The three main factors that will help you narrow down and choose the right play set are:


-Ages of the kids


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Indoor Baby Play Sets

Wheel Softzone Playcenter for crawlers and new walkers


Indoor baby play sets are designed for children ages 1-3 and are designed for crawlers or early walkers. They cost somewhere around $1,000 and are 7’x7′ to 10’x10′. Indoor baby play sets are about the same size as a bed. Baby play sets can create a very useful and nice colorful environment within the baby’s room that can be used for exercise, lesson time, or reading. No hard edges, and the material is soft cushion.

Swing Set


the classic metal swing set. Prices range for these $200 to $500. Great for all ages (even very little children can be pushed on swings) ideal for ages 3-8. Swing sets work well with rectangular space and require very little space- only 150sqft.

Wooden Play Sets

malibu playset2

range in price from $1,000 to $2,000 dollars, are for children 3-5, and require anywhere from 300sqft to 600sqft, dimensions 20’x20’ to 30’x30’ of  space. The lot size space depends on the size of the set, and how much set back you decide you need. For these sets 3 feet on all sides is plenty of space- you may want to give extra set back to the side the slide faces, and not position the set so the slide points toward a drive way. Play sets function best in a private enclosed area, such as a fenced backyard, that can be seen from inside the house. You can find these sets at Home Depo or other home improvement stores under their “outdoors” sections.

Wood play sets need to be restained once a year as maintenance.


Plastic Play Sets

plastic playset

Plastic Playsets tend to be pricier than the wooden swing play sets, but have the same size and dimensions. Plastic Play sets are almost identical to Wooden Swing play sets except they are made of plastic instead of wood. Prices vary from $2,000 to $6,000. Sears and ToysRus have a large plastic playset selection.


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