Landscape Art

Mirrors used in small spaces can create an illusion of a larger space- but if you don’t like mirrors, you may consider hanging a piece of landscape art on the wall to give the perception of space an opened up feel. A large landscape can offer a window into another world- that can excite the imagination, and lead the mind to ponder the possibilities. It can function very much like a window, providing a window replacement in spaces without windows. A landscape offers a picture to the “outside”. For the maximum effect get a large landscape.

I recommend hanging the center of the picture near eye level, so anywhere from 4 to 6 feet from the ground (Imagine that it is a window when placing it). This is great if the picture has details, because this height will allow the viewer to view the piece up close. You can also try using the gallery style of hanging art which is to measure the distance from the floor to the center of the piece at 58″ – 60”.

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