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Floorplans are a great marketing tool, and not just for new construction buildings, they cost $250-$350 and can be in B&W or Color. I find in Los Angeles we get a lot of international buyers and buyers from out of state. Having floorplans to go along with listings marketing materials gives prospective buyers a chance to see the property in a way that is not possible with photos. Buyers can visualize a property’s space, room dimensions, and how rooms relate with one another. In this way, they can see if a property’s layout works for them before ever setting foot in the property. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen prospective buyers in escrow with their measuring tape trying to make their own floorplan from scratch to check if their furniture will fit. Why not do it for them? They like that.

For complex properties with nontraditional floorplans, like architectural properties, or hillside properties with three or more stories, sometimes floorplans can be confusing and are not much use. Keep in mind that floorplans are just estimates, so do not rely on them for determining square feet.

Floorplans cost about $250-$350 dollars.

Floorplan Companies:

Floor Plan Drawings


Floorplan drawings was founded by Anna Ellison in 2013. Anna is located in NELA but will travel pretty much anywhere in LA. She does beautiful full color floor plans, that include landscaping. She also does more traditional B&W. Costs $200



Floorplan Visuals

Floorplan visuals is a large company- they do B&W and Color. Floorplan cost ranges from $200-$400. One cool thing for developers is they can do renderings as well. I love their color floorplans!

Paul Guy

Paul is an Architectural Draftsman so he can create as-built plans for ADU conversions or legalizations, and he can measure legal sqft size. Floorplan cost is $200


Rest Floorplans
Cathy Chiappetta

Floorplans cost starts at $130 for B&W, $160 for color, and $200 for 3D plans (pretty new feature). Rest is one of the most popular and original floorplan companies in Los Angeles. You will see their floorplans frequently in the MLS. 

Todd Goodman La Light Photo



Ike is trained as an architect so his floorplan SQFT is very accurate. Ike lives in Los Feliz area and works a lot on the eastside for floorplans. He has recently started to experiment with color, which is $25 extra. Minimum cost is $150 for floorplan, he charges $60/1,000 sqft. Ike does about 15 floorplans a week so he is pretty booked up, you will be lucky if you can get him. I personally love his trees!

Phil Coombes

Luxury Level
Pricing varies from $150 to $300 depending on size of the house
Yola does floorplans

EGP Photography


Lasertech Floorplans (Commercial Real Estate Floorplans)

Lastertech is owned by Steve Orser. They Measures sqft to commercial standards for BOMA. The minimum size is 5,000 sqft that is roughly $650-$700

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