Post Zillow Open House

As an agent, holding an open house on a Sunday is at least a half a day commitment. To do a good job, you need to advertise the open house to get the word out before hand to bring in traffic- in addition to putting out your open house signs the day of. Zillow is one of the biggest real estate sites on the web, so its a good idea to learn how to post your open house on Zillow.

It can be frustrating because the major real estate websites are changing their layout every couple of months, so tutorials from just a year ago may not be very helpful because the way the site is layed out has changed. Keep trying, and google it and you will preserve.

Step 1. Create a Zillow account and Log in

Step 2. Open Up your listing

Step 3. Click Edit Button on Menu

Step 4. Input Date and Time

Step 5. Click Continue and Scheduling your Zillow Open House is complete!

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