CLAW MLS Pictures Distorted

When inputting pictures into the MLS for your listings, you should always be careful to make sure each picture has an aspect ratio of 4:3, otherwise you will get distortion in the picture view window. I know it is tempting to get a wide angle shot, to capture a long vista, or get wall to wall in a large room, but keep the aspect ratio in mind.

runyon canyon park vista

vista from Runyon Canyon

Distortion isn’t the end of the world, but it’s a good thing to be aware of- so that your property will show the best it possibly can (especially if you spent all that time and effort to get an expensive set of pictures take for the listing- having them distorted because of their aspect ratio seems sort of silly).


Here is an example of what a picture will look like in the view window if it’s aspect ratio isn’t 4:3 (this happens a lot with Up and Down pictures- where you turn the camera sideways to get a long up and down shot that is very narrow). Instead of 480 pixles by 320 pixels, this shot was taken- 320 pixles by 480 pixles. This is how this picture looks in the MLS:

And below is the original picture


Here is another Example:


You Can have up to 54 Pictures for each listing in the MLS

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