Reach-in closet tips

People open and closes their closet door at least two times a day. Having an organized closet will give focus in your daily life because of the emotional effects of living in an environment of neatness and tidiness. If you have little space or many items to store in your closet- you may have no choice but to be efficient with your space. Reach-in closets offer limited space and access, so keeping these closets organized can be a challenge. Some Closets look like an exclusive diamond dealer (by appointment only) display case. Check out local clothing stores for an idea of how they handle heavy duty closets.

A properly designed reach-in closet must maximize every inch of space. Here are some space saving closet ideas. Move the closet rod up if you can, so that you may fit two racks, on of top of the other. This will greatly increase your hanger space, which is probably the most functional space in your closet. This might sound silly, but if you don’t have an underwear and sock drawer- that makes life difficult. Without the drawer- mismatched sox will be strewn about all over your closet floor, and your underwear will be laying around all over the place. Double check to make sure your bed’s headboard is against the best possible headboard wall, and think about snugging the bed up against a wall and getting rid of one of the side by side end tables if you are in a confined space. Make sure that you have enough space to get in and out of the reach in closet.


Mirrored sliding glass doors on the reach in closet can elimate the need for wall space inside the closet to hang a mirror. On top of that, you get a Huge Mirror- that can reflect ambient light- and create the illusion of more space.

Men have shirts, pants, and shoes. Those are the main things. Get a shoe rack or shoe cubby to organize the ground space. Keep the floor of your closet neat and tidy, this is often the hardest place to keep organized. Pants can be folded and placed in drawers or hung up on hangers alongside the coats and shirts.

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