Exploring Los Angeles Income Properties

Los Angeles income properties are highly desirable commodities. Los Angeles is a very strong rental market, statistics reveal that 814,000 or 58% of California’s 1.4 million residential units are “non-owner occupied”. Because the city of Los Angeles has a high cost of living, and the home prices are two to three times the national average, buying a home can be a real obstacle for the first time home buyer. This means that they typically rent as that is their only option. The Los Angeles Westside is an infill area, there is hardly any vacant lots left that have not been developed- making Los Angeles a great opportunity for investors to earn passive income and capital appreciation. Los Angeles Income properties have many advantages. Why would an investor choose Los Angeles Income Properties? Location, Location, Location. Los Angeles Income Properties are located in Los Angeles county, which has a population of over 10 million residents, and there is strong industry- whether it be the Port of Los Angeles which is one of the busiest ports in the nation, and is the point of entry for shipping between China and the US, or the celebrated movie business, which relocated here from New York after the great depression. Move to Los Angeles is a very smart move, since the weather is sunny and the climate is the ideal Mediterranean Climate, you can shoot almost every day, or go outside and enjoy the great weather for that matter.   The stream of income produced by a Los Angeles Income property makes it a much safer investment than other real estate. Vacant Land produces no income, unless you are able to run a parking lot, or rent the lot out for an event, as the few that remain do during Halloween for a pumpkin patch or during Christmas for a Christmas Tree lot- but these opportunities are few and far between and spotty at best. By buying a Los Angeles Income property you can immediately start collection rent which will help you debt cover or will create cash flow. There are all sorts of types of income properties, including single family houses and condo’s to the more traditional multifamily 2-4 units, and commercial apartment buildings ranging from 5 units to over 200.   Land is indestructible, however, buildings deteriorate over time. Los angeles income properties must be maintained with steady maintenance over the years. A best practice is to set aside some of the gross income each month in a reserve account so that when repairs are needed the cash to fund the projects is readily available. The plus for owners with decreasing building value over time is that this loss can be used as a tax benefit through depreciation.

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