US Census Demographic Information

Just type in a zip or city and you will get US census data on the neighborhood. I pay very close attention to household income, click the “show more” button under economic characteristics. The federal poverty line is $14,000 a year, but in Los Angeles, since it is much more expensive to live here, I push that up to $35,000. Neighborhoods with 70% or more of the population under the $35,000 like zips 90007, and 90037 (Right along the 110) are extremely dangerous to live in. I have found studying the crime statistics that Low Income areas have much higher rates of violent crime, such as Homocide, Rape, and Assualt, whereas High Income areas have higher rates of property crime such as auto theft and burglary. Since we live in a big city, you sort of have to accept that there will be crime (I wonder how safe Beverly Hills is- I image it is quite safe, but they don’t release their crime statistics to the public).

Household Income also has a big big correlation to the quality of education. As you can image parents who are very serious about their children’s education not only seek out the best schools but are also very involved. I was shocked to learn how abysmal the parent teacher meeting attendance was in many LAUSD public schools. Maybe only 10% of parents come. I don’t think it is that these parents don’t care- especially in the case of families where English is a second language, because the parents feel like they will let the school take care of education- however, I think it is pretty easy to see, that if you are a child who lives in an unstable home environment, or have trouble getting enough to eat, it will be very very hard to concentrate and perform well in school.

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