Closet Shoe Fence

A shoe fence is a narrow bar, edge or lip, placed on the downward sloping end of a closet shoe rack. The bar serves to prevent the shoes from sliding off the shelf. The Shoe sits toe toward front, attractively presenting your shoe, and making shoes easy to place within the closet and take out. I would not put a shoe fence on a shoe rack board below 1 ft, 2 ft if bending down is a problem (or if you are not using the space for something else, just get a floor level rack and place for the less frequently used shoes. Just because we wear shoes on our feet doesnt mean we need to put them on the ground- and I think you will find that most organized closets have shoes placed easy to reach.

Metal Rail Shoe Fence on Shoe Rackanother Steel Rail Shoe Fence

This closet has shoes that are very easy to reach.



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