village Green Parking & Laundry


Each Court has a Laundry Room. There are two washers and 2 dryers in each laundry room. The laundry room machines have recently been upgraded to accept credit cards. Owners are allowed to install Laundry in their condos with HOA permission. Residents can sign up for a time slot for exclusive access to laundry facilities, one hour per week between 8am-2pm. After 2 pm is open to all.


For Parking, each condo gets one assigned garage space. This space is only allowed for parking and NOT Storage. The HOA does an inspection each year of the garages to make sure every owner is in compliance. Additional Parking is available in parking spaces around the property.

Home Owners Association

The HOA in Village green is very active. There are several committees that owners can volunteer to part of and they write a monthly newsletter.

HOA Website:

HOA dues Monthly Cost? 1 BRS $400/mo. 2 Brs $450/mo.

HOA dues cover? water, trash, maintenance of landscaping and building insurance, reserves

Owner Pays? Electricity, Gas, Condo Insurance, Internet, Cable

any special assessments? No

Pet Policy? There use to be no pets in the past, so there are still some residents who don’t like them, however now Village Green is very pet tolerant. One pet is allowed under 30lbs.

Rental Policy? Rentals are allowed, so these condos make good investments. Lease terms must be a minimum of one (1) year. No Short-term rentals

EQ Insurance? No

Building Reserves?

Special move in instructions?

Can you have BBQ on the balcony? Yes

Transfer fee?

Management company

Ms. Sherri Giles, Operations Manager
Village Green Owners’ Association
5300 Village Green
Los Angeles, CA 90016

(323) 294-5212

Office Hours:
Mon-Fri 8am – 5pm.
Walk-in hours: 8am – 11am; 3pm-5pm.

If you have any more questions regarding the Village Green of if you would like to see the property please call me at (310) 388-7332 or click the button below to get started.


Speak to an Agent

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1033 Carol Dr | Carolwood Condominiums


Carolwood Condominiums
1033 Carol Dr.
Los Angeles CA 90069


1033 Carol Dr. is a 36 unit low-rise midcentury architectural condominium complex in West Hollywood, built in 1975. The building is very well cared for and looks like its new! The HOA does a very good job maintaining the property.

The building is quiet and sophisticated and appeals to owners who want elegance and luxury, and are seeking the right balance of privacy and community.  Many of the condos have had $100,000’s in remodels invested in them by their owners. There are a few rentals but most of the condos are used as residences and not rented. Condos in Carolwood rent between $5,000/mo. and $7,000/mo. As is typical of West Hollywood, there aren’t many if any kids. Most of the residents are singles and couples who are very affluent, and could afford more but choose to live modestly, or own Carolwood as a second home or vacation home.

Upscale residents enjoy an abundance of open space, in a warm natural setting, with architecture that “shelters without enclosing and defines without limiting” – Ron Goldman.





The Architect behind Carolwood’s design is local California Architect Ron Goldman.


Ron Goldman is perhaps best known for his humane ethos and award winning contemporary beach homes in Malibu where he has resided for the past 30 years. Ron has also been an outspoken activist in the communities of Malibu and Santa Monica against large scale developments.


Located in a quiet pocket of West Hollywood in-between Beverly Hills Flats and of Norma Triangle, the Carolwood neighborhood feels more like Beverly Hills than West Hollywood to me. 5 Minutes to West Hollywood Santa Monica Blvd and 10 Minutes to Rodeo Drive. You’ll probably be making a trip to your favorite art gallery after closing on a Carolwood Condo, because they have a lot of wall space perfect for displaying art and decorating with mid century furniture.

Owners can walk to social club Soho House, Japanese restaurant ROKU, and celebrity hotspot BOA steakhouse.


Carolwood gets its name because it has a lot of wood siding. The trademark of Carolwood developer Murray Weber is wood and brick exteriors. He believed that using a natural finish enhanced enjoyment and increased property value.


LA Times May 21, 1978

A tremendous amount of open space was set aside in Carolwood. Most developers nowadays would try to cram double or triple the number of condos on the same size lot. Carolwood has almost an acre of land. This didn’t happen because Ron Goldman is a big proponent of incorporating open space into his designs.





As a result, you find open air hallways, a park-like outdoor courtyard, and plenty of elbow room between your nearest neighbor.


Goldman admits freely his love of skylights and windows. Condos have floor to ceiling mid century windows that get plenty of natural light. Living Rooms have Gas Fireplaces.

Real Estate


Carolwood Site Plan

Carolwood condos range in price from $800,000 to $1,200,000. They are all 2 Bedrooms with square footage ranging from 1,400 sqft to 2,000 sqft so they are quite large. Floorplans are all two bedroom and primarily Townhouses with one flight of stairs. There complex has a mix of (28) Townhouse Floorplans and (8) Single Level floorplans. The eight single floorplans are Condos Numbered: #301, #303, #304, #306, #401, #402, #403, #404. Everything else is a townhouse.



Every condo has a patio or balcony for some private outdoor space. Some of the balconies have views.





Bedrooms have good dimensions and are not right next to each other so there is privacy between them. Many owners utilize one of their bedrooms as a home office.





Kitchens are Galley style. Kitchens aren’t very big, but fine for up to two cooks.  There is an informal Dining room off the kitchen that comfortably seats 6.


Masterbathroom Size


Each floorplan has a Powder Bathroom, a full hallway Bathroom and Masterbathroom attached to Masterbedroom. Masterbathrooms have separate tub and shower and double vanity.





– Pool + Spa. 8 Foot Deep end. 




Parking & Laundry

 Two Side by side deeded parking spaces for each unit in the subterranean parking garage. Guest Parking?

Laundry is inside. Stacked Washer Dryer in the kitchen. Some owners have moved the laundry into a hallway closet and turn the laundry area in the kitchen into a pantry.  

Home Owners Association

Download: Carolwood CCRs

Home Owners Dues: $850/mo. – $1,000/mo.

HOA dues cover? EQ Insurance, Water, Trash, Common Area Maintenance, Building Insurance, Reserves.

Owner Pays? Electricity, Gas, Internet, Cable, and Condo Insurance

Special Assessments? Yes, each unit was assessed $76,000 in 2018 to pay for new pool and outdoor area, replacing planters, and general maintenance.

Pet Policy? 2 Pets, 75 lbs max. 

Rental Policy? Must own 6 months before leasing. Leases must be one year minimum in length, max number of leases in the building 40% of total condos.

Building Reserves?

Management company? 

Coro Community Management & Consulting
818 436-0774

Earthquake Insurance? YES


Speak to an Agent

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Buster Keaton’s classic “One Week” from 1920 depicts his comic attempt to assemble a mail order bungalow.


Deciphering what Bungalow means can be very confusing. That’s because the term Bungalow doesn’t relate to any specific architectural style – bungalows were designed in all kinds of different architectural styles- basically whatever sold well and was popular during the early 20th Century (1910’s to 1930’s).

styles12 - Copy

Examples of Different Bungalow Styles Left to Right (Dutch Colonial, Tudor, Craftsman, Craftsman, Spanish, Victorian)

The most popular bungalow styles were: Cottage, Cape Cod, Spanish, Colonial, Dutch Colonial (with its gambrel roof), and Tudor. There were exotic styles too like Spanish Mission Style, Japanesque, Foursquare, and Swiss Chalet, but they were less popular. Sears & Roebeck had over 500 different designs to choose from. The top selling designs were frequently copy catted between competitors so it can be difficult sometimes to pin point the exact model and manufacturer of the most popular bungalow designs.

Bungalows are not distinguished by their architectural style, but instead by how they were built. Bungalows came in pre-cut kits that were easy to assemble and could be purchased from mail order catalogs. Bungalows were the first mass produced housing.


Sears Roebuck Catalogs

Picture of Sears & Roebuck Catalogs from Oklahoma Houses by Mail



honor built homes why not your home

Sears & Roebuck Ad- showing bungalow precut kits with numbered Pieces that were easy to assemble

Bungalows were modest in size, typically 5 to 8 rooms, with 2 to 4 bedrooms, and one to two bathrooms (Image living with *gasp* only one bathroom now!).They range in square feet from 800 sqft -1,500 sqft. A house kit could be purchased for $1,000 -$4,000, when the price of a model T was about $400, and the average worker wage was $1,000 per year. These home were really affordable! The tiny garages of the bungalows barely fit a modern size sedan and would never fit a SUV.


model T - Copy

There is a model T parked in the driveway of this Cottage Bungalow illustration


Home owners could save the construction cost of $1,000 to $2,000 if they decided to built the house themselves, which many owners chose to do.

typical bungalow 5 room floorplan

Typical bungalow 5 room floor-plan

California has a lot of bungalows because the 20’s and 30’s were boom years in this states’ history. Spanish and Craftsman bungalows were the most popular styles in California.

Historic Background

The 1900’s saw big improvements to the quality of life for the average American. This was the conception of the “American dream”: to own your own home. At the turn of the century electricity was supplanting oil lamps and candles for light and power, and it was a real luxury to have indoor plumbing. Many houses had a tub in the bathroom, but if you needed to use the toilet you still had to go to the outhouse. There was a new middle class rising, getting married and starting families. They could afford to pay for a modestly priced home and build it themselves provided with a plan and materials. Bungalows became the “it” craze.

sears reobuck factory

Sears & Reobuck’s precut home factory

Companies rushed to meet the demand for new housing by building large home building factories and selling precut and designed homes. In an old Sears Roebuck advertisement they ‘claimed’ all you need to build their house is a wrench, hammer, and screwdriver… In the bungalows heyday it is estimated that more than half million were built.

The largest companies to sell homes by catalog were:

Sears Roebuck, Chicago Illinois
Aladdin Homes, Bay city Michigan
Montgomery Wards, Chicago Illinois
Sterling Homes, Bay City Michigan
Pacific Ready Cut Homes, Chicago Illinois
Wardway Homes, Chicago Illinois
Ready Built Houses Co. Portland Oragan
Gordon Van-Tine, Davenport Iowa
Harris Homes, Chicago Illinois
Home Builders Catalog – Publication

Sears “the world’s greatest store”, was the largest seller of catalog homes. It is estimated that they sold 100,000 homes during the time they were operating between 1915 and 1940. The Great Depression in the 1930’s and the invention of the FHA in 1934 crippled the mail order housing industry. A large portion of mail order housing company profits were made on the loans they underwrote for their houses. When the FHA was created, it offered loans at substantially lower interest rates then the loans homeowners had with the mail order catalog companies. Not surprisingly, most home owners refinanced, and the catalog companies lost their most profitable and important source of income. Couple that with huge unemployment and precipitous drop in home sales during the great depression, and the stage was set for mail order companies folded.

What is a Bungalow?

Efficient,  Thrifty,  Humble



partial wall in a bungalow between living room and dinning room

partial wall - Copy

Open Living Room and Dining Rooms. This was a big step towards modern open floorplans. The bungalow floorplans opened up the wall between the living room and dining room to save space and make both rooms feel bigger. The areas were commonly separated by a Partial wall . Kitchens were still closed, that didn’t change to 1950s.

Gable Roof1 –Gable roofs. Flat roofs were hardly ever used. The big Gable roofs, provided a huge attic space which could be used as space for an addition later. the gable roofs usually had  overhanging eves.  The Gable could be positioned front or sideways for very different architectural look.


fireplace mantel 233222

Wood Burning Fireplaces w/ decorative tile mantel (sometimes chimneys were made with clinker bricks or the mantel with local batchelder tile)

dormer types

Dormer image2 - Copy

Different Dormer Styles on Bungalows

Dormers. The gabled roofs were often enhanced with decorative or functional dormers. If bedrooms were located on a second floor the dormers would give the bedroom a window for light and ventilation as well as increase the ceiling height. Dutch Colonials almost always have dormers.


1930 sears robeck - Copy


-Breakfast nooks. Informal dining, this space doubles a play area.

-oak wood floors, all wood flooring originally stained dark

-Lath plaster walls

-First houses with electricity

-Raised foundation

-inviting entrances

– low bedroom to bath ratio 2 to 1 or 3 to 1 – no en-suit bathroom, hallway bathroom that everyone shares

-Small bedrooms and small closets, people used amours, the closet was a relatively new idea. Bedroom dimensions were 12 x 12 to 15 x15. The closets are extremely small by today’s standards, and certainly no walk-ins. I joke with clients sometimes that people who lived in the turn of the century must have only had 1 or two outfits and probably had to get them washed constantly.

-Lots of built ins, book cases and shelving – linen closets, china cabinets in living rooms, book cases.

– Floor-plans have direct entry into living room, instead of vestibule or foyer. Less formal entry than in the past.


Bungalows Today:

The style preferences of America changed in the 1940’s with the introduction of the ranch house, and continued to evolve from the influence of mid century and modern architecture. Popular taste moved away from bungalows for many years. But bungalows are coming back. There is a group of vintage home buyers in Los Angeles buying and restoring these old bungalows. Vintage buyers love them for their intimacy, cheerfulness, and comfy-ness.

Not everybody feels the same way. There is a growing trend in Los Angeles right now to tear down these classic bungalows because the land value is so high and bungalows are underbuilt for the lot. Well-to-do home buyers want 4,000 sqft “Sugar Cube” modern homes. In recent years, HPOZ have been created in several historically significant neighborhoods in Los Angeles to protect these homes from demolition.

Bungalow Neighborhoods in LA:

-Atwater Village
-Jefferson Park (really bad shape! HPOZ)
-Carthay Circle (HPOZ)
Melrose Hill  (HPOZ)
-Greenacre neighborhood,  West Hollywood
Miracle mile ( Olympic and w 8th street, la brae and Fairfax)
-Windsor Hills
Miracle Mile North (HPOZ)
Spaulding Square (HPOZ)
-Studio Village, Culver City
-Adams Hills, Glendale
-Westwood, South of Santa Monica & North of Pico


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Gregory Ain Mar Vista Tract

No properties found

No properties found

gregory ain modernique homes

Post War Modern Tract Houses

The Gregory Ain Mar Vista Tract is a group of 52 homes that was built in 1948 by famous modern architect Gregory Ain and landscape architect Garrett Eckbo. This project is probably his most well known. What make Ain’s tract home different from other tract homes being developed at the time was that his were modern. During the 1950s, there was a huge building boom and several hundred tract homes were being built in Los Angeles each week. The tract homes were predominantly ranch styles houses like the tract houses built in nearby Mar Vista neighborhoods of McLaughlin and Westdale.


Gregory ain los angeles modern

Gregory Ain’s Modern homes  are located in the Mar Vista neighborhood of Los Angeles and can be found on the SE intersection of Palms Blvd and Beethoven St. The homes run along Meier, Moore, and Beethoven streets, between Palms Boulevard and Marco Place.

Gregory Ain’s ‘Social’ Architecture

Gregory Ain was raised by Socialist parents. Their philosophy influenced him deeply. Ain believed that he could solve many of the world’s problems by developing low cost cooperative housing. Unfortunately, his ideals didn’t match up with the American consumer or economics, and his projects had to be sold to individual owners when marketing them as cooperatives failed to produce buyers.

For an architect as talented as Ain, he could have had a very lucrative career designing large commercial buildings or expensive custom homes for wealthy clients, but he dedicated his life to his beliefs and building affordable housing for the working class. In an ironic twist, nowadays the working class can no longer afford Ain’s homes!

Harmonious Design with a Park-Like Setting

Ain succeeded in creating a family-friendly neighborhood. With the Large front yard setback there was plenty of room for children to run around and play, the streets had limited traffic (except Beethoven!) and were excellent for kids to play on the street. Although the developers did not provide parks, the idea was for front lawns to remain unbroken by fences to provide a park-like atmosphere.

Mar Vista Tract Ain front yard

The efficient layout of the homes allowed a family of three or four to function comfortably in a relatively small space (1,050-1,400 sqft).

The streetscape was designed by Eckbo and plays a large role in the overall feeling of the community. Ain and Eckbo wanted there to be a cohesive feeling to the neighborhood, but not have every home be identical. Eckbo accomplished this by planting different types of trees on each of the streets that gave each street its own streetscape. One interesting fact: there are no street lights!

beethoven gregory ain mar vista tract

Trees: Ficus on Beethoven

Mar vista moor street gregory ain

Trees: Melaleuca (Native to Australia) along Moor

meier street modernique homes

Trees: and Magnolia Trees on Meier.

The Melaleuca trees on Moor are my favorite. Ain and Eckbo planned to have no separation or fences between the lots of each house and create ‘communal backyards’. This idea didn’t catch on with the new owners who valued privacy in their backyards. They quickly put up fences after they bought (some even complained about the extra expense to put up the fences which they felt should have been included in the original design)

Gregory Ain Tract kitchen

One thing I love about these houses is the location of the kitchen- it is right in front of the houses just off the front door. This allows Mom or dad to keep an eye on the kids when they are playing out front inside from a big window over the kitchen sink. The Houses that are Rotated perpendicular do not have this set up, but conversely they have much better curb appeal.

mar vista tract gregory ain living room

Common of the mid century modern design elements, these houses have horizontal lines from flat roofs, and floor to ceiling glass that lets in the maximium amount of light. The Kitchen, Dinning Room, and Living Room were all open to each other.

sliding panel doors gregory ain

One solution Ain thought up was flexibility for a 3rd bedroom or den but using a folding wall panel that could easily be opened or closed depending on the owners needs.

rotated mar vista gregory ain house

To keep things different Ain altered the facades of the tract homes by changing the garage placement or rotating some of the houses perpendicular to the street. He also used different paint colors.

Commercial Failure

The subdivision was marketed as “Modernique” Homes. Sales started slowly, and sold out after one year. Originally the developers had planned on two phases that would contain 100 houses on 60 acres, however only the first phase of 52 homes was realized. Even with Ain’s best effort to keep costs down, these houses were more expensive than comparable size tract homes in the area. The original selling prices for a Mar Vista Modernique home was $12,000

Real Estate

Believe it or not, yes you can own a piece of history! Most owners who buy a Gregory Ain Mar Vista track stay there for a quite a long time. It is not uncommon for owners to stay 30 years plus. The average turnover ratio is very low at 2.5% a year. About 1 house sells a year on average.

The homes are modest 3 bedrooms. The average size is 1,400 sqft. Originally built as 1 story houses, the HPOZ prevents second stories from being added. Average lot size is 7,000 sqft. Historically these homes have appreciated at a rate of 6.5% which is higher than the average for other homes in the neighborhood.  Homes in good condition are selling for $1.2M.

Homes on Beethoven will be less than Moor or Meier because Beethoven is a busy street and the other side of the street is a separate subdivision so these homes don’t get the full effect of the neighborhood feeling Ain created.


The Neighborhood is in excellent shape. It is really fun to give it a drive through. Gregory Ain Mar Vista Tract Became an hpoz in 2003 which was quite an accomplishment considering it was just barely over 50 years old then which is usually the minimum amount of time required to be considered for being historic. The HPOZ restricts building second stories, tearing down a home, or installing front yard fences. Mar Vista Ains houses that have already had additions are grandfathered in. Basically, the HPOZ protects the front façades (anything that is visible from the street). One perk of being located in an HPOZ is contributing structures are eligible for the Mills Act, a state program that provides tax break for owners of historic property in order to allow them to preserve it.

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858 Doheny

Lloyd Wright Studio

Lloyd Wright Studio
858 N Doheny
Los Angeles CA 90069

858 Doheny was built in 1927 by Frank Lloyd Wright’s son Lloyd Wright (who is often confused with his father) as his studio and office. Much like Rudolph Schindler home/studio built on Kings drive five years earlier, Lloyd Wright would live and work in this home until his passing in the 1978.

Located at the corner of Doheny Drive and Vista Grande St in the Norma Triangle neighborhood of West Hollywood- the home is on a compact 3,611 square foot corner lot. The Home is two stories with 2 Bedrooms and 2 Baths measuring 2,413 square feet.

lloyd wright studio textile blocks

The home is built with “Joshua Tree” motif textile blocks, that Lloyd Wright use frequently in the 1920’s and 1930’s. The Upstairs is the living space and Lloyd Wright’s architecture office was downstairs.

lloyd wright studio living room

kitchen lloyd wright studios

Lloyd Wright began his architectural career as a landscape architect and his love for greenery and plants is reflected in his studio. He has creeping Ivy that has grown to cover much of the exterior.

west hollywood lloyd wright

The upstairs residence has a large living room with fireplace, angled glass and a large master bedroom. The downstairs studio has an open work space with exposed concrete flooring that connects to a rock outdoor patio.


In 1990 Eric Wright (Frank Lloyd Wright’s grandson) restored the house. The building is on the national register of historic places and has a conservation easement over its exterior.

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Schindler House

Schindler House los angeles

A design ahead of its time.

West Hollywood 1924 Schindler House

The Schindler House, also known as the Kings Road House or Schindler Chase house, is located at 835 N Kings Road in West Hollywood. It was built by famous modern architect Rudolf Schindler in 1922 for his primary residence.

Schindler house was one of the first modern houses ever built. Schindler was a free thinker and a radical. Many people during his time didn’t understand his designs- they didn’t resemble anything that had been built previously. For this house, Schindler pioneered a new kind of structural engineering technique known as tilt-up construction. 

835 N Kings Road West Hollywood

Unlike other homes of the era that were mainly period revival styles with heavy ornamentation, the floor plan of Schindler house was completely open, reversing the Victorian aesthetic to have a house divided into many small rooms, each with a very specific purpose.

835 N Kings Road Kitchen

In Schindler’s House, it was basically a duplex with a common kitchen designed to be a communal premise. The rooms had no purpose- they were just open space. The floor-plan had no, dining room, living room, or bedrooms. Where did people sleep you ask? Residents slept outside in the open air on the roof in “sleeping baskets”.

Schindler had a fixation on space. To him, the shape of the space within the house was what made it alive- and his definition of good architecture was not what the house looked like but how it was to live in.

Tilt-Up Construction 1922 Image courtesy of MAK Center

The building department refused to issue him a building permit for the house at first because the design was so foreign to them. They later relented, but only granted a temporary permit that could be revoked at any time. Pictured above is the tilt up method of homebuilding. Precast concrete slabs are being hoisted into place with pullies. This method is still used today albeit with much more advanced cranes. The house was completed a year later. Schindler borrowed a large sum of money from his family to build the house, which was done on a tight budget. The investment would pay off because the recognition created from the house in a small influential circle led to more commissions.

Kings Road House Rudolph schindler

What makes the Schindler house unique was the revolutionary design elements of the house that were a foreshadowing of what was to come in the Post World War II boom and beyond when the modern aesthetic really took root. The Schindler house is a very early example of an open floor plan, seamless indoor-outdoor transitions perfect for the Mediterranean Southern California Climate that was accomplished by using sliding panels, and the clean horizontal lines of the buildings elevations (Schindler perhaps assimilated the last on the list from Frank Lloyd Wright who he had worked with prior to building Schindler House).

Inspiration comes from Yosemite

Panorama Trail

The inspiration for the King’s Road House supposedly came from a family camping trip Rudolf and his wife took to Yosemite shortly after completing the Hollyhock House. During their camping trip, Rudolph enjoyed the community living aspect he experienced at the campsites.

When he returned to Los Angeles, he designed the Kings Road House for himself and his wife and their friends Clyde and Marian DaCamara Chace. Clyde Chace served as builder for the 2,500-square foot house.

Roughing it!

Schindler house is designed as live-work space for two couples with a shared kitchen and an apartment for guests.

835 N Kings Rd Sleeping Basket

Sleeping Basket on Roof

Living in the Schindler house was like camping. Sleeping baskets on the roof allowed residents to sleep in the open air. They were made with an overhanging canvas tarp and a flat sheet of wood.

Kings Road House fireplace


Even though 1920’s had mechanized heating, Schindler opted to heat the house with wood burning fireplaces only. Some of the rooms in Schindler house were too far away from the fireplace and would be cold at night.

The ceilings are very low, probably only about 7.5-8 feet.

835 Kings Rd Bathroom

Materials used for the house are natural- concrete, redwood, and glass. The building has an economical concrete slab foundation.

Lifelong Home

Rudolph Schindler at Schindler House

Schindler lived and worked in the house for the rest of career, which was about 30 years until his death in 1953.

In the 1920s and 1930s the house was a hotbed for radical social gatherings. Creative thinkers from all walks of life visited and cavorted here. Richard Neutra, Edward Weston, John Cage, Dancer John Bovingdon, poet Sadakichi Hartmann, and Galka Scheyer were among the many notable people to pass through. Later, Schindler’s wife Pauline organized many political events at the house.
With their two very strong personalities, Pauling and Rudolph were just waiting for an explosive collide. In 1927 they separated. Rudolph remained at the house while Pauline traveled from place to place for the next decade. At the end of the 1930s she returned, and moved back into the Schindler House. The two never remarried but continued living together until Schindler’s death. The houses design as a duplex was to prove ideal. Pauline lived in the Chace wing while Rudolph stayed on the other side of the house.

The City Moves in

Kings Road modern house bamboo

West Hollywood has developed all around the Schindler House. Mid Rise apartment and condo buildings loom over the house now. There is a thick hedge of bamboo that obscures the house from the street. You may have driven by the Schindler House and not realized it!

Shindler Chace house museum west hollywood

Today, Schindler House is a museum and protected by being on the US National Register of Historic Places.

The Austria’s Museum of Applied Arts (MAK) runs tours Wednesday through Sunday, 11am to 6pm. The tours help maintain the building. There are occasionally special events and exhibits as well.

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