Free Credit Report

Filling out a rental or lease application and need your credit report?

I recommend

You can get a free credit report from this site in fifteen minutes. The interface is confusing – so I’ll walk you through the steps to get your free credit report.

Step 1:


Click Get my instant $1 Credit Report

Step 2:

Create a new account (you will need a credit card)

Step 3:

Read the fine grey Print. You are actually signing up for a monthly subscription and it is a free 7 day trail period. If you don’t cancel within the seven days, your credit card will be charged $16.95 for the monthly subscription.

7day free trial

7 day free trial

Step 4:


Select ‘No Thanks’


If you want the free credit report select No Thanks. Selecting Yes will get you a credit report from all three major credit bearueas but will also cost $31.95

Step 5:


Click the “report” tab on the CreditScore Homepage


Step 6



Click Credit Report



Step 7:


Click Printable Version


Step 8:

credit report5

Click View Report


Step 9:

credit report6

Right Click Mouse anywhere on report, and select “save as…”


Name the file and save somewhere on your computer.

Final Step:

Call Customer Care and cancel membership 1-877-481-6826

Press 1 for “questions on account or billing” and you will be on hold for about 5 minutes. The customer service person will ask you for some information. It takes about 10 minutes to cancel.







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