The Best Los Angeles Staging Companies By Area

Large Staging Companies

Large staging companies stage 50 or more houses at any time and over 200 houses a year. They are more expensive then smaller boutique staging companies because they have higher overhead, but offer a wider selection of furnishings. They do not do partial stagings. One big advantage of large companies is their capacity- they can stage homes quickly- sometimes in just a few days, whereas smaller companies might need two weeks or more if they are busy.   

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Meridith Baer
(310) 204-5353

Meridith Baer is the Largest staging Company in US. They have about 150 homes staged at any given time, and stage over 800 homes a year. In more recent years MB has expanded to other big city markets, like San Francisco and New York, among others. Meridith Baer has a huge 200,000 sqft warehouse in South Gate – 4100 Ardmore Ave, that houses all of their furniture. The minimum staging cost is $5,500, and it can go up to $30,000 – $50,000+ for large estates. MB stays up to date with the latest design trends. No other staging company has as large of a selection. They can do any style. 

Jeff Marshall

Jeff Marshall stages 100 properties at any given time – and roughly 400 homes a year. Marshall Design Group services all of Southern California. They are known for a transitional style that is an updated traditional with modern touches, that appeals to high end buyers- a conservative look that is light and clean. “with staging your trying to appeal to the broadest audience, you don’t know who the buyer is going to be, and you don’t want to turn anybody off with a bold decision” – Jeff Marshall. Marshall has two sister staging companies that focus on High End Staging: MDG Estates and High End Staging

Elite Home Staging

Elite Home Staging is based in Canoga Park in the Valley. They stage about 100 homes each year and this year is their 11th year in business. Like other big staging companies they have several designers. Their style is conservative updated traditional. 

Westside Staging Companies

Designed to Move (DTM) Interiors
super high end, love the staging for Jan Horn listing. Aimee Miller

Chimera Interiors
310-652-8624 or 

Sarah Chavez and Marina Mizruh are interior designers. They also do some staging but it is not their main focus. Their staging is straight out of a magazine, and great for high end homes with a distinguished pedigree. Expect to pay for quality.

Fictional Homes

Michael McCraine has a quirky, creative style with pops of color. Definitely right at home with Markets like Venice and Silverlake. The might be a few $1,000 more expensive then other staging companies, but they have a lot of depth and are very handson. If you are looking for something a little different- fictional delivers.

AO Design Studio

AO Design is an interior design firm that also does some staging. They spend a lot of time searching all over the US for unique pieces, so they definitely have some cool antiques to mix in with more traditional fare.

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Dressed Inc

Luxury Staging Design

Staged by Kathy
Kathy Nixon

The Valley

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Luke Stephens Staging
(203) 913-0635

Juxtaposition Staging

Wonderland Home Design

LA Staging Company

Color Me Sold Staging

Lotus 888 Designs

K&L Staging
Linda Daly 310-691-4060
Kaysea Spahn 310-339-0676


Art of an Angel

Eastside Staging Companies

The Eastside of Los Angeles has a very different vibe then other parts of LA. The buyers tend to be younger (30s-40s), first time home buyers that are attracted by affordable prices. Home Prices start at $600,000 and averaging around $900,000 on the Eastside, with the high end properties going for $1,500,000 to $2,000,000 (except for Pasadena). These younger buyers are more daring, so staging companies on the Eastside are pushing the envelope on design with colorful fabrics and objects and very busy patterns that sometimes clash, with a dash of vintage. 

Stage of Mind

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Madison Modern Home

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Graceful Habitats

Eleven Interiors
Linda Graveline

Craft Home Staging
Jessica Young

Modern Mecca Staging

Here Staging

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Platform Staging

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Niche Staging
(323) 515-0556

John Douglas Design

John Douglas was the founder of Lasalvage Staging , which was dissolved 2017. John now stages under his new company John Douglas Design. JDD is a boutique company that focuses on the Eastside. John sometimes creates custom art or furniture for his staging projects. He dislikes staging that looks like a furniture company “threw up” all over a house. He tries to bring in custom elements to his staging projects to make them unique. For John he is not trying to sell a look, but a lifestyle.   

She Stages – Sharon Tan

Based out of West Covina, Sharon Tan has a very light and delicate touch to staging. 


ur warehouse is based in Glendale and we serve surrounding areas including Pasadena, La Cañada Flintridge, South Pasadena, Arcadia, Altadena, Glendale, La Crescenta, San Marino and the entire San Gabriel Valley region as well as Los Angeles and Beverly Hills.




The Staging Co.

2658 Griffith Park Bvld #124

Los Angeles CA 90039



Annie Pinsker-Brown 


Upstage LA

Kimberly Behling


Leslie Whitlock Staging


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